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You are now in my favorite part of the country. Enjoy the live oaks and the peaceful way of life. This is the perfect time of the year for that area. I can't wait for a sweet reminder of the real south.

June-Marie (mermaid49)

Glad to see you made it safe and sound...enjoy!

Linda Williamson

Isn't the South breathtaking? I live in Virginia but I still marvel at the beauty whenever I gi to S.C. Jim,you have a wonderful,relaxing time there.

Nan Robkin

Glad you are having such a wonderful time! Bet you'll come back all relaxed and ready to roll on wonderful projects!

kay (texfolkart)

what beauty! Never been there but have heard it is beautiful...and it looks like it..thanks for the pictures....have a great time!


Now this looks like a vacation photo! It looks so relaxing and peaceful. Can't wait to see the rest!

Nan G

Wow! Great photos! Love those live oak trees! Enjoy your vaca, Jim!

Gail Gee scrappingranny

i am so looking forward to you posts while you are there. like said earlier we are taking a trip in early june and will be coming back through savannah from virginia and head across through jacksonville and the south through New Orleans and then home. So I'm hoping for some new sights to see from your travels.

Sara Jansen

We spent the most idyllic weekend in Charleston...I think it must be one of the most beautiful cities in America. What a fabulous week you have ahead of you. Enjoy!!

Lynn Wild

Your lovely photos remind me of one of my very favouite things - I love to travel down those little roads with archways of trees overhead. Those green canopies are certainly spectacular - I was I was there too!



Awesome, I've never been to SC so I am looking forward to the virtual tour...

Margaret Ann

i am jealous so i am :)

tammy b

thanks for letting me live vicariously, hilton head is one of the places i've never been but REALLY want to vacation at!


I love that big old tree in front of that great house! The epitome of southern living! Hope you have a great time. I love cross country drives, but mine are usually north to Montana!

Annette Alexander

Wow, I'm so jeleous, looks beautiful, you can't help but relaxed in those pretty setting. Love the entry and how the tree hang down, and such a pretty green. I live in AZ the land of the desert, so green surrounding look so inviting. The house is fanstatic, you are a lucky guy to have such nice friends to let you stay there. Thanks again for sharing your cross county drive and a chance to see something other than palm trees an cactus. Enjoy your vacation

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