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Lyn Gill

OK I haven't even watch the video yet & I squealing at the screen! Wow totally Wow! I am in awe!When I made it down far enough to see it held a mini inside I almost fell out of my chair...Jim this is really spectacular! A one of a kind, gorgeous piece of Art!


What don't I love about this project????? I was expecting an album in the base of the lighthouse, but the lighthouse as an album ????? WHERE do you come up with these awesome ideas? I love the choice of papers, the design, the details - just beautiful. OMG Jim, you are my hero! I keep expecting to see you in your superhero costume!

Barb E

Absolutely fantastic and so worth the anticipation!

Carol Mitchell

Jim...what can I say? This is ...wonderful, spectacular, amazing, mind-blowing....where the heck is my thesaurus? I LOVE IT!!! Wow!!


wow. this is really fabulous. it ;looks so spectacular. Love it. It's a beautifull 3d piece for in the livingroom.
Are you going to offer a tutorial of it. Put me on the list.
You reallu rock


oh jim! this is AWESOME!!!! what a great took Lynn's idea and really went to town!!!! it is just amazing!

Sharon Y (sharona62)

Wow Jim! This is simply amazing. I love that you can look at a lighthouse, take Lynn's suggestion and make it into a piece of art! I'm just blown away. Wow!


Jim this lighthouse is absolutely amazing, I love everything about it! Thank you for sharing your creativity with us!

Disco Queen

Hi Jim, You were worried you built this project up too much. You did not build it up enough. It is mind blowing. I love the functionality: particularly the way the mini book was part of the structure. So much easier to access than trying to tip a book out of a cylindrical box.
P.S: Who is the gorgeous ball of fluff in the background of your video?

Linda Cain

Always a treat! Stunning piece, Jim!



What an amazing project! I can't wait for the pattern. Thanks Jim!


Oh My Jim This is amazing. I have to pick my jaw up off the floor. You ROCK Jim. Thank you for sharing your talent with us.

[email protected]


WAUW! My mouth drops open. This is sooooo cool. I love it!


Another amazing project! The lighthouse is beautiful, and useful as a decor object also. What more could anyone want?

Mardi May

Fantastic love it, And the kitty beside you washing the whole time what a ham.


OOOO! project is amazing! LIKE all of You do \to do in the future :)

Brenda B

This is such a phenomenal project! You are so very clever!

The Gentleman Crafter

Oh Thanks Theresa!  You rock!  The gorgeous ball of fluff is Buzzy The Cat!  LOL!  Hes my first cat ever.  We were raised with dogs so I never had any interest in cats.  Well, who knew how easy they were to take care of!  If I had known that, I might have had cats earlier in life!  He was hatched right here on the farm by some ferrel cats that lived around somewhere. The mother was killed by coyotes just about the time these guys were old enough to eat by themselves!  Having so many dogs, I think 9 at the time, I really didnt want anything else to have to care for.  I took them (3 kittens) to the animal rescue folks and they would have nothing to do with Buzzy as he hissed at them.  Thought he might be too wild!  So home he came and I am so blessed that he did!  He is AMAZING! In contrast to what they thought, he has turned out to be so laid back and awesome around people! LOL!  When I take him to the vet and the kennel when Im on vacation, they dont want to give him back!  Hes just that kind of Cat!  I have two stools at my work desk in my studio, HE HAS TO BE IN THE ONE I SIT IN!  Hence, him starring in the video!

Sorry for the long story! :)

Thanks again!

Barbara Albrecht

WOOZERS!! I really, REALLY love how you took Lynn's suggestion and turned it into such a totally cool project!! There's so much to love about the light house...the GA pouched acetate for the frosted glass, the cool little roof, the cleaver drawer in the base...BUT opened the lighthouse and THERE'S A BOOK INSIDE!!! You MUST do a video on how you made the clever is that?!?!?!

You never cease to amaze me, my friend!!!


See, I knew it would be worth the wait...absolutely usual....thanks for sharing your talents with us.

becky jeffress

Oh, Dear Lord, Jim, this is fabulous!!! I will be watching the video later, right now I have to go back and study these pics of your masterpiece,it's amazing. What remarkable art, thank you.

Suzanne Shinji

How are you going to top this one Jim? I can't wait to see what's next!!! You are another amazing designer. Great job on the project


Wow...this is really great!!!!! I say everything everyone else said and than square it. Congrats on your fisrt pattern for sale as won't be long until you are the newset UStream sensation!!!!! You go boy.


WOW!! Jim, as always, you keep amazing me! What an amazing project!! I'll sure keep an eye out for that pattern on etsy shop, I wouldn't mind making one of these beauties although I'm sure it will never be as amazing as this one is. Your talent is unmatched! I love it!

Ramona Walter

I am speechless as to the affect your brilliant lighthouse is. It is a wonderful example of the designs this 2012 design team bring to us. I think it is amazing and the tea light for the lighting is a marvelous idea. Thank you also for your video. Loved it! Thank you Lynn for bringing Jim the idea as well.

Lisa T.

WOW! And as has been mentioned so cool the tower itself houses an album, who'd a thunk it?

Lisa T


This is fabulous Jim. As I have four brothers I am always looking for masculine projects. I think I 'll be making this 4 times! TFS!


You do such amazing work! G45 will never let you go!!!

Debbie Tuttle

Jim, the gears in your creative mind keep turning and turning.......I hope they never stop. This is another amazing peice of art.

Wendy H

Wow!! Really amazing work. Is this going to be your first ustream class? :) Your fans are eagerly waiting for the announcement. Thanks Jim again a wonderful project.


You must bribe your muse well...this is an incredibly inspiring work of art~!

Nancy Schultz

What an amazing peice of art Jim! Wow and I love that you are going to have a pattern for us to purchase. Love the light house!

Lynn Wild


When I opened up your blog I gasped in amazement at the wonders I beheld! There are not enough superlatives in the Oxford English dictionary to adequately describe your latest and most glorious creation! Seriously Jim, you have excelled yourself (yet again) and I am SO PROUD!!! I just want to give you a big happy hug! This is my favourite project of yours by far (but then I may be a little biased) LOL! Obviously the lighthouse was a "brilliant" idea (wink) - but the way you have brought it to life is complete Jim genius! I just knew you'd find a way to have it lighting up too!

I agree with Sarah - G45 will never let you go now, as you are such an amazing ambassador for their products! And yes Kat ... the Xyron Creatopia is coming in very handy (thank you again Jim)!.

I'm going to check out the Graphic 45 blog now - I'll post a comment, but I'm sure they don't need me to tell them that they've found a treasure in you.

Lots of love, Lynn (muse to the star)!

Laura Cummings

another amazing project, jim!! love the bleach effect on the album pages. would you consider doing a tutorial on how to do that? enjoyed seeing buzzy in the background. thanks to you both for sharing ~ laura in belgium

The Gentleman Crafter

YAY Lynn!  Glad you got to see it!  Your wonderful spark of genius led me to this project that now in my mind is one of my favorites!  Glad you liked it dear one!  Thank you again for the awesome idea!

Hugs to ya!


The Gentleman Crafter

Thanks Laura as always for such beautifully sweet comments!  So appreciate them!

Yes, I will do one on the pages.  Cool huh?  I saw it done at a store in South Carolina in May!  What a neat technique!

Thanks Again!


Mo (Mori49)

I just now had time to leisurely go through today's blog and I enjoyed evert detail. I'm in awe of how you combined all those papers. Fred B. Mullet is located here in Seattle and creates gorgeous nature rubber stamps.I use his stamp of ocean waves a lot but have never tried the bleach method. Took someone all the way in Texas to show me how cool it is in a project.Lol. I'll be visiting your etsy store to get your pattern. Congratulations on your first one. You started with a humdinger!
PS - one cool cat.

Patricia Molnar

Wow! Another stunning piece! You truly are an amazing artist! I can't wait to see what you will create next for all of us to see. I am solo excited that you are starting to have patterns for your projects! I have done several pictures of lighthouses for my Dad ( he's from Prince Edward Island). This would be perfect for him! Thanks for sharing your amazing gift of creativity with us!

Trudie (Crazy Lady Crafts)

Gape. Thud. Drool. Gawk. Gasp. Grin. Drool. Giggle. Breathe.... Repeat.

You leave me speechless.


WOW Jim love that light houses


OMG, this is fantastic. Will you be selling a pattern. I so want to do one of my visit to the Outerbanks. You talent is second to none. Amazing. I can only imagine what your fantastic brain will come up with next!

shari (cricutrookie)

Jim, The lighthouse is absolutely AWESOME!!!!!! You are amazing, so talented, I'll be getting the pattern, your first u-stream by chance?
We went on vacation in the upper penninsula in Mi. on Fri. for a week and on Sunday we had to leave our 5th wheel to meet my 19 yr. old daughter at U of M hospital. After spending 4 days there trying to figure out what was wrong with her, they diognosed her with shingles on her face. I checked out your blog while I was there and it made me smile, thanks for brightening my day! (We brought her home today and she's doing much better.)

Annette Alexander

I'm still in awe!!!!, Just amazing Jim, its so funny that I saw your lighthouse on Pintrest today, and the funny part it was just saying to myself this weekend, Jim never posted anything on his lighthouse and then I saw it today and new right away it was your clever work. I just love how it turned out, and love your new binding method. I'm also happy to see that you will start to sell your patterns. Now can't wait to see how you blow our socks off with your CHA projects for Graphic 45. Thanks again for always sharing your wonderful talent with all of us.


What a great interpretation and a fun surprise to boot! When I saw the empty drawer in the picture I thought, okay, a pic of the mini that should be in there will be next. But I was "gobsmacked" when I saw where the mini was hiding. LOVE it!!

I will definitely be purchasing the pattern!!

And now I really can't wait to see what you do with the drawbridge... didn't think I'd forget did you!!

Nan Robkin

You just get better and better! What a great piece! And the binding you devised for the album is very interesting--Maybe you could do a video on that part, too, sometime?

And Buzzy knew what he was doing when he hissed at the shelter folks, didn't he?


Oh My G-d!!!
Amazing project!!!It's wonderful!
With all the details!
Love it very much!!!!


I was shocked the first time that I saw your project!....IT'S ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!! I adore all details of the project!.... I think you work is fantastic....not just this, all of your works are TRULY STUNNING!

Regards from Italy



Wow what an amazing lighthouse Jim!
Love Pearl


OK...this is ridiculous. This is the 4th time I've looked at this project. I just can't get over how amazing it is. Now, I have to stop. Company coming. Must clean. You = amazing.

Cindy Lou

Jim, you are such an inspiration! First of all the Lighthouse is a knockout! Second what a great idea to solicit ideas for creating. The majority of my family lives in northern MI where lighthouses abound and so do the collectors, so you know what I'll be making for Christmas gifts :) I love visiting your blog and seeing what you are up to, thanks so much for always thinking Out of the Box! Blessings!


Great project Jim. Wonderful details. thanks as always for sharing.


Ok Jim, you have officially gone "over the top" with thise one! :) Congratulations!

Also thanks for the tip about Crafty Scrapper. I just received my "ink spinner" via UPS and I LOVE IT!

Karen Seidlitz

Of course we enjoy it! When are you going to do a U Stream tutorial on it Jim? These "little teaser" videos are driving me nuts.
Each project increases my admiration for you. This lighthouse is FABULOUS. Love you!

Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor

Jim your creative ideas are just over the top awesome! A real inspiration!


THIS IS AWESOME!!!!!!!! I agree this would be FABULOUS to see you create this on ustream........


To say that this is FAB-U-LOUS is an understatement! Jim, Jim, Jim, how do you come up with these incredible projects? And the "skewer system" for the album is genius! I don't think that I have any more words...just call me speechless and in awe. I humbly bow in honor of Jim THE Gentleman.


I only got one word that is fitting... WOW

Vicki - Paper Squirrel

Oh my!! This is breathtaking! I'm absolutely floored by the creativity and planning that this must have taken. WOWZA!

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