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Ohh- its really cool to have such amazing post Thanks and regards... -

Linda Cain

You are truly blessed. Like I say on my blog header "There's nothing more fun than having Friends who Love ART!" Gorgeous works of Art you received.



jim you are wonderful and a kind brother. a wonderful airtest
slow down and enjoy this week.
You have work hard for it.

Gail Elizabeth

What beautiful and thoughtful gifts!


Oh, Jim, nothing less than you deserve! These gifts are da bomb. You have such talented friends because you are so talented yourself. Like attracts like. Have fun and don't work too hard.

Sharon Y (sharona62)

Thanks for sharing the work of these two talented ladies! Love how we are getting to see all kinds art! Thank You for taking the time to post twice today during this busy time.

Sharon Y (sharona62)

I mean all kinds of art!

Barbara Albrecht

What wonderful gifts from Kay & Nan!!! The stamp of your face is soooo cool!! The flower boxes and Tobias are beautiful creations!!!

You are one lucky guy!!

Lynn Wild

Wow - how lucky are you?! Nan's stamps are just amazing and truly one of a kind. Kay's Tobias is "toadally" terrific though! He looks so tactile and I'm sure you will enjoy his company for many years to come. What talented ladies! Thank you for showing us your gifts when you are so busy - your videos always bring a smile to my face (and I have chubby cheeks too)!


Nan Robkin

Jim, the gold keys are genuine antiques! I got them about ten years ago from the estate sale of the man who invented the heat-shaped box! I can't think of anyone who would be able to use them better than you!

Mo (Mori49)

What wonderful treasure! Nan and Kay sent you great surprises and it's awfully fun to get to see them.
You're off to CHA and I dearly hope that you'll have so much fun that you'll forget about chubby cheeks and have tons of smiles on your face.
Travel safe, Jim.

Renee Zarate

It is so nice to receive gifts and you received some really cool ones. Have fun in Chicago and SMILE, just enjoy yourself. (I have chubby cheeks too, it just makes you look friendly and approchable). ;-)


You are toadally blessed! Love the frog, amazing and those stamps awesome. Have a safe flight and can't wait to see what you post next week.
Hugz, Z

Marcie  Smith

Jim, you are blessed to have such wonderful (and creative)friends. Tobias the toad, is awsome and ought to bring lots of good luck and inspiration. He's so adorable!!!!
I am sure by now, you are running on sheer adrenaline by now. Stop.....count to ten and take a breather. Before you know it you will be a CHA enjoying yourself to no end. Have a great trip and have some fun!!!!
You don't smile cause it makes your cheeks look to fat?????? Jim.....really?????!!!!!! You are way to critical. Smile cause you are enjoying yourself and everyone will smile with you!!!!!! Everyone's cheeks are fat when they smile. Have fun!!!!!

Charity Becker

Jim, the toad is perfection, funny, cute and inspired all at once. Enjoy him thoroughly!!!


Beautiful creations...I love those covered boxes! See, Jim, your kindness spills back onto you!


Jim--you are so generous with your creativity and inspiration....and that good Karma can't help but return to you!! I'll bet Tobias will put a smile on those 'chubby cheeks' every time you look at him!! (I have 'chubby cheeks too) And those smiles can't help but to put a smile in your heart! Nan and Kay are amazing--I envy them their talents! Have a Wonderful time at CHA--stay safe!!

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