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Kerri-Jo Sharp

For starters HAPPY BIRTHDAY Kim!!! You have a wonderful brother!!! It brought tears to my eyes reading how much he adores you!!! You are blessed!!
Jim, I really hope Ellie has a full recovery. As a dog owner I know how they become one of the family and how heart wrenching it can be to have them hurt or sick!! Best wishes!!!
Also Jim I hope you are feeling better. I know a week or two ago you weren't feeling well, I hope that has passed!!! Have a safe and fun trip and bring us all back lots of inspiration!!!!
Take Care, Hugs,


And I thought I was busy this summer -
that's why you haven't seen me lately! Tell your sis not to fret over the 5-0. I see she has teenagers and little ones, they keep you young minded and active. It's only a number and because she turned 50 she can use that as an excuse, I do it all the time. Don't want to do something, say "I am 50 and don't have to!" Tell her to sign up for her AARP 10% off purchase every Tues! If only I would remember to use it. Have a fun time in Chicago! Love that place.


OMG Jim! I hope Miss Ellie is ok. Sending love and hugs to her the poor little thing. I can totally sympathise with that situation at the moment.

So jealous of you Mr Jim! Your going to CHA!!!! OMG I dream of going there and seeing that absolutely always dreamy G45 booth. Have a blast, I can't wait for updates and pics!!!


What happened to Atlanta??? We had a date to schedule a date while you were here??? :(

I hope you get all your projects finished. I know you will. Hope someone will take good care of Ellie while you are gone. She is going to miss her daddy!!!

Happy Birthday to you Kimmie, too. She sounds FABULOUS!!! You'll have a great time at CHA. And in 6 months, you will be doing this for Winter CHA, so get ready!!! Love Ya...

Kim S.

Your sister does look like a beautiful person and happy 50th to her! It's not so bad turning 50. It is only a number! I still feel like I'm in my 20's. She can just tell people she is 30 for the 11th time. If you need any help with Ellie while you are gone, let me know. You know I love the little doxies and she would be spoiled here! Just remember one thing... you can only do what you can do and if it doesn't get done, the world will not come to an end! You are awesome!

Kim S.

I meant to say 39 for the 11th time. I can't type in the dark... comes with turning 50. HA!


So you are heading to my next of the woods...good ole CHI town. Not to worry about snakes in this part of the world. Please pack very, very lghtly as we are due for some beastly HOT, HOT weather. While you are here you MUST try a Lou Malnati deep dish pizza...a true piece of heaven with tons of yummy stringy cheese, a sheet of sausage and a fresh tomato die for. Word has it there are no calories in this puppy!! Have a fun, safe trip and keep us posted!

Disco Queen

Hi Jim, all my best wishes to Ellie for a full recovery & a belated Happy Birthday to your sister. Have fun at CHA & don't forget to tell us all about it.

Marcie  Smith

Just wanted to say, have a wonderful time at CHA!!!! I know you will. So glad that you and Laura will try to share it with all of us. Enjoy! Hope little Ellie is on the road to a full recovery. Sorry to hear your baby is ill. Try not to worry to much.

Gail Elizabeth

Wishing your sister a happy belated birthday --so nice that you have such a treasure for a sister!

Hope you have a terrific time at CHA (my dream is to go there one day) and enjoy your time in Chicago (my eldest son and his wife just moved there a few weeks ago and love that big city life). Looking forward to hearing all about it!

Sharon Y (sharona62)

Hey Jim! Sorry to hear about Ellie; sending healing thoughts her way. Thank You for sharing the story about your sis (Happy Belated Bithday Kim). Have a wonderful time at CHA and exploring Chicago. Looking forward to your posts. I'm hoping that Laura gets a good signal from the hotel so you two can do a UStream class on Tuesday. Safe travels.

Barbara Albrecht

WHAT?!?! You're leaving for Chicago? Are you going to CHA? You didn't tell little brat boy...LOL!!!

Happy Birthday Kimmie!!!!

Speedy recovery Miss Ellie!!!


See ya in Chicago if you are hanging around the G45 booth.


so...the little engine CAN!!! Have fun in Chicago and at CHA...get really inspired!

Lynn Wild

Happy birthday to Kim! She looks lovely and I can tell how fond of her you are - it's so nice. Sending Ellie a big hug too and I'm sure she will miss her Daddy next week. Please try and rest at some point, but I'm sure you'll have an amazing time and come back full of incredible ideas. Are you sure you don't need me to carry your case for you?!


Trudie (aka crzyladycrafts)

Major hugs for Ellie's Doggie Daddy!!! God bless you and Ellie--from one survivor to another (species doesn't matter). All best wishes to your beautiful sister Kim from many, many of your faithful fans. Kick butt for CHA, Jimbo, as I know you will. Keep smiling, sweetie, and we want want pictures when Laura plants one on you!!!!!

Nan G

CHA!! How cool is that! Look forward to your CHA posts. Enjoy!
Oh, Chi-town pizza is the best!!


Sorry you had such a rough week. Makes me think of an old saying, "The hurrier I go, the behinder I get." LOL

You will have a blast at CHA. Thanks for being our eyes and ears. Going there someday is on my bucket list. I hope you have a great week, catch some rest and get a chance to relax.

shari (cricutrookie)

Jim, give Ellie a hug from me, I hope she feels better soon. Happy Birthday to your sister! Have a great time at CHA, I can't wait to see what you have to show us.


Okay, I just went back and read my post. Wondering where the AARP 10% discount is? Yup another side affect to being 50, you forget things, a lot of things. Anyway it is Michaels. Aren't you jealous Jim, you have to wait a couple of more years!

The Gentleman Crafter

Lori C!

Oh yeah too jealous!  Hahahaha



Just catching up on your blog and I found this one! Thank you Bud for the sweet words and birthday greetings from everyone...wait did you tell everyone I turned the big 5-0?? HEADS ARE GONNA ROLL!!!!!

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