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Carol Mitchell

Awesome! I love love love it! What great colors.

Disco Queen

Stunning Photo Box. Shame about the mirror.

Nancy Schultz

Love your photo box! I agree to bad about the mirror but I love the cigar style box you made and the 4th of July papers and things are perfect. Just got my Rotatrim yesterday and can't wait to get started on one of your tutorials love your style! Thank you for sharing with all of us your awesome!


Ow wow Jim, I just love this! I don't normallly like those colours, but they look fantastic! Love your work!


gorgeous box!


LOL...Jim, I can't decide what I like better...your project or your stories! Thanks for sharing both. Next time, keep the mirror, but put a faux mercury glass technique on it!


For some reason this story seems very familiar to me.. that's pretty much how smooth my project ideas turn out.. lol! But, the end result looks amazing! I love it!

Barb E

It's beautiful Jim. You need to find yourself a real fancy cigar store in Texas. Sometimes they give away beautiful cigar boxes. I have a friend who collects them! You could alter your brains out!


How great is this box! Like the Crepe Paper on it...good idea! But love the story most..can just picture you with all your tools around you talking to the mirror!!! Great morning laugh! Thanks for making my day--sounds so much like my "great deals"!!!

Sharon Y (sharona62)

Love it! I go crazy for anything with patriotic colors. Nice to see TH Americana stamps and dies in use as these are on my wish list. And thanks for the great story


Incredible! I'm feeling patriotic just looking at it. Great job, Jim!


I absolutely love the box...what a great job. However, I would love to be a little mouse in your studio...just to watch you when you encounter "problems". I'm sure I would be "squeaking" with laughter...LOL

mary puskar

Good morning Jim! Love the box but the story was priceless. Have done similar things myself. Never quite turns out the way you expect does it? Keep us laughing and keep those great projects coming. Happy 4th!



Love the mirror story. Love your project! All is well that ends's getting there that is the most fun!!


Jim, Your work here is Super Great.I just love coming here to see what you have done and to get fresh Ideas. i feel like you have a hit on your hands AGAIN !!!!!! thank you for sharing.

Barbara Albrecht

See...told ya...your idea of simple just blew up...ROFLMBO!!! I love the box...the way you vintage'd up everything. Super project!!

Theresa Grdina

I cannot believe how beautiful this is!! I am not a 4th of July person...but THIS I WOULD MAKE!!! I LOVE IT.


Lol Jim, you're hilarious! Love your project...Cool huh? lol

Mo (Mori49)

I love seeing how the TH patriotic dies and stamps look in use. You made them look irresistible. Beautiful box!It tickles me to see the faucet as the center of the bow.
The story - too,too funny!




Thank you for sharing that story! If you have troubles with paper craft, there is hope for me. It tried to make one of the suitcases on Paper Phenomenon and after I assembled the bottom and before I covered it with paper, the entire thing popped apart. The glue tape I used let ago and all that work was wasted!


I would have punch my hand with that I love using crepe paper, looks fabulous on your project. Love the added star corners.


Omigosh! Not funny, I know...but you make is *sound* so funny. Glad you didn't get cut.

But you *made* the box? You *made* the box? there anything you can't do?

Oh, and by the way...about 32 years ago, I build beehive inserts for a local beekeeper to earn money as a stay at home mom. I built the frames that went inside, wired them, and then melted the wax onto the wires. Piece work. I was desperate. But the house smelled great. I'd much rather play with paper.

Janet (Boo52)

You have such a way with telling a story. You can add stand up comedy to your U-Tube videos and start a whole new direction for scrapbooking.....Love the project by the way and the colors are fantastic.

Lynn Wild

Another great project! The saying must be true - more haste, less speed! In the UK it's considered very unlucky to break a mirror - it's supposed to result in 7 years bad luck - Sorry to tell you that!


Lorraine Padden

What a great story. I've had many crafting mishaps in my life, ask me about mod podging my box shut with all the goodies inside. Just love your style Jim, another fantastic project.

Linda Cain

PERFECT! Simply perfect. Can't wait to hear about the bees....hmmmmm.


Linda Cain

P.S. Great job on the watermark!!!

Nan Robkin

That is a wonderful box, Jim! What wonderful things you filled it with, too!


Had me laughing til it hurt! Your stories are just as good as your projects. Love the box and book. Will make a great gift for the hostess of the family picnic I am going to this weekend. Thanks as always for sharing.


This is gorgeous! I want one of these too! LOL! :))

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