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Nice legs Jim! LOL. Oh, and the tag is just a bit fab too :)


Great tag...makes me want to go to the beach...maybe Saturday, since it's only about a 1/2 hour away! LOL


OMG! That tag is so you!! Beach legs, hee hee... What size is the tag? It has so many elements and so much detail. Totally awesome!

Lynn Wild

I really, really like that tag Jim - so you! I'd love to go to the beach but it's too far away and too cold here today. Thanks for bringing a little summer into my life!


Laura Cummings

great tag, jim! i love the bamboo edging and the way you attached it. also the usage of the aluminum can at the bottom. i've been afraid to try using anything but cardstock with my vagabond - so this technique really inspires me to 'be bold'! one question - what is sand medium and where do you get it? thanks for sharing ~ laura in belgium

Linda from Lockbourne

I think the art world needs to redefine "tag" because this is unlike any other tag I've ever seen. The work and design is so meticulous, but the appearance is deceptively casual and free-spirited. It truly is an amazing little work of art and certainly a standard-setter for the Inspiration Journal. Bravo!!!!

Barb E

Beachtastic! I can't think of another word that could describe this. An amazing project!

Sharon Y (sharona62)

Yeaaaaaaa,, I'm jumping up and down this tag is so good! Love the bamboo edge and the aluminum washer dye, and, heck I love the whole beachy thing. It inspires me to look at tags in a whole new way. Thanks.


Awesome!!! Looked at this and could actually hear the waves splashing in the background. Another work of art!!


I love this tag! Awesome use of skewers. Who would have thought to use them as a border?!!

Brenda B

You are such an inspirtation! Love all things beachy. Thanks so much for sharing.


Now that's a tag!!!

Jim... TheGentlemanCrafter

Glad y'all like it. I think it's fun. The tag is fairly large. Not your standard #8. The sand medium was from the Carolina Stamper:

It's like sand with glue in it. It comes in many beaches, like Maui, etc. I's a little weird to work with until I used a palette knife. That was the ticket! Now I love this stuff.

Thanks Gang for the awesome comments! I always love to hear what you think!

Have a great one!


Beautiful tag, Jim!

Kay (Texfolkart)

How much fun is this tag! As usual you have outdone yourself! Love the "monster" waves!!!!!
If you go back to the beach, I can suggest some places to visit along the way.....restaurants, shops, etc!!!! Just sayin'

Barbara Albrecht

LOVE this tag!! Super clever!! The picture is PERFECT for the theme and the tag! Thanks once again for sharing all the details.


Another JIMTASITIC piece! SO much innovation! Has me looking at my trash in a different way! Jim, you're so awesome!


You always make me laugh. Out loud. Love the playfullness of your tag and the ideas for putting it together are great too! Great way to start your Inspiration Journal journey.

Nan G

Aww cool tag! Awesome idea to use the skewers and lacing! Great Inspiration, Jim! Love all of the elements.


How fabulous! Only you, sir, would think of using bamboo skewers on a tag. Mayhaps you and Mr. Holtz were twins separated at birth? Similar minds, methinks.

shari (cricutrookie)

What a great tag Jim, I love how you used the bamboo around the tag. How do you think of stuff like that? All the different textures really do take you to the beach.

Lynn Wild

I am intrigued by the sand medium now! The Carolina Stamper doesn't appear to have a website - please could you tell us who makes the sand medium and what it's called as I'd love to track some down? I have a new mermaid stamp and some shell dies that are just waiting to be used and this sounds just the thing to go with them.

Thanks, Lynn x

Annette Alexander

LOVE THE TAG!!!, all the details are great, and the photo is perfect for the tag. Love the playful spirit of the tag. I didn't see that anyone else ask so hear goes, what is on the back of the tag, curious mind here. If nothing that is perfectly fine, just wonder, hope your week is off to a great start. Your talent never ceseses to amaze me Mr Jim. TFS


Love the tag and love how you are showing off your sexy legs!!


Love this piece, very evocative :))


I love that tag JIM! It's very be beachy... in-fact it makes me want to go to the beach! LOVE IT! I love all the layering and all the detail you added down to the beach glass beads!


Love this! I'll have to do that for my trip down under!


Amazing! I love the skewers and the aluminium waves!

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