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LOL, Last minute crafting for the win! :-P I'm glad everything turned out alright ever all. Have a good flight and I can't wait to see what you made for the cha! Enjoy!! (PS: There are special travel-boxes for top hats!)


Ow how I love reading your posts Jim. I have never even thought about how to pack a top hat, but now you have me wondering lol.
Have a blast at CHA!!! Can't wait till we get to see your new brilliant creations!!

Disco Queen

Hi Jim, Congratulations on getting it all done. Your dedication is impressive. Have fun at CHA.

Lynn Wild

I love how you always overcome adversity and remain cheerful at all times! I wish I was like that! Have an amazing time at CHA and don't forget to tell us all about it please.


Pam in hot and humid NC

Maybe your inner muse is telling you to add some encaustic work to your creations. ROFL

Looking forward to the CHA posts!

Gail Elizabeth

Oh Jim --how I always love reading your posts, as I always walk away smiling! I adore how you make the best of every situation! Looking forward to seeing the creations you made for CHA! Have a safe & restful flight, and a great adventure in Chicago.

Sharon Y (sharona62)

Whoo Hoo! Chicago bound! Safe travels! Looking forward to seeing what you have created and your posts from CHA and Chicago.


I was wondering where you were! Have a great time Jim!

shari (cricutrookie)

Was it a romantic piece done by candlelight? I'm glad you got to finish your piece up in time. Can't wait to see what you created! Have a great time at CHA, bring us lots of info on what you see. I'm so jeolous!!


Oh come now could WHIP up a hat box before you left?? A carry on hat box. Well if you have some free time (LOL) before you leave Chicago there's something for you to do! :D
Have a blast...wish I were going to! :D

Lisa T.

Safe travels, can"t wait to see some CHA posts of the DT creations.

You don't pack a top hat, you wear it with style ;-)

Barbara Albrecht

I know I shouldn't...but...I have to...LOL!!! I'm pictureing you crafting by candlelight and cursing. Reminds me of Laura last CHA when she lost power for days.

That WAS some storm that went through. We went out on the porch and just stood there like a couple of ninnies watching the rain...and then the flood in the back yard. We needed it sooooo bad!!

Safe travels my friend!! Be sure to look up my DD, Kimber, at the Jillibean booth.

And as far as the top hat goes...just wear it!

Marcie  Smith

By now, you are in the air and on your merry way. Yahoo!!!!!! Off to see the wizards in Chicago. It is finally here Jimbug!!!!! See..... you persevered even thru a power outage. So proud of you. Now it is fun, fun, fun!!!! Enjoy, and don't forget to smile. Take good care of Ms. Laura,(or will she be taking good care of you??). Which ever. Have fun.


You always brighten my day and today was no exception. I can just picture how you were working. I hope you can destress a bit and enjoy your first CHA. Looking forward to seeing what you created through this whole process. Thanks as always for sharing.

Queen Mary

AH, you WEAR the top hat!


hahaha!!! can just picture you crafting in the dark by candlelight!!!! have a great time in chicago taking in everything and getting toadally inspired!!!


It's a glorious insanity, isn't it? Can't wait to see what you have cooked up for's always amazing. Get some sleep on the plane. (Yeah, trying to sleep on Christmas Eve when you are 6 or 7...the excitement prevents slumber!) I know you will have fun and make a ton of friends! Enjoy!

Renee Zarate

Have a great time! Safe trip.


Oh boy, what a fab time you are going to have. Eat some terrific Chicago deep dish pizza for me! Hey, here is an idea, a G45 Gentleman Jim hat box, altered to perfection! Enjoy! So looking forward to the upcoming posts!

Becky D

Boy those storms are having fun with us lately aren't they? I can't wait to see your projects for CHA - they are sure to be mind blowing as always! Wish I could fit in your suitcase to go with you! Thanks for taking us on your journey! Seeing CHA through your eyes is going to be so much fun!

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