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I just can't wait to see what you create for CHA! Very exciting!


Now I'm curious what you are making for CHA!! I love all the stuff you bought and can't wait to meet you for your next shopping spree...


Goodies!! I can't wait to see what it is you're making with all those wonderfull supplies.


O, I would like to visit such shop. It is interesting to look that you will make with all these things!


Looks like a fabulous shop and my spinner is being shipped this week! Yeah. Can't wait for the reveal foe CHA.
Hugz, Z

Lynn Wild

Oooooh I'd love to work in that shop! You got a great haul of crafty stash there, and I'm looking forward to seeing what you make with all of it.


June-Marie (mermaid49)

After I saw your distress holder, I just had to have one and went to their online it called something else, cause I just could not find it!...can you give me a clue....thanks.....


Looks like you filled a whole punch card with one shopping trip! The Crafty Scrapper is one of my favorite stores!


Look like you had a fun day shopping!

The Gentleman Crafter

I did Sarah!  Hahaha!  Will have it at the ready for next time!  I used the filled one from April too!  Im totally amazed I found it!  Thats a nice treat ya know?  Great Idea, as it makes you think, OK, now I have an extra 20.00!  I can get something else!  Hahahaha!

The Gentleman Crafter

Indeed Kay!  Have you ever been there?  We need to go!  Im ready!  LOL!


Looks like you were haveing fun...Its going to be fun to see what you do with it all...Di

Jill in Frisco

I love the Crafty Scrapper!! When are you gonna teach a class there??
Next time you are headed that way let me know, I will grab Gail and we will come meet you for shopping and lunch!

Judy Sanza

We only have one LSS left in our area. So sad. When I say "area" that means about 50 miles away. What an interesting looking store. I don't think I'd ever leave. Thanks for sharing your fun.

Barbara Albrecht

I know the ladies at The Crafty Scrapper were happy to see you...and your wallet...LOL!!!

I'm anxious to see the punches in please!

I hope you got around the mattress car...that thing is about to fall off and hurt somebody. time you go to Waxahachie you REALLY need to let me come along...LOVE that store!!!

Sharon Y (sharona62)

Wow, that looks like a fun store. Can't wait to see your CHA creations. Thanks for sharing. I think we need to have a friends of Jim event in Texas and invade the Crafty Scrapper! Have a great weekend.


Too bad you couldn't find anything you liked. Smirk.

The Gentleman Crafter

Bahhahaha!  So true!



No, you're not the only one who lays paper out on the floor to look, pick and choose. I find that only LSS shops are OK with that, though, which is one of the many reasons I frequent them. Big Box stores are my last-ditch effort choices. I'm sure they were happy to see you coming and are grateful for you supporting their local economy so nicely.


Thank you for mentioning and supporting the Crafty Scrapper-so important to all of us in Dallas! They are just FANTASTIC and also have amazing classes! You should come and teach!

linda pok

What a wonderful shop. No you are not the only one that looks at paper on the floor. I do to. Cant wate to see what your making now. When are you doing a ustream show.

Nan G

Nice haul, Jim! Wow what a terrific store! Would love to shop there in person someday. If there's an " Invasion of Friends of Jim" count me in! It'll take me three days to get there but I'm in! LOL


Oh my goodness, I love your blog, Jim! I just found you and can't wait for future blog posts. I loved seeing your stash from the Crafty Scrapper and would LOVE to shop there myself! Thanks for your instructional videos: i "went back in time"on your blog and watched the spinning storage caddy video and I am going to make one-what a great project. Thanks Jim for all your crafting goodness!

Linda Cain

So fun, I, too went shopping and bought many of the same things you did! Ha! BUT I've never seen the spinner tower...TOO COOL! Great haul!


Rea Custer

Wow! Great shop. Looks like you had a nice haul to take home. Good thing you didn't get too close to the vehicle for that pic. Ha!

Barbara in FLA

I think we should form a secret society.

The Floor Layout Society!

So glad I'm not the only one who does this. How else can you see what goes with what?

Wish I could find that Spinner Tower too, I could use a really small footprint for all my ink!

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