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Hi, You make the most amazing things! Margaret x


Very cute and perfect for organizing!! As for the idea about the flowers, I love it and would never have thought of that!

Photo-thingy is for a View Master but don't know the name of it!!

Lynn Wild

Never mind "Distraction" as your middle name - I think it should be "Ingenious"! Once again I find myself wishing that we had Michaels stores in the UK. It's a good job that I like soup so much!!!

I have recycling suggestion for you too. You need to start saving the metal tubes that tomato puree and garlic puree come in. The metal is coated inside with something (like copper?) to prevent the acid in the tomatoes from eating into the aluminium of the tube. When the tubes are empty carefully cut off the top and bottom and discard them, then carefully slit up the side (scissors should do it) to open out the metal. Give it a good wash or your projects will smell really intersting!!! Be careful though as the metal is really sharp and I'm not good with blood!!! Then I usually flatten the metal out by putting it inbetween the plates of my Cuttlebug and running it through a few times - but any similar machine should do it. Once it's flat-ish you can put it in an embossing folder and run it through your machine again to get a really lovely piece. If you want to add more colour it's easy to swipe over the top with one of the Stazon inkpads. Why not give this a try and let me know what you think?

I really ought to get myself a blog sometime as I could have shown you how this looks!



Sizzix has a die called the photo wheel that looks a lot like your photo wheel thingy. Love this idea I just need more of the cans! Already have some but need more to make this! Love love love it!


And yet another AWESOME project from the master!!! I "accidently" end up in Michaels or Joanns during my lunch hour most days too...I can't help myself either. My excuse is I need something for one of my pets at Petsmart that just so happens to be right next door to either one of them...LOL. Lucky pets...they're so darned spoiled. Or lucky for me that I have that as an excuse!

Margaret Ann

wow Sir Jim, gonna have to so this, I agree with Lynn, cannae get Mchaels or anything like it over here :(

Linda from Lockbourne

As soon as I'm done writing this, I'm heading to my kitchen trash can. We had tomato soup last night and I'm rescuing the can to make an organizer for my scissors. My husband will think I'm nuts to go dumpster diving, but I've done other(and much crazier) things in the name of art & crafts and this shouldn't be much of a surprise. Thank you for the inspiration.

The Gentleman Crafter

Lynn, Talk about Ingenious!  Thats an awesome Idea!  Yes, will crack open the tomato puree to give this a go this weekend!  Also Lynn, please come join the blogging world.  We would love to see your ideas!  You are such an artist and that should be shared with the world!  :)

Hugs to ya!


The Gentleman Crafter


That is so funny about Joanns!  I know exactly what you mean!  At the end of the block where I work there is Joanns (with a Petsmart next door too) on the right and IKEA on the left.  Both stores very hazardous to your AMEX card!  I litereally had to train myself to STOP going into Joanns everyday.  Totally serious!  But good idea about the dog thing!  I have many dogs so, many trips would be needed right?  :)

Thanks Patti!  Have a great Friday!

The Gentleman Crafter

Thanks Lady Margaret!  What are the name of your craft stores in the UK?

See you tonight in class.


The Gentleman Crafter

Linda the Dumpster Diver!

Thanks!  There is nothing like a good dumpster dive in the morning!  LOL!  I hope you have an awesome Friday!


Patti n SLC

OMG Love the idea of the feet on the fifth can!!! I think this would be perfect for plastic cutlery for the patio. I can always count on you to get me creative juices flowing when I am in a funk! Thanks Jim

Brenda B

Ahhh... more inspiration. I wish I could finish projects as quickly as you come up with them. LOL TFS

Kay (Texfolkart)

I am so glad you are back...was worried you ran off to the beach!!!!!! Love your cans...they are so dang cute! I need storage.....brushes galore and now paper craft tools.....might have to take a road trip to michaels...I mean don't want to....but just might HAVE to.....know what I mean!!!! Love the little round lim thingies....reminds me of the old view master....saw the wonders of the world on those !!!! Fun project as always....thanks for sharing

The Gentleman Crafter

That is awesome Patti!  Im glad I could help!  Might need it in return someday!  LOL!  GREAT idea about the cutlery!  Perfect!  napkins, forks, spoons, knives and toothpicks!  :)  Hahaha!


The Gentleman Crafter

Brenda!  Im there this week!  Ive been working on the SAME project ALL week!  Good grief!  Im ready to move on!  Hopefully by the weekend!  I hope!

Have a good one!


The Gentleman Crafter

Thats it!  View Finder...View Master!  Yes, for me it was something like Old MacDonald had a farm! 

Have fun at Michaels!  I may bump into you!  LOL!



Perfect idea, now I MUST go to Michale's because I have no soup cans in the house!! DARN!! Thanks for a fun fast idea Jim!!

June-Marie (mermaid49)

You have done it again....came up with something that I was just thinking about needing the other day!....I am always hunting for various tools when I am crafting (as I tend to craft in every place other than my craft room!..this way they could all be in one spot and I can carry them with me...going to empty cans from the pantry that I haven't used in a while and it needs cleaning out anyway....thanks again and keep them coming!

Ruby C

What a wonderful storage solution. Thanks for the link to the plastic spinner. Your projects are always so much fun.

Sharon Y (sharona62)

Great idea! Love everybody's ideas for other uses! Hmmmm, accidentally going to Michaels, yeah that's what I do too, lol. As well as driving the loop so I just happen to hit Joann's and Aaron Brothers, hee, hee. Have a coupon, gotta go is what I tell my husband. He just smiles and tells me to have a great time. He's the best! Thanks for the inspiration.

Barb E

I have been looking for something like this for my work bench. What a fantastic idea! Thanks Jim, now I need one of these!

Barbara Albrecht

Super cool idea, Mr. Distracto. Thank you for accidently going to M''re what keeps their doors open...probably pays for at least one FTE...LOL!


Got to quit thinking so much Mr. Jim. I can't keep up with you. Luckily I am a very organized person and don't need one of these. (I also have a bridge to sell you). I am not so much a M's addict as I am a Hobbit Lobby addict. And now with them AND Archivers being around the corner, I am in a world of hurt! Oh and Hobbit Lobby put out Christmas already. Lord, I have barely broken in the pool this summer. Thanks again for the inspiration.


No wonder that Joann's never has anything when I get there... Hurricane Jim has already been through there!

Crystal from Hawaii

I watch Laura Dennisons shows on ustream and I kept hearing her say your name so I looked you up and all I can say is....
WOWZERS!!! Dude you have soooo much talent!!! I am so glad that I found your website. You are such an inspiration. So I would like to put in my plug for you to make ustream videos. Maybe you could test the waters and make a youtube video? Just PLEASE put them out there. I would love to see you teach. Keep up the mind blowing work!!!


You’re awesome! Love what you do with some chipboard and patterned paper. I’ve already tried the The Traveling Watch Box, and know I’ll try to make another one when I get my new paper cutter, the old one didn’t like chipboard! Love your projects and know I’ll try some more. However I'm having a hard time finding chipboard in Norway.

kay (texfolkart)

have to put off M's til may see ya there then!!! Just sayin!!!

shari (cricutrookie)

Jim this is such a great idea, I love the fact that you could use it for so many different things. I just happened to be a M's yesterday and they didn't have the cans. Good thing I have a recycling bin to rummage thru. See you tonight on Laura's show. (I'm waiting patiently for you to start u-streaming!)


This is great Jim. I can also see it doubling as a way to orginize things in our motor home where space is limited. I always take my scrapping stuff with us, so this would be amazing to have to sit on the table when I am working and not have my tools all over the place!

trolley castors

That organizer looks so cool. I don't think that was possible. This was perfect for all cool guy out there.

Trudie (aka crzyladycrafts)

Been gone only a week, and I return to this mind-blowing collection of creativity! Now I see where the Monster Drinks fit in... With Motherly hat on, I think I need to worry about my Jim-Bo getting any rest at all!!! I love it all.

Nan G

COOL! Get recycling idea! Now if i only had room on my work table. LOL Oh, they're called Viewmaster disks...for the original 3D viewers.

Linda Cain

This is so STINKIN' Cool!!! Does your mind never sleep??? And such fun. I LOVE it. I can see many fun times with the kids and this design.



Waaah! (That's sobbing b/c there R no Michaels, Joanns, Archivers, A.C. HI) Thank goodness 4 local stores & online shopping, esp 4 that spinner, & family living on the mainland near stores! After seeing this BusyJim (sounds better than LazySusan) I know Y I spent $$ 4 a can opener that cleanly slices off can tops leaving safe edges. Mahalo 4 sharing your ingenious project.

Molly Bee

You have such a great reputation for creating interesting, gorgeous and useful projects and you have done it again with the can organizer. I would love several-one for my craft room,my sewing room and I can also see a use for one in the kitchen and bath. You are one clever fellow and I am so glad that you take time to share your bright ideas and skills.


Okay, I finally got around to looking at the video for this.... brilliant! I can't help thinking, could I have given you the idea/inspiration for this when you were asking for ideas? Maybe, maybe not, either way you got it done and it is inspiration for me. Oh yeah, note to self, spinny thing is a lazy susan! PS - I hadn't noticed your hair until you pointed it out...goof ball :)

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