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oooh, trying to watch both videos at the same time!! Jim in stereo!!!


Hahaha Funny that you said you went back today. I was there yesterday and picked up those beautiful blue glass doorknobs you showed. When I came home I watched your video. Today I had to go back because I obviously didn't see everything. I found another gorgeous set of doorknobs, and, and, and...

Jim... TheGentlemanCrafter

Wanda I know! She has some great silver knobs too! Had to get those! :)

Steven, Jim in stereo? I can only handle one of me! Two at the same time? The asylum! LOL!

Thanks Y'all!



yep, found great knobs, vials for my "spell book"...all kinds of stuff...glad you left me some!!!! Loved your video...glad you made an oops...a teachable moment...glad to know to use heat to get the paper off...!!!!Thanks

Jim... TheGentlemanCrafter

YAY Kay! Glad you made it in! I was there looking for your beautiful face! Poor lady wondered why I hugged her and I wondered why she slapped me! :) Glad you found some goodies! Anything I can do to help!


Queen Mary

Love the video! I could never move that fast! And I love a reason to go to Michael's, I love new stuff too!

Lynn Wild

What a lovely keepsake album - I bet Kimmie loved it! Thanks for the tip about using a heat gun to remove something stuck down in the wrong place - I just know that will come in handy one day! I think you were very brave to attempt to film that for us when you were in such a hurry - thank you, it's appreciated.


Marcie  Smith

What a great friend you are Jimbug. Just loved the keepsake album - really cool. Can't wait to see the tutorial on the "Lighthouse". Please let us know how to get to it when it is up. Truely the most gorgeous project I have seen. You are really gifted. Thanks for sharing with us. See you over at FTPT.

Barbara Albrecht

Super project for the "fast & easy"!! I really liked watching you work from start to finish.

The best part was when you forgot to use the spine scor-tape. I've been crafting for a hundred years and never knew the heat gun trick to get the Xyron'd paper off.

I hope Kimmie loved her gift...I know I'd love to have it! Which reminds me...I think I'm going somewhere sometime...LOL!!!

Cindy Click

Very cool book. I'm sure she will love it, especially since it was made by you! Love all your projects.

Jim The Gentleman Crafter

Barb, it would be my pleasure to make you one! How about I do a golf cart themed one? With of course the front end missing! Bahahahaha! Sorry, not funny! I couldn't help it! Don't hit me! I say I pick you up and we go to the new Archivers tomorrow! Notice I said...I'll drive! Bahahahaha! Ok enough!

Why do I have to sign into my own blog to comment? :) With the security question even!

shari (cricutrookie)

I too am impressed that you could video while being rushed. I didn't know the heatgun trick to lift the adhesive either. Great little mini and fast, I'm sure she loved it.

Nan Robkin

Not only a neat little album, but THE tip! I never knew that I could reposition Xyron glue-downs by using heat! Thank you for that great information!

Suzie West

Jim, I too am a Texan tho now retired to Prescott, AZ. Have also been to the Crafty Scrapper in Waxahachie, Texas, and am taking classes there at the Artistic Journey in October. Love, Love, Love your work - what an inspiration you are ... and a Texas gentleman! I am truly looking forward to the posting of your patterns. Love your videos - thank you for sharing so much with us.



Love this album! Thanks for your step by step instructions. Could you tell me which xyron machine you use? I have the 510 and the small sticker maker but would love a larger one like you have. Thanks, Nancy

The Gentleman Crafter

Shari, She did like it. I love to make people happy! It's the best feeling! She so deserves this trip even though she is leaving me here! :)

Nan, I wish other crafters would share their mistakes. I think we would all benefit from the tips on how to fix stuff when we accidentally goof. And you know it happens to everyone. LOL!

Thanks So Much! So Suzie, that means you are close to Mr. Tim's neck of the woods. How is the weather in Prescott? If it's any cooler than Texas (as you know) I'm moving up there! The heat really gets to you after a while.

Nancy, It's the Creatopia from Xyron. It will do a full 12 x 12 page. That's why I bought it! You can run anything through it too. It truly is on my top 5 list of tools I use the most!

Disco Queen

Hi Jim, Love the album & the videos. The closing mechanism reminded me of the old style manilla envelopes. I can't wait to give this a try.
I keep hearing people say that they use a xyron, but have never seen one, only the cartridges. It looked a lot easier than using book binding glue. Will need to check the web for one & an eyelet setter.
Thanks for the inspiration.


Nice project! So glad I picked up some of those spine pieces. Gonna go make one for myself now. Have a great weekend!

Sharon Margiotta

Will you be my friend? You are so amazing and talented. Loving your work and designs and style. Thank you for sharing with all of us.


LOL, glad I got most of what was on your video! ;o)
You now join Kathryn and Laura on the "Enabler List"...tee hee
Great gift, I'm sure she will treasure it because it is from you.
Hugz, Z


Jim, I am so excited about the lighthouse pattern, I am giddy like a school girl! This little album is great. But I am so waiting for that pattern, nothing else gonna get done!!! Thanks for all you share. I know that you have inspired me so much and have no doubt that you have done the same for so many others. I sign on to my compter every morning and one of the first things I do is visit you to see what treat you are sharing today. Makes me smile and my day is off and running to a great start!


Jim, you are such a trouble maker... sending all of us stampeding into Michael's today! I got some of the charms you featured, but some for other projects in progress. AND, I bought charms and BEADS for the new Graphic 45 Asian paper. Based my color choices on the little sample in their newsletter. Also got boxes to alter with all the goodies. Now I need the paper. Do you know anyone with connections to G45? (Wink, wink). Thanks for sharing your wonderful creative talents with the world!

The Gentleman Crafter

Disco Queen, Yes, any kind of Xyron is a wonderful thing! It's great for covering things like books or large surfaces. It has it uses.

Yay Heidig! They are perfect for spines!

Sharon, Thank you so much! You are too kind!

Zandra, I like to call myself Jimabler! anything I can do to help people spend their money! Bahaha!

Wende, WOW! Your kind words always fill me with happiness and Inspiration! Thank You! I've been working on the pattern all day! I mean ALL day! Still not done and it's what, 12:00 a.m. It's coming! I promise. Hopefully by noon on Sunday (tomorrow...actually today now)

Elsie, Yay, Glad you got some. I'm totally amazed! I purchased some of her paper goods too. I like the "flavor" of this collection...funky cool! Yes, Birdsong is probably a new favorite. I've never really been into asian art, but this has totally changed my mind. The colors are incredible and the graphics and prints are all amazing! And...They have more surprises to announce I think the 12th or 13th! So excited!


That's awesome! I want one! Where is your Etsy shop? :)

lois skiathitis

Another wonderful project. TFS!!! I love my xyron and I see that you do too. See you in class. :-D


Thanks for the tip on releasing the Xyron glue -- never knew that heat would do the trick! In exchange might I suggest when making those circles that you punch the small hole first and then center that when you punch the larger circle? It makes it much easier to get it all even. Keep those projects coming!


This album came out really cute and shows me there is hope to make something for "most" of the people I work with! It has to be quick and easy since there are way too many of them! Wasn't sure about how you were going to position the Mini Envelope Album since I thought the spines would be lined up but I love how you positioned it on the bottom. You're so full of great ideas, and coffee!!!!

Ruby C

I just finished watching the video and loved all the tips. Especially the one about the heat gun and the adhesive. You made such a beautiful mini album. I'm sure your friend loved it!

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