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Lynn Wild

Oooooooh I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this! I have always liked little books in tins, but the way you've got two tag books fitted in that cute tin is pure genius!
Now, I actually have everything I need to make one of these (I've been saving those tins for years intending to make something with them), so I've no excuse :) Thank you for the great inspiration.
Also thank you for making me smile again - I can just picture you being attacked by that cord and branded by altoids! LOL - you certainly seem to be accident prone, please be careful!


Kay (Texfolkart)

Absolutely fantastic! What a great little book......just love it! Thanks for sharing

Patti n SLC

Fun, fun, fun! Great little box for that mini event! Be careful and watch out for those cord Monsters! Luckily mine only fight with each other until they are in huge knots.


You make me chuckle...teehee Be careful, we can't have our guy spending time in the ER when there is crafting to be done. ;o)
Love the tin.
Hugz, Z


I absolutely love the tin...what a great idea!
I've been thinking you should change the name of your blog to The Klutzy Crafter...LOL...I always get a good laugh in the morning when you have posted!


OMGOSH, I just had my Gypsy cord do the same thing to me the other day. I about fell on my face and it is a thin tiny cord. Thank goodness we are moving into a world of cordless! This box is so stinkin' cute! For me however, it won't be fast because well, you know me and directions, but it ain't gonna stop me! Thank you Jimbo!

Beth Arp

Love the tin, great project! Love your blog!

Margaret Ann

love it Jim, need to keep you out of the kitchen lol


So yummy you could just eat it straight out of the tin.


I just love your work! Can't wait to start this project! I see Christmas presents for family! Thank you so much for the inspiration!


This is fantastic Jim!!!! Can't wait to see your projects for G45 and the one Laura gave you last week.

Renee Zarate

I was thinking "oh yeah, I think I can do that"......and then you opened it up. Wow! Seriously, you never cease to amaze.
Your work is beautiful as always. Thank you for sharing.


Perfect timing as I got a gift from a friend inside an altoids tin. Great fun to make this mini and send it back to her. Thanks for the great tutorial.

Lanna Dimond

I am so behind reading and savoring each word and project. Thanks, Lanna Oh btw, have a fab time at CHA

The Gentleman Crafter

Thanks Lanna!  Looking forward to it!!


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