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Gail Elizabeth

Congratulations on being asked to join the Inspiration Team! I'd absolutely thrilled for you. Of course I'm in love with this new project! What an amazing job you did incorporating the globes and pulley wheels along with all the other Idea-ology pieces. I love globes... but haven't seen those at my Michaels yet, so I'm really hoping they're getting them in! Thanks as always, for sharing your wonderful creations!

Pamela Davis

Congratulations Jim. That is just awesome for you. Love the chest, it is just beatiful. I haven't seen any at my Michaels either. I must take a look next time I am there. Hope you have a great weekend and thanks for sharing. Tutorial in the near future???


awesome news my new friend!!!

shari (cricutrookie)

Congratulations Jim, such exciting news, but of course they would want you, they know talent when they see it. This piece is Amazing!!!! Now, don't get too busy that you can't start u-streaming!!! I'm so looking forward to it.

The Gentleman Crafter

Thanks Connie!  Yay!  :)

Have a great weekend!


The Gentleman Crafter

Thanks Tons Shari!  Yahooooo!  Trying not to be too busy...Kinda!  Hahahaha!

Thanks again and have an awesome weekend!


Marlea Ulrich

WTG....Movin' on up....congrats my friend. You deserve it all...and more. Does this mean you're gonna have to quit your day job just so you can concentrate on all the ideas you have to come up with for G45 and now the new team? Good luck, and grab that brass ring !!!


Congratulations! Far as I'm concerned they're very lucky to have you.

The chest is wonderful. I could see this in H.G. Wells rooms easily. Where I'd like to see it is in my studio - a full sized version, please!


Great News Jim... Woo Hoo ...get to keep up with you now ( on two of my favorite teams ) !!


Congratulations!! Hope your day job won't get in the way of your creative pleasure.

Linda Cain

Brilliant, Brilliant, Brilliant! You Rocked this and should sleep well tonight having gotten it done! We here at IE love you and your work. You're gonna keep us on our toes!

Your new Friend in ART,


Jim... TheGentlemanCrafter

Thanks Linda! Yes, sleep sounds good! Oh my gosh, you all rock at IE! I'm shakin' in my boots! So cool to learn from the best! So excited...



Congrats! You needed something to do in your spare time. BaHaaaaaaa!

Kathy Cora

I swear Jim - you just blow me away. Congrats and what a fantastic place of altered art.

The Gentleman Crafter

Bahahahaha!  You know me too well Lori!  Maybe I can squeeze in something like sleep too!  Maybe!  Just sayin!


Another fantastic project from my favorite paper's amazing! Congrats on your new position...I'm going to check them out.


Congrats on the new team, they are sooo lucky to have you! And I absolutely love love love this project!!! WOW!!!! So, where'd you get the box?


Well a big ol congrats headed your way!!! Somehow the best are always found!

The Gentleman Crafter

Thanks Carol.  From you, that is the biggest honor anyone could bestow!  Bless you!

Love ya Carol!


Sharon Y (sharona62)

Congrats Jim! I'm glad that others are seeing what we already know - that you are a true talent and gentleman! So happy for you. Loving the box - so much cool TH stuff on this one. Have a great weekend.

Nan Robkin

Very cool, Jim! Hmmmm...was just in Michaels, and that one didn't have the globes, but they DID have the destinations paper stash for 40% off!
What are you gonna keep in your new set of drawers?


Wowee Jim congratulations! You are the man!!! And by golly, how do you come up with these bloody awesome creations?? Your out of this world!


Поздравляю! Ваши работы это что-то потрясающее! с большим удовольствием слежу за Вашим творчеством.

Lynn Wild

Wow indeed! Congratulations Jim - this is a very appropriate adopted family for you as you have been inspiring us for months now with your amazing ingenuity and creativity. I'm so pleased for you!

I love your chest of drawers too. I've no idea how on earth you come up with these amazing ideas - but I'm so glad you do! Unfortunately we don't have a Michaels in the UK, but perhaps that's just as well as I couldn't fit much more stash into my little craftroom now!


Nan G

Great news, Jim! Congrats on your new Team! I'll pop over and check them out. Love the chest of drawers! I'm in awe of your ability to come up with all these ideas! Sleep? Who sleeps right?! :)


This piece is amazing! You are insanely talented Jim, I kinda hate you now.


Ya-hoo and Yee-haw! Congrats!

Brenda B

That is an amazing chest of drawers! WOW!

Jan Kelley

Congratulations! You are Awesome.


Congratulations!!! and I am gobsmacked over this chest of drawers...luv, luv the globes! Takes me away to an HG Wells novel.
Super job as always and thank you for sharing.


Oh I should know better than to just want to read your RSS feed. I have to come to the blog anyway to leave a comment. Silly me. I get such a giggle out of your designs. They make me happy just to look at them. Love the globes. What an amazing journey you are on. Thanks as always for sharing.


Two words... CONGRATS and WOW!

Barbara Albrecht

JIM!!!!!!! I'm running out of adjectives to describe your, stunning, amazing, inspired, superb, fabulous....

You've outdone yourself once again!! Congratulations on this new achievement!!

So...just when DO you sleep?!?!?!

Teresa Blue

Congrats! I must say...that project...there are no words! Wowsa!

Kim S.

This is fantastic news Jim. I remember when you first put your blog out and you so hoped someone would follow you. Now look where you are! I was supposed to be follower #3 but somehow I managed to screw that up! The box is to die for. When I was purging my stamp room I almost purged those boxes, but am now glad I did not. You have given me (once again) new inspiration! Darn you, quit being so innovative. Ok, don't quit. I am serious about meeting for coffee and a vulcan mind meld. :)


Congratulations Jim!!! So happy for you...just wondering...when are you going to find time for job work...or sleep???? HAHA!
LOVE LOVE LOVE this project!!!! You're awesome!


Congrats on the new assignment! This project puts me in mind of Leonardo Da Vinci...the same type of imagination and whimsy found in some of his invention sketches. Really fabulous...your own mini galaxy on wheels. Now how fun is that?

Kathi R

Congratulations. They're lucky to have you.

Your new chest of drawers is absolutely amazing.


Mo (Mori49)

You've got a tiger by the tail now, Jim. Big congratulations to you!!! It seems like your first blog was just yesterday; a blink of the eye and you're on TWO design teams. I'm truly thrilled for you.
This project is just magical.I was waiting for somebody to take those awesome pulley wheels out from under things;should have known it would be you.:) Can you tell me about the wooden box - the size and where to find it?
Have a super weekend!


That is amazing!

The Gentleman Crafter

Hey Mo,

I just sent an email to your personal email but wanted everyone to see the reply because its a great question. 

The wooden box was purchased from IKEA.  They no longer sell them.  If you are European, it is my understanding they still have them in the IKEA store.

However, Kaisercraft makes one that is very similar. I found it on Amazon.  Its on sale too.  Heres a link:
Thanks Yall!

Margaret Ann

fab news Sir Jim, you deserve it, love your box fab idea

Kelli Thomas

You are insane - That project is just crazy wonderful!

Becky D

Congrats on joining the Inspiration Emporium's team! I truly believe they are blessed to have you! Every project you create just blows me away! I don't mean to gush but it is true!


Congrats Jim! Once again another very creative project!!!


Another amazing project, Jim! Love it!

Molly Bee

Only you would see globes in a bin and imagine the wonderful creation you presented. I am so thrilled that you are getting the recognition your talent and wit have earned. Congratulations.

mary puskar

WOW Jim! I'm running off to Michaels and praying they have those globes. So coooool!


Wendy H

Congratulations. I really love the chest. I look at it and think of all the things I never see when I'm making things. Thanks for all the inspiration. Now we'll have twice as many projects to inspire us.


Incredible box :)

mary puskar

Well I had to report back. I found the globes at Mike's but they were $3.00 so if you got your for $1 good for you. There were only two left after I took mine. Word is on the street!"!??!?!


Wanda Hernandez

OMG, You sure know how to inspire a girl. This is so beautiful and looks like it took a ton of time to do or you work super fast. Thanks so much for the gorgeous creations you do and share with us all. Hugs Wanda

Tony Stubblefield

Thanks for the info on the drawer units available on So sad that the wooden ones are no longer available at Ikea. I have really got to get back to the one in Chicago (actually they have two, but one is on the way).

Nice, basket weave background, by the way :-)


The globe storage box is awesome!! I still can't believe how amazing everything is that you create! Congrats on the new "adoption" too! :)


Oh my mouth is hanging open in a most unattractive way as I am totally in AWE over your amazing altered drawer set! This is a true work of art!!!
So I have a question though...what do you do with these finished pieces?? As I browse your blog I am starting to imagine a whole house full of incredible curiosities and beautiful works of art..and continuing to fill and fill and fill! So how many do you keep and what do you do with the rest of them?

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