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Welcome to Florida and the love bugs welcome you too lol....not sure why we call them love bugs because there is nothing about them to love...haha...actually, the only thing we love about them is the end of love bug season.


Thanks for more pics. Love seeing the non-tourist pics. Have you been swerving to hit the poor bugs?

Jill in Frisco

Palm Trees!!! Safe travels, enjoy your journey.

Annette Alexander

TFS new pics, loving all the pretty green trees, see this is what people miss when you fly, to see all the beautiful country side along the way.

kay (texfolkart_

look at those big trees....lots of Green?????
have fun!

Gloria Stengel

Sometimes you are the bug...sometimes you are the windshield! Hahaha

Nan G

Our 'love bugs' love you, Jim! They're called love bugs cause they're constantly "doing it, doing it, doing it..." LOL


Gee Jim, you've outdone yourself sharing the bug photo lol! Yes, it is one of my pet hates. I hate it though when big chunky, juicy bugs splat on your windscreen lol.
I love the pic of the gorgeous tree, nice shot!

Lynn Wild

Your photo of the bark on that large tree is gorgeous - all that texture! I would get that one framed and hang it on the wall to bring a bit of green indoors.



Love that tree!


Love bug season is just beginning now so your trip back home through Florida will pick up even more bumper, hood, and windshield decorations. When you get back home don't forget that Bounce sheets and water take the critter carcases off quite nicely, just don't leave the "Bounce juice" on the car.

The Gentleman Crafter

Awesome Idea SELINE!  THANK YOU!  I would have never thought about that!  Yahooo!  Thanks!  Jim

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