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The suspense is painful....cant wait.

Barb E

Anticipation. . .

The Gentleman Crafter

Oh My Gosh Barb, I hope I havent built it up too much!  :)  I hope you like it though!



So excited to see another one of your amazing projects! And yes, I am sure it will be amazing!!


Your FIRST is your favorite??!! I myself can't wait to see what you have come up with Master Jim!! EXCITING I tell you... EXCITING!!!

Mardi May

So I've been out of the picture for a while took trip to Georgia, then when back daughter and grandbabies here for two weeks. So I missed the fact you had an esty store. So go and check, I can't believe it. I MISSED the WINE CARRIER. Are you going to put up a tutorial or make another one. Still would love to have one for myself.


I can't wait! I know it will be fabulous. And thanks for making a pattern available...I'll look for it in your Etsy shop. Now, get some rest! We can't have The Gentleman Crafter running around with bloodshot eyes from lack of sleep. Ha!


OK...I just viewed the video...I am picking my jaw up off the table and putting my eyeballs back in their sockets. Magical! Just magical! It looks like you have burnished metal parts on entrances. You are right...maybe the best thing you've ever done. And you've done some doggone amazing work. Sir, I salute you!

The Gentleman Crafter

Mardi May,

You didnt miss anything. :)  I opened my Etsy store a while back!  LOL!  I havent placed anything in it forever!  Too Busy!  Like all of us these days! I really wanted all my patterns/tutorials to be on my blog for you guys!  However, they take so much time to do. For me anyway.  Sometimes a full day to write and process the images.  So, when I do these big projects, I will place them on Etsy.  When I do my Fast and Easys and others projects, they will be on my blog as usual.  I want them to remain free for us all to do!   I know I appreciate when others do that as well.

So it coming....stay tuned!  LOL!


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