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Jill in Frisco

LOL, I want pictures (gotta compare it to the mental picture I've got in my head of the rocking chair strapped on the back of the sedan)...
enjoy your vacation.

Nan G

Have a great time shopping! Home Goods, huh? I've not been in one! Now that I know how to make a cool box, I may need to find one for inspiration, too! :D

Lynn Wild

Looking forward to seeing your new projects for Graphic 45 next month :)
Enjoy your retail therapy Jim - please spill the beans on what you buy (I'm so nosey - LOL)!


Toniann Carbone

Jim I'm from the East Coast and want to tell you to check out the Salvation Army stores or a Goodwill Store. The woman who owns the store where I teach just bought an all wood rocking horse for a child for only $3.00. I keep telling her that all I can see is G45 papers on it but she isn't listening much



Can hardly wait to see your Graphic 45 projects! One of my favorite things is seeing your creations. Thanks Jim!!!

Kim S.

Ok Jed, er, I mean Jim. I can just see that van loaded down, Granny, and Ellie Mae and a big old hound dog on the top. Jethro in the copilot seat. Glad you are having a good time on vacation and so glad you got your "homework" done.


I know we aren't even in July yet. But, could some kind of Christmas ornament be worked into one of your projects? I can never get enough of Christmas.


You do know that they have Home Goods stores in TX don't you? It is fun to envision the Bev Hillbillie look comin' across Hwy. 10 though!!! Have fun shoppin'.


I have a question, who's playing Granny in your little fantasy? Actually, they have Home Goods in your neck of the woods so is each store different?

Can't wait to see the projects you have lined up for us, I'm sure they are spectacular, spectacular... hmmm, maybe you need to do a Moulin Rouge project!!

Have fun now that the real vacay has started!

The Gentleman Crafter

Are you kid din?  My sister and I were there on opening day in Austin!  We stood in line for hours to check out!  Hahaha!  It was a fun day with my Kimmie!


Annette Alexander

Home Goods is one of my favorite stores as well, can spend a good deal of time in their, have found some great buys there. Can't wait to see your Graphic 45 projects you came up with, I'm sure they will be amazing as all the things you come up with are. TFS and relax and enjoy


So glad to hear your finally relaxing on vacation! I am sure you deserve it after creating your May G45 projects and ofcourse we are dying to see them!!!!

I have to laugh with the image of your beverly hillbillies car at the end of your vaction lol!

Gail Elizabeth

Looking forward to seeing your Graphic 45 creations! ...and I'm so enjoying the vacation pics!!!!

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