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shari (cricutrookie)

OMG Jim this is FABULOUS!!!!!!! You'll have to do a video on how it opens, where does the top roll to? Love the little drawers. Too cool. I hope you enjoy your last day at CHA.

Judy Sanza

Thank you so much for all your posts from CHA. I feel like I've been there. Haven't done all of it yet

The roll top is over the top Sir! Are you an engineer? Furniture designer? Math teacher? Seriously, very nice piece.

Again, you've done what a blog should do. You've shared your experience and you did it in a way to include us. Thanks.


Wow, this roll top is terrific. I love the way your mind works. Thanks for sharing CHA with us.

Pamela Davis

Love it!!!! Yes, Sir..... I hope you plan on letting know how to make this. Should be your first class live for all of us!!!!!


Hokey smokes! You, Sir, are a magician! That is amazing, wonderful, supercool, and FAB!

Linda Cain

I saw this piece and the photos don't begin to do it justice!!! And he did it under duress in so little time. The drawers are totally glad we met up at CHA!



LOVE IT! All those little drawers and knobs and that paper is fabulous! TFS.


Jim...this is amazing! You always come up with innovative and gorgeous projects...thanks for sharing.


Wow! Impressive! What a gorgeous project!


Jim...I am rarely just blown away by projects, except when they are yours! You have a genius mind. Every project you create is a work of don't just alter something, you make it from your mind!!! To say I'm impressed is an understatement! I look forward to the details of this roll top desk project, but know that anything I copied would be pale in comparrison. Keep doin' what you're doin'. Stellar work! Thanks.


You said Hope you like it...Well I LOVE it...And its a must have...VERY VERY NICE...Di

Disco Queen

Wow! Jim, I loved it. I'm still getting over the shock that you made it yourself out of chipboard. I wish I could do that. I find altering found objects challenging enough.


oh wow!!! what a fantassssstic piece!!!! love it!!! and by candlelight no less!!! Way to go Sir Jim!!! Glad you had a fun time at CHA!!!

Mo (Mori49)

Ha Jim! I did hit on this during Laura's chat and picked up on your hint. I just couldn't imagine how you would do it. Now, I have total faith that you can make anything. It's beautiful. And created under a deadline.I have an antique rolltop desk in my craftroom and I'm very attached to it.
I truly hope you enjoy your last day at CHA and the following days in Chicago.
Thanks for sharing so much with us.

Barbara Albrecht

OMG!! I NEED to see how you made the rolltop!!! This little desk is totally amazing. How do you keep coming up with all these ideas!?!?!?!

Donna Roskey

Thanks for the postes from CHA, they were alot of fun!!!!! The project is wonderful, amazing, incredible, creative, mind blowing one of a kind piece of art.

Kristin Wilson

Hi Jim!! I just wanted to come here and let you know that I got home safely and I simply adore that I got to meet you. I consider you a friend for life. Thank you for letting me tag along with you guys. Soooo much fun!! And your roll top desk is just too amazing for words!

Sharon Y (sharona62)

This roll top desk is absolutely amazing! So glad you have been having such a good time at CHA and making new friends. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to hearing about the rest of your adventures in Chicago!

Linda Sutton

I love the roll top desk. Please make a tutorial. I Hope you had a great time at CHA. Safe trip home.

Marcie  Smith

Amazing roll top!!!!! Beautiful gift idea.

Lisa T.

WOW that is amazing. Would love to see a video of this. Thanks for posting about CHA gives me a glimpse into what you'all get to experience.


Jim, I am with everyone else. This is a fantastic piece. Now you have to start marketing your patterns so we can make these things with you. I know, I know. You have a full time job and only so many hours in a day. but wow. genius in the way you make things.

Lynn Wild

Like it? ... I LOVE IT! I know that everyone else has said it all already, but I truly think that your projects are mind-blowingly clever. I love your dedication to your art and think that you have finally found your niche in life. I am convinced that the word "Genius" was coined with you in mind! I should stop now, or your top hat won't fit you any more!



Love the roll top desk, how cool, you can make anything. Enjoy Chicago!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This is probably the coolest thing you've ever done and I'm ALWAYS impressed by your creativity and ingenuity for figuring things out, so that gives you an idea of how this knocked me right out of my boots. You must be an engineer in your other life, huh?

Gloria Stengel

I just now realized the freaking thing rolls open! I bow to you, shine your crafty boots, and fan you with Graphic 45 paper fans.

Pam in hot and humid NC

Holey moley! That's fantastic!


So inventive Cowboy!!

linda williamson

OMG!!!! this is gorgeous!! Jim, you are such a talented guy,I am such a big fan!


Can you stand to hear another "wow"? A roll top desk...made from chipboard and covered with my favorite G45 paper. Sigh....too, too, amazing for words! Sounds like you are having a blast in the Windy kids have visited, and they love it, too. Make sure you get a hot dog....they say they are the best. One of these days, I'm goin' to make it to CHA!

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