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Barb E

Only you . . . ! Well, maybe not! It's amazing what happens when the mind wanders.


Yeah Jim, kinda Isn't funny how we can still feel embarrassed with no one around.


PMSL hilarious! Theses crazy things happen to all of us Jim, don't worry lol.
Can't wait to see what you and the rest of the G45 team create for CHA! So exciting!

Lynn S

Because I know you so well, Jim, I saw this coming. I'll bet you did laugh yourself silly!!


I want to know about the tv in the are not the only one with a strange mind, Jim LOL

kay stevens

Am so excited to see what the new team creates for new projects with the great papers G45 comes out with.


How wonderful that you got up early to watch our Queen Elizabeth on her amazing day(s).
It was an awe inspiring weekend and an incredible achievement. A proud moment in time.
Love your bells episode, a different slant on 'ringing in the ears'. x

Nan G

LOL right with bro! Anticipating CHA projects, too! Your G45 projects have been the best .... by far!! Have fun creating.

Zandra are to funny.

Brenda B

How funny! No worries...we've all been there and hey, that's how our creative mind works. We "create"!


That's what comes from getting up too early in the morning. Your memory of your dad waking you reminded me of my mom...she was the original morning person, and used to waltz into my room, open the curtains and warble out, "Time to rise and shine, sleepy head. It's another beautiful day!" (Which, in retrospect, was a pretty wonderful way to start each day, when you consider the alternatives...) But, as a teenager, this used to set my teeth on edge. And one day, when she sang her way into my room and made her usual, "Rise and Shine" pronouncement, I responded, "I'll rise. But I refuse to shine." Hahahahaha! Thanks for jogging that memory. And kill the high tech alarm clock. I'm convinced they are bad for your blood pressure!

Sharon Y (sharona62)

Lol. The mind is a beautiful and crazy thing. Thanks for sharing-we've all been there.


I feel compelled to comment Jim. I am another Laura lady so have followed your career quietly for a while now and I am sitting here with an enormous smile on my face at the thought of your alarming moment!! Been there, done that lol. Your work is wonderful, I particularly loved your clockwork ferris wheel, incredible. I look forward to following you further. Thank you for amusing me today. I have also watched the jubilee but from here in Scotland, in fact I have just purchased a magazine called Hello which has beautiful colour pictures of it all and I'm loving it! Tomorrow I get to go and see the Olympic torch pass through our town which I am looking forward to. I look forward to hearing more from you x

Barbara Albrecht

HEE HEE!!! Mom used to do almost the same thing only it was "Rise and Shine"...hated it!

Lynn Wild

The bells, the bells! (Should we call you Quasimodo)?! Nope it's not just you - in fact you reminded me of when I lived at home with my parents and one morning my Dad brought me a cup of tea to wake me, just at the same time that my alarm went off. I must have been dreaming about work as he caught me picking up the ringing alarm clock, holding it to my ear and saying "Hello" as I was convinced it was the phone!
I'm glad you enjoyed the jubilee celebrations from afar - I will be sending you something to remember it by.
Looking forward to seeing what you come up with for CHA too.


Margaret Ann

only you Sir Jum lol, the church bells only seem loud cause of television cranking up the sound. You would have loved eing in the Uk, the atmosphere was fab.


You are so funny and I love that you laugh out loud even when there is no one around to witness it! I laugh out loud in stores when I look at greeting cards and always get the funniest looks, I wonder why that is? As for the TV in the bathroom, I get it, it's a MAN thing!! Love you and laughing with you!

kay (texfolkart)

hahaha! Sounds familiar...and laughed out loud myself reading about your morning...(specially looking around to see if anyone noticed!)....but my mom woke me up with "lazy bones sleepin in the sun, how do you expect to get the days work done?"!!!!!!!only with a wee irish brogue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! gave me a chuckle to think about that!!!! Thanks, Sir Jim!

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I don't know if I enjoy your stories or your work more. I so relate to you. Here's my embarassing moment...I had to go out to the shed, needed the keys, went to the drawer that the keys are kept in along with misc kitchen utensils(not sure why), got halfway to the shed and realized I had the manual can opener in my hand. No one else home, but sure had a good laugh all by myself. Some days are just like that. God save the Queen!

Annette Alexander

Jim, you are just to funny, its nice that we can all find humor with ourselves. I know I have got up before and thought I had overslept, so hurried up and got all ready for work, got half way there, might I add 12 miles down the road. Only to hear them say on the radio something about the day being Saturday. But at least my thought was. "thank goodness I'm not late for work.
I Can't wait to see what you come up with for CHA Graphic 45 Booth. Hope you have a great weekend, and if you hear anymore loud bell check the alarm first. Lol your friend Annette


After reading some of the other posts this morning, it made me think.....I probably shouldn't say "rise & shine porcupine" to my teenage son anymore, huh? He might throw something at me, but I've said it since he was a wee little thing and he like it back then. Guess I better document it and let it go. :(

The Gentleman Crafter

Lori!  Never stop!  That way he will have something to blog about when he gets older!  Its precious!




I have one of those atomic clocks that seems to align itself with the time space continuum... however... it is still 7 minutes slow. How does that happen? Maybe it is a mayan clock.

thanks for another wonderful inspiration that I will never seem to have time to make!

Nicky Normandale

Hey Jim! I've nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award! I hope you take part, but you don't have to if you don't want to! Check out my post here:


Oh he will have plenty to blog about his crazy mom!

The Gentleman Crafter

Lori!  I have plenty to blog about you!  Hehehe!

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