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Lynn Wild

Yuk - I wouldn't go near a snake with a yardbrush ... although you obviously did! Please be careful - we need our Gentleman Jim fix as much as you need your coffee! Good luck with the CHA stuff.



Um.....I would've needed a longer stick! Snakes in the attic...don't think I could handle it!!!
Can't wait....absolutely CAN'T WAIT to see your creations!


Umm... HECK to the NO!! I HATE SNAKES!! and the thought of you poking at him Jim gives me the willies!! I would have fainted right on the spot if I came upon that creature!! LOL! But just wanted to tell you, you were my morning amusement today... I had the best little laugh and your blogs make me feel like I'm right beside you sooooo... Thanks friend for making my day a happy one!! Have a great weekend!!

The Gentleman Crafter


So glad I could be amusing!  Especially with only four cups of coffee in me!  LOL!

Have a great weekend!


The Gentleman Crafter


Im doin it!  You should see the house!  Ive got stations set up everywhere!  To help make things a bit more exciting, Im playing the timer gas.  I set the timer for 30 minutes and work on one project.  Timer goes off, I work on another.  Its crazy fun!  Ok, maybe Im crazy, but I love to do that.  Helps make each project more interesting and exciting.  Instead of sitting working on just one and staring a hole through it, the timer game helps me come back to the project and see it in a different way!

Thanks!  Cant wait to show ya!


The Gentleman Crafter

LOL! Lynn!  Im only as brave as the length of that broom!  After that no tellin!  Guys do scream I might add!  LOL!  Me....never.....:)

Thanks my friend!  



OMG Jim, your nuts!!! Yucko snakes!! And your poking it! I've got the jeebies just thinking about it.
And what on earth are you doing up at that time of the morning, you have some serious motivation, can you send some my way?? ASAP lol.

Lyn Gill I hungry for doughnuts &! I can just imagine your little Doxie barking her head off at that mean ol'! Funny dogs seam to have no fear of snakes like we do. Can't wait to see what your working on...

The Gentleman Crafter

Cassandra!  You know how it is when you are excited about the things you are crafting....I couldnt wait to hit it this morning!  Maybe to have some free time this weekend to work on the Lighthouse pattern!  So I thought I would catch up on my emails, Facebook and blogs I like to visit early!  Once I start, its all over...See, what am I doing now....GOT TO GET BUSY JIM!  LOL!  

Oh, how are your babies doing?  Are they better?


The Gentleman Crafter


Isnt that the truth Lyn!  Shes a brave girl!  I have many dogs as you may know, but Ellie and Sally (terrier) are so funny to watch together!  Ellie attacks and Sally runs!  The Bassets all could care less!  Oh its a snake, too lazy to get up and check it out!  Let Ellie do it!  LOL!

Have a great weekend!


Lorna Moore

That's a beautiful snake - at a distance of course lol. I never knew that about them puffing out like that, now I have learned my one thing today! Can't wait to see all your CHA creations - glad you're having fun doing it :)

Sharon Y (sharona62)

Isn't that the best feeling to be so excited about something that you just jump out of bed and hit the ground running?! Have fun with your CHA projects. Waiting in anticipation to see your projects! And stay away from those snakes, lol. Have a productive day!


What a great way to start a Saturday. I am a sixty year old grandma and I still giggle over your boyish antics. Thanks for starting my day with a smile.


Snakes in the Attic!!! could it be the sequel to Snakes on the Plane.. So looking forward to see what you are creating for CHA.

The Gentleman Crafter

Thanks Lorna!  I am!  I think!  Just rehauled the front of one my project and I only have two sheets of this precious new paper!  LOL!  Oh well....


The Gentleman Crafter

Thanks Sharon!  Staying away!  LOL!  Hope my get up and go keeps on going!  I can feel another cup of coffee com in!


The Gentleman Crafter

Oh, Theresa, Im so glad!  Thank you for saying that!  I do have some of that boy left in me! Balding boy, but boy just the same!  Hahahaha!


The Gentleman Crafter

Bobbie, to tell you the truth, I looking forward to seeing what I create too!  LOL!  I never know what kind of crazy and bizarre things will happen next!


Barbara Albrecht

You are just NUTSO, Jimbo!! Yep, I would have had to poke at the snake, too. I've lived rural most of my life and as kids we were always catching and bring home "critters". I do know to stay away from the rattlers and the corals and I'm cautious if it's a snake I don't know...then it's off to the computer to identify.

You have 1/2 of my favorite foods listed...BACON! Don't drink coffee...don't like the taste at all.

Get craftin' boy!! Those deadlines are upon you!! Can't wait to see what you create!!

The Gentleman Crafter


No Coffee? What?  Coffee and bacon go hand in hand!  Hahahaha!  I heard last year that snakes were really horrible...never saw a one.  This year, I saw the one from yesterday and when I was watering the potted citrus trees on the drive.  Walked up on that sucker and was paralyzed...hahaha Backed up real slow and then sprayed it with the hose!  LOL!  Poor snake!  

Ok, Im crafting!  Im crafting!  Hey, when are we going to Archivers new location?


Pam in hot and humid NC

Coffee is the first thing ready in the morning - the timer is set so I wake up to the aroma of freshly brewed! But snakes??? Oh good lord NO! Please do all of your readers a favor and call that snake wrangler!

Lynn S

Well, Jim, if that had been me instead of you finding that snake...just back up the hearse and load me in it. What a good doggie you have! And get the snake wrangler out to look in your attic before something awful happens!!!!!!

shari (cricutrookie)

YUCK!! I'm glad all your posts don't involve this ugly creature!! I am SOOOO scared of snakes, stay away!!!
I love the idea of setting the timer, but I've never been able to work on more than one project at a time. Too distracting, my brain doesn't work that way. I can't wait to see your creations Jimbug. I hope you take some time to enjoy your weekend.

Linda Cain

Please, keep your snakes! Have fun creating!


The Gentleman Crafter

LOL Pam!  Its just a nest of snakes.  Nothing to be too worried about....Kinda!  LOL!


The Gentleman Crafter


That made me laugh so hard!  Just back up the hearse!  Too funny!  Thanks for the cheer!  Hugs to ya!


The Gentleman Crafter

I really am enjoying my weekend....LOL! I truly love crafting.  At my best crafting under pressure...I think, Im not saying Id want to be on Iron Chef Crafting, but this is totally relaxing and so rewarding.  Also, its either do this or be outside working in the yard in a terribly humid and hot Texas day!  Crafting please!


The Gentleman Crafter


Why?  You dont want em?  LOL!  I can get the snake wrangler to save you a herd!  They make great gifts! :)



Got a call this morning from my high school BFF (we're 65 now!) and talked for 2 hours. Thought that was the most fun I'd have today.

Then I read your post!! AAACK!! How could I laugh so hard at something so scary?!

Now back to crafting and behave yourself, Jim. Hee hee...

The Gentleman Crafter


How cool is that to hear from your BFF!  I love those catch up conversations where you could talk for hours.  So neat!  Glad I could make you laugh!  LOL!


Fran Smith

Even Before you said it, I knew you were going to poke that snake. Of corse I just thought you'd get a stick, but broom handle is good too. It's much thicker and longer. :) I so understand that coffee love. I use to grind beans for 2 cups at a time, all day long. I gave up coffee back in 1994 and haven't gone back since. I still enjoy the smell, but I don't miss the upset stomache.... Thanks for the smile!!!!! I can't wait to see what you come up with for CHA. I know it will blow all of our minds.....
Fran (lin_fes)

Nan G

So guys in TX scream, huh? LOL okay, if you say so! Love the semi-caffeinated updated. :D Waiting breathlessly while I make Happy Haunting charms, for the G45 CHA project reveals!! Hey! Maybe that's why Texans wear boots? Raises em above those ground hugging critters! LOL

Nan Robkin

What a cool snake! I was once about to be attacked by a rattlesnake (I was 3, and in El Paso) when, luckily, my grandfather came by on his horse, He was trained to stomp on rattlesnakes (the horse, not my Grandfather) and took care of that one in a flash! Lucky me, huh? And I'm not afraid f snakes, which is amazing!
Was in Hobby Lobby yesterday a fetched me up one of those paper jewel boxes that look like, to see if I can manage something resembling decent with it!

Mo (Mori49)

Oh my gosh, Jim! First you make us all hungry and then you scare the you-know-what out of us. Totally ejoyable post even at 10pm here in Seattle where we don't have any snakes (thankfully) but we do have endless coffee. Also the best donuts from Top Pot. In fact, my yellow lab will only eat an apple fritter if it's made by Top Pot. Seriously, after CHA, move out the attic snakes. Gives me the willies.I so so enjoy seeing your enthusiasm about your projects; they will be even better because of it. You were right in your post yesterday when you talked about what an awesome community the crafting world is.I hope you meet a lot of those folks at CHA.
Happy crafting!


Jim love your crack me up...half milk,half coffee,half sugar...LOL!!! Now the snake...gave me the hibby jibbys. I almost screamed,I would've scared the S@%& out of my If I knew there was a snake in my house, I would have to move out!!! I'd be all jumpy and would'nt be able to go to bed (same deal with rodents). Happy crafting!

Marcie  Smith

Ugh!!!! Always give a coiled snake plenty of breathing room. As a matter of fact, not to fond of anything that creeps or crawls. Hate spiders even more though!!!!! Why is it the smaller the dog (or cat), the braver they are???
Our little female cat is always on the attack when coyotes come thru our property. She is little but mighty.
Can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve for CHA, Jim. I know it will be fantastic. Hope you take lots of pics both before and at CHA. Love that you are so busy, but still take time to blog. I can always count on you for a laugh or two. Hope you are enjoying your weekend.


Now I know who i can call at 4:30 am!!!!!!! I love early mornings when the day is full of possibilities. My craft room calls to me and that's where I head with my tea.Your post was just good medicine; I was feeling sad to send my grandchildren back home and then you brought my smile back! Thanks Jim and I hope your day is good too. PS I love looking at snakes (from a distance)


EEEWWWW! I hate snakes. And you poked it! EEEWWW! LOL, hope they are harmless to you and puppy! Can't wait to see your CHA creations.

Karen Seidlitz

Well Jim -The half coffee, half milk thing is pretty much how I drink mine, with a little Splenda of course! And please don't EVER stop these blogs. I come from the midwest, so your use of the English language is soooo entertaining. I find you adorable and if I ever met you, I would pinch your cheeks. The snakes in my neck of the woods aren't as scary and when I find them I swing 'em into the woods. I am sweetad on Laura-Ustream.


I am so delighted you have created your blog... You say 9 months where has the time gone; I say where were you before that! You are incredibly gifted. I still recall when Tim 'found' you and wanted to link to your sight, 24 hours later you had one! At least that s my memory! Haha


You are braver than I am! Must have been all that coffee!!

Renee Zarate

Is that snake deadly? How do you hear a snake in the attic? It is almost 1 am here and now I'll never get to Keep crafting it'll keep your mind off of the snakes. BTW, LOVE the lighthouse, you are amazing!!

Gloria Stengel

40ish? Can we just both tell the truth here?!

I still drink my coffe like coffee milk! I like a little coffee with my milk and sugar!

You had snakes in the house and did not move out???? I had to do the freak out dance just looking at those photos!

My man, have fun at CHA but save some back for Winter so we can have a blast together.

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