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Sunshine Girl

Sounds fabulous! I always go to the trade show in England in February so I know how you are feeling! Dyan is lovely isnt she - say hello to her from the girls in England (she would know me as "Bernice's friend"!)


Lucky Cowboy! One of these days I 'll get there. Would love to do another workshop with Dyan, creative and nutty.
Enjoy the show Jimbug!


Ooo fabulous photo!! Give her a big hug from me......Have a fan-tashe-tic time

Kaz x


WOWEE Jim! Looks like your having a blast! We are all so jealous! I totally understand what you mean by Heaven! I don't think my poor little mind could handle going to a CHA lol. Enjoy xo


Yay, you! I am so glad you get to be there. Drink it all in for those of us who long to join you! You are so deserving of this experience! Have fun! And try not to drool, OK? It's so unprofessional! LOL

Lynn Wild

Jealous - moi? - of course!!! I'm glad you met Dyan - she's so unique that it would have been really hard to describe her to you. Loads of fun too!
It sounds like you are having the time of your life, enjoy it - you deserve it so much.



Jim I almost got the chance to go and have that (ahh...ha... moment) but I envy you so keep the great postings up and we all can dream and swoon right along with you!! Have a GREAT TIME!!!


Have a great time, Jim.....soak up that atmosphere and sketch great ideas....while you are eating your peanut butter cookies of course!!!!! Make sure ya tell us all about the must haves!!!!!

lois skiathitis

Sounds like loads of fun. Have a wonderful time. I'm looking forward to hearing all about it. TFS!!! :-D

Evelyn in NYC

Have a great time at CHA! I would love to experience it just once - a true "bucket list" adventure, in my opinion! Can't wait to read about your exciting times!

Sharon Y (sharona62)

What a great time! So happy you get to experience it as you so deserve to be there. As others have said, would love to get there and have the ahhhh, angels singing moment, lol. Have fun!

Barbara Albrecht

I am so happy for you!! I know how much you've wanted to be able to go to CHA and now is your moment! I do hope you told Dyan how much I love and admire her. And I know you told Tim and Mario hi for me.

Be sure to look up my DD, Kimber, she's working the Jillibean booth.


You are living our dream, thanks for sharing!!!!!!!!!!!


Sounds like one happy cowboy! Great creatively filled up so you can share with us in your usual humorous style. Thanks as always for sharing.

shari (cricutrookie)

ENJOY!!!! Thanks for taking time to post on your blog, I'm going to live the experience thru you.

Becky D

I am so jealous Jim! I would love to be there! So happy that you are taking us with you on your adventure :)

Marcie  Smith

I can only imagine. Crafters paradise!!!! Probably a good thing I can't go.....LOL....don't think my pocket book could afford it even at wholesale. I wouldn't be able to restrain myself. Have fun in the big candy store in the sky. Keep us posted.


You are such a cuttie! It makes me smile to share you your excitement and adventures! Party on Paper Junki!

Mo (Mori49)

A great 1st day! Fun to see the pic of you and Dyan. I love her inks and stamps and her blog. I even ordered her products from England before she joined Ranger.
Hope you get photos of the most awesome stuff so we can budget accordingly - lol.
Tons more fun today.


Isnt it just so amazing, by the end you will feel like your head is going to spin off or your eyeballs will want to pop out all on their own....I got to go to the January show and be amazed, from reading your previous blog posts i am certain you are going to have an awesome time....not too many pb cookies,,,maybe just one need to keep up your forward to reading your future posts.


Pics - we need lots of pics since you are the lucky one and you are there - share the inspiration with us AND have the creative time of your life!!!


It was so lovely to meet you too xx

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