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Sunshine Girl

Great storage - mine is handmade from mountboard! Configuration box is fabulous - I made a similar one last year with T!m when he was in England - there are no wheels on mine though! it still has pride of place in my lounge! Looks like you had a fab time and I am very envious of your visit to that 4000sq ft shop we dont have anything like that over here!

Margaret Ann

love rhat atorage wish we could get that over here, ah wll, just love you config box except for that crazy armless doll creeeepy lol

Marlea Ulrich

how fun is that? I want one !!! Then all my ink pads wouldn't be thrown all over my desk. Also, LOVE the Tim box. Very creative, but then, that would be YOU, Gentleman Jim, the artiste' !!


WOW! That storage unit is awesome! I can only dream of finding something that good here is Oz! Love your configurations box, I made one a month or so ago with the pulley wheels, aren't they just brilliant!!
Love your work.

Kerri-Jo Sharp

WOW Jim!!! I absolutely love your shadow box!!! I have some of the Tim Holtz configuration boxes, I think I may try to make something like this!!! You definitely are an inspiration!!!


Lynn Wild

What a fantastic storage unit! I wish I could get one like that in the UK. My Distress Inks live in one of Tim's large cargo boxes, but it's very full. (Just like your lovely configurations box)! Have you seen the new Spring seasonal distress colours just released this week? I've just ordered a set - they're yummy colours!


Ruby C

Wonderful Storage Unit and your configuration box is WOW!


Awesome box! Love it!


Awesome storage unit! Did some crafty build those for them or are they readily available somewhere? Nice class project too! I was paying close attention when you coveted those pulley wheels on Laura's show!

Kathy Cora

Ok, I must know how the arrows were twisted! So cool Jim. Wish I could have stayed and taken this class too.

Kay (Texfolkart)

Wow! Love the shadow box...must ry one.....looks like you had so much time I might just have to stand on 35 with my thumb out when you go by....just saying!!!!!


I am inspired to try the shadow box ...yours looks so cool. that storage unit is cool too. Tin foil

mary puskar

The configurations box is fabulous Jim. You did a great job--didn't expect anything else! And the storage organizer is fantastic too. Great buy!



Okay, you know how I have given you pokes for being scared of the skeeter eaters? Well I just remembered something I do not like....bodyless heads! They just give me the creeps. So that said, I love your box, minus the head. It gave me lots of ideas for my Christmas one that I started at Christmas. Love the wings on the doll and who would think to use pulleys as wheels....da. TFS!

Linda Cain

Brilliant! Simply, brilliant Jim!


Barbara Albrecht

I really love The Crafty Scrapper, too! It's an amazing store...going there in a couple weeks to take classes with Dyan Reaveley...can't wait!!!

Love what you've done with the config. boxes. Your curio cabinet is da bomb! It took me a while to look at all the nooks and crannies. Sure wish I could have gone with you! Looks like you had a ball.


Love, your box! I want one of those distress holders. Maybe when I get back. Hugz, Z


OMG Your box is way cool!!! I so wish i could have been there with you and Tim. Great job, now are you going to show us how you did that?


Love your box. I would really love one of those ink holders. Does it hold all of his inks. This would be so handy. I went to there site but could not find one.

Tony Stubblefield

Hmmmmmmmmm, that reminds me of my blending tool carousel I might have to make myself a matching ink pad storage rack. I think it might be time to get down to the work shop. Of course I have a million other things I should be doing other than doing that, but...


Love Crafty Scrapper! They are the best, and fantastic classes and Paper Cowgirls everywhere you look!
It was a pleasure to meet you at Tim's class and waiting anxiously for those G45 projects!

Jim The Gentleman Crafter

Ok, First let's get this out of the way...Sounds like some of you need to embrace the headless armless fractured Dolls!..Embrace! Love them...Be one with the fractured doll! LOL!

Second, The pulley's on the bottom... not my brainstorm. This is what Tim had on the one at the class. We were given the Foundation feet but I am in love with these pulley's so I waited until I got home to put them on. So cool huh?

The ink storage holds all of the distress inks and has room for three more..Guess what? Just in Time for Tim's 3 new distress inks in Peacock, Lemonade and Lilac. Cool!


Hey Jim...LOVE your box! Great job. I'm a little jealous that I didn't get to go to that class. Sounds like you had a great time. Hey here's a blog you might like. She makes book and started doing tutorials on youtube. I just discovered her today. Looks like she loves Graphic 45?.


Annette Alexander

Love the storage unit what a great find. Right now since I don't even that many inks refills and detress ink pads, I'm using a turning spice rack for the ink bottles and my stickels and dabbers. You did a great job on the Tim Box, hope to someday take one of his classes. TFS

Diane Hover

What a wonderful conf full of awesomeness (is that a word?)...I have been gathering stuff forev'a to make one, too...too scared to I love that storage for the want one!!

Nike Shox

glede eventyr lekeplass, full av eventyr forestille seg gleden til parken dristige blokker av farge og hæl design, for å lage en serie med sexy avant-garde nye produkter.

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