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these are fabulous finds....before i head to Georgetown to check em out....want to make sure you left some!!!!!!!!! just sayin!!!


OMG Jim!!!! This is my favorite line of jewelry findings!! Now I have been TRYING to save money and YOU just broke that for me!! LOL! Too bad I didn't see your post this AM but have to wait til tomorrow. Thanks for sharing!! I'm just as excited as you!!

Barb E

I saw that line at Michael's here about 6 weeks ago. It was awesome!

Sharon Y (sharona62)

OMG is right. These are so cool! I have seen that line at Michaels but you got some stuff I haven't seen before. I just got a 15% off entire purchase for tomorrow and Saturday that could be put to good use. I'm just saying . . .

The Gentleman Crafter

WELL a few Kay!  Bahaha!  GO see!  ask for Barb!


Barbara Albrecht

HEHEHE...Barb really knows how to SELL, doesn't she?!?! I'm going to have to check out M's again.

Can't wait to see what you dream up to use all the cool stuff on.


I can't wait to see what you create with your haul!!!! Fun to hear your enthusiasm through the video!!!!


Oh! If only we had a Michaels in new Zealand!! Mind you, I would be broke if we did (as well as needing a bigger craft space to put all the goodies in).
You are agreat inspiration Jim - keep it up. Hugs from down under.


wow, wow, wow, wow! Now I just need to find a way to buy them somewhere in europe.. I want them all!! They are so awesome!

Margaret Ann

its not fair Sir Jimbug dont have Michaels over here, you got me drooling over your stash, naughty Jimbug lol fab goodies have a great time playing with them. Tak tent.

Gail Elizabeth

What fabulous finds (but still no cuff link blanks?). I'm headed to Michael's today so I'm definitely going to see if my store has any of these new items. Thanks for the heads up!

Barbara in FLA

Love it when you do a haul! Looks like I'm digging for coupons for Michael's today. Hope my store's got 'um in!

Deb Vanek

Hey, I work at Michael's. Isn't this stuff Amazing!!! I had the same reaction you did when it came in! love It!!!

The Gentleman Crafter

Yay Gail!  If you see anything I missed email me!  LOL!


The Gentleman Crafter

LOVE IT DEB!  So excited about all these goodies!  Amazing!  And you get to work around it?? Does your paycheck ever leave Michaels?  LOL!


Lynn Wild

Your excitement is infectious! That's just how I felt when I saw your lighthouse!!! You certainly got a great haul of hardware there - can't wait to see what you do with it! The lion looks very British to me - just like the door knockers we have over here.


mary puskar

Jim, all I could think of while looking at your wonderful haul was you need to do a video on your studio set up--how you store things, what's right in front of you ALWAYS, how you store your paper and writing tools, etc. Please................!



Very Awesome Jim! TFS!! I'm CDN. and have the smallest Mike's in NA (I was told that through an employee) so we won't have that for eons if ever but still cool to look at!! :D

Brenda B

So jealous...I have no Michaels, Joanns, Hobby Lobby without a long drive...NOTHING so GRAND! I am eager to see what you do with all those glorious goodies!


My Michael's had this line of stuff on clearence...not these exact pieces, probably older stuff but that same much are they normally???? they had stuff on clearence for like 0.99 to $1.99. Hey, maybe you can use those curtain rods on your Nutcracker Sweet Project...the one where you want to build a stage and a can use them to hold the stage you say...just sayin

Debbie Tuttle

You're making me drool! Michael's is about 20 miles from here but I'm going tonite! Thanks for spending all my money for me. Can't wait to see what you use some of this stuff for.

tammy b

hey jim, does that big 'at' thing open? i'm wanting it for small memorabilia if it does!

Lynn S

Breathe, Jim, breathe...

Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor

Love your excitement Jim... never hold back, it is infectious!! Had a hard time resisting, jumping in the car with my jammies on, and heading off to Michaels to get some of that awesome stuff! LOL


Jim, I could tell you're really excited...don't hold back! lol Those Goodies are my favorite things in the jewlery section at Micheal's, but I always run out of money before I even make it there. Thanks for the heads up. I think you're are just so DARLING! Have fun creating!

Mo (Mori49)

Your excitement has got me moving! How cool is this line. No time to chat - I need to get to Michaels!

becky jeffress

What a lucky guy!!! I just love how excited a person can be over good stuff! When Michaels had the older 'Industrial Chic' items I bought a ton of them when they had them marked down and still get excited thinking about them. Can't wait to see what all you make with some of the items, they will be awe-inspiring I'm sure!


OMG! Got my keys and my hands and off I go....


So, excited I can't keys in my hands


Love the mini door knobs in blue...I think I have a 20% off coupon lying around here somewhere...hope you had one, too!

Linda from Lockbourne

I am soooo glad I watched your video at 8:30 p.m. and didn't have enough time to jump in the car and drive over to the enarest Michaels. I have quite a few Industrial Chic pieces (keep collecting, haven't used any yet) and I know I couldn't resist the ones you showed online. Thanks for enabling my trinket addiction, Jim.

Kim S.

OMG. I found this stuff a few months ago and didn't say anything because I figured you already had it all. I am so sorry I didn't tip you off! I have failed as a friend. :(

Jim The Gentleman Crafter

Kim S, You Rat! Hahaha! No wonder there were empty pegs! You bought it all! I say I pick up Barb at Sun City and you meet us at the new Archiver tomorrow! Let's go see Susan!


I picked up a few things a week or so ago but after seeing your video, I had to stop after work yesterday. I scored some great stuff - love the door knobs! I also had a coupon so I saved some $ to boot!! Thanks for the inside scoop, Jim.

Sharon Y (sharona62)

Had to go to Michaels today after seeing your excitement. Wow!!! Cool stuff! I picked up some really great pieces. Thanks for the tip. And guess what??? I found some cuff link blanks😃. Check your email. Not sure if these are what you had in mind . . . But if they are, let me know and I can send them to you. Whoo Hoooooooooo

Karen Seidlitz

Great hall Jim! Hope you used the 15 percent off entire purchase coupon. Anywway, have fun playing with your new toys.
Hugs and kisses!


Jim... you are awesome!! Thank you for sharing this info and your haul. Love the video. Whooo Hoooo finally they have some new cool stuff!!

The Gentleman Crafter

Heidig, Love the door knobs too! So cool!

Sharon, We've emailed each other already, but once again YOU ROCK! for finding those! Thanks tons!

Karen, I had no idea about the 15% off coupon until my friend Barb who works there told me! I luckily had my phone charged this time and pulled up the Michaels app! Yahoooo! Hugs back at ya!

Kristin, My pleasure! It is cool that they have some new stuff! We needed a good shot in the arm and this did the trick! For me anyway!

michaels coupons

Today i am going to michaels to see if i can the get the things like you had.Really a great findings :)

Renee Zarate

Never lose your enthusiasm! I needed a reason to smile. Can't wait to go to Michaels and check out some of this cool stuff.

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