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Jim, that's very generous of you to do the blog give-away. I just read about your trip. Sounds like lots of road trips. I've always wanted to go to South Carolina.I've never been there, but seems like the kind of place where one would find lots of beauty around. Have fun and be careful!


Wow...what wonderful gifts...thanks for the opportunity to win.
I'd love to see you make a small side table for a chair or the couch. Something with drawers and using Graphics 45 Apothecary Papers! Have a fun and safe trip.

Kay (Texfolkart)

Wow! I'd really love to see some storage pieces...using my favorite curiosity shop paper...oh bout the new Halloween paper....or.....mmmmm hard decision to em your creations that are more on the altered art side of things.....ooooo...saw the halloween clock on g45 bout one with th "stuff".....just not the headless doll....LOL! Just saying! Have a great time on your trip

Gail Elizabeth

Wow! What an amazing giveaway! You are too generous --first you share your creations and patterns with us, and now this! For some reason the new curiosity papers have me thinking of an antique style cash register (with a pull out drawer) which I would love to see your interpretation of. Hope you have a wonderful, fun and relaxing trip!


This is so awesome! I sat and thought long and hard, and since you already made the ferriswheel, I think you should make a full blown out carousel! I hope you pick my idea, but whatever you decide, I know it will be spectacular. Thanks for sharing with all of us.


I would love to see you make a telescope that could see into the future to all your future creations. (Of course on a tripod)
It's probably too high demands that you should make a model of your brain so we can get a sneak peak of all the ideas that seem to be in there.... so I'll have to settle for a telescope :)
Thank you for all the inspiration!!!


Wow, what a great cutter! Since I leave tomorrow I'm betting one a few of your favorite things is Tim's that should cover I would love to see a vanity out of the new fair lady? g45. See you when I get back. Drive safe!
Hugz, Z

Alice Isenbart

I'm so ready, Jim! Generous giveaway too! Give this ol' brain a chance to get in gear and let's see if there's a project we can conjure up for ya!


ok, just reading the graphic 45 blog, and I see a carousel has already been done. It wasn't what I had imagined you would do, but a second choice then for you to make would be a doll house. So much fun!
Thanks, Nanette

Mardi May

I still vote for the wine case. lol.I'm just happy to see you having fun and success in your cfating.

Carol Hester

I would like to see you make a flat screen TV with rotating pages. It would not have to be electric, but have a handle in which one could turn it to chage the pictures. It should also have a way in which to change out the older pictures to new ones to up date them. Have a safe and fun trip and don't forget we want to know what is on your fried food menu !! Hugs Carol

Kathy Eddy

Wow, what an amazing give-away! Love your style and everything you create, but would love to see you redo and old treadle sewing machine; the kind with the drawers and the machine that folds down into it.

Lynn Wild

Jim, you make us happy anyway, without giving tools away, but it's very, very generous of you to do so.

I'm going to have a serious think about a suggestion for a future project, as it has to be worthy of your consideration and up to your usual high standard.

In the meantime have a great trip and please keep those photos coming!


Linda Pok

Jim that is very kind of you i love your stories and what every you would like to make is fine with me I try and learn somethimg from each one.

Marlea Ulrich

Gonna pull a rabbit out of YOUR Big Hat? That would be cool !!! Thanks for the inspirations.

Lynn S

Great idea, Jim, and very generous of you! Have a safe and wonderful vaca and we'll talk when you get back.

Diane Hover

First I have to say I haven't been able to figure out how to follow you...dumb, I know...but I have you in my blog list, which is listed by updates, and that i show I keep track of you, if that counts...I see Graphic 45, just came out with some wonderful new Halloween I would love to see a"spooktacular" bit of creativity from that...anywho thanks for the chance~~

Gail Gee scrappingranny

okay my man, you know how much I love your creations? they are great and I am going to try to make at least one of them this week, don't know which one! Have you ever thought of creating a Fireplace type thing with the hearth being a drawer, and even book shelves on either end to hold ephemeria. some kind of flame and logs. and a mantel to light and decorate possibly with a wall on top to further decorate with a smal mirror or portrait on small canvas. Don't know if it's even doable, but thought I would throw it out there.
Happy designing.

Gail Gee scrappingranny

Jim I just looked at all of the suggestions and as much as i like mine I would love any of the ones suggested, they are wonderful!

Sandy Jenks

Love hearing about your about an old fashioned typewriter or a microscope with the curiosity paper from Graphic 45 or a gramophone? Your creatiions are mind boggling!

Patti n SLC

Jim this is so not necessary LOL but sure hope I win. Can't wait to hear what your favorite things are... I am going to think of a project that I feel is out of my reach, knowing full well it is in your design capability. Glad to read that your holiday is off to a good start.


How about making your own version of Tim's tool suitcase? We don't need you to be so generous! We love following you because you are truly a gentleman who has the best outlook on life and likes to share his every day experiences and makes us laugh. It is my favorite time of the day! Thanks buddy!

Annette Alexander

I know I'm not alone, we follow your blog cause we love all the great work you do. You truly are a gentlemen, and have a great big heart. The detail you put into each project let alone the wonderful and creative projects you create are just amazing. I love your sense of humor and how you find happiness each and everyday with such a great outlook on life. Of course I will love anything you make next, but would love to see you make a Trolly Car with a mini that would come out the back or front. (Like the ones in say San Francisco CA) Thanks for sharing your life stories and your crafting talents with all of us. Your tutorials are so easy to follow. TFS and enjoy your vacation

Jennifer Johnson

You're very generous with your gifts! I was following your blog with an RSS feed but my computer bit the motherboard and had to be repaired and I'm still having issues, but can't get the RSS feed to work again. I'm trying to see if FaceBook will connect now... Anyway, I'd like to see more Steampunk multimedia projects. I'm learning how to do that and if you could post step by step, that'd be awesome! Thanks for all you do for us... It's much appreciated.


You are too generous but here is my suggestion: A working draw bridge like the London Bridge!! I just KNOW you can do it!

Denise~Paper Ponderings

All of your posts interest have the most amazing projects, stories, travels...always love reading them. What to create though? Your ideas seem to go beyond what I can even dream up...but let's see...I think one of those clowns that attaches to two poles and it "dances" (for lack of a better word) when you press in the bottom. I can see it looking all steam punk and so cool!


Ow Jim, we all love you without prizes etc! You give us all so much joy with your funny blog stories, and the gorgeous things you make! You spoil us with free tutorials and video's!

I have an idea for a project for you that I would love to suggest, just have to find out the proper name lol. You have a mechanical kind of mind unlike us ladies, so we know anything we throw at you, you will be able to do!
Drive safely xo

Nan G

Holy crap! I mean holy cow! This is so generous of you. I like others follow you because I am in awe of your talent and sense of humor!
I dream of the day I can afford one of the Rotatrim Mastercutters! Maybe I would be able to cut a straight line with one! LOL I am in the process of attempting to make not one but two of your Tower boxes! I would live to see more like your valentine heart that opened with instructions.


Master Jim I just want to thank you for letting us in and sharing your world!! You have some amazing ideas and your work and creations show just how talented you are!!!
My vote is for coo coo clock, maybe with 2 levels of moving parts?? Have fun on your journey, and THANKS for the play along!!


How generous of you! I would love to see a box with with an open area for storage under the lid and drawers underneath--kind of like a jewelry box, I guess!


I echo the rest of the comments. You do a great job at whatever you present. As long as we are dreaming of projects, how about an old train car. I could see a caboose looking pretty cool all done up in fun papers. Or an engine. Or car. Used to ride trains with my grandma so lots of good memories attached to them. I have been ready your blog from the very first post and subscribe to it. I don't think it shows up in your followers count. Hope you have a safe and happy trip and thanks for the chance to win something from your favorites!

Sharon Y (sharona62)

Mister Jim, thank you for sharing your creativity and humor. I am in awe of your talent and grateful for your generous spirit and heart. Would love to see you do something with gardening - a potting bench or a wheelbarrow. Or what about a planter with lots of flowers on top and a mini hidden underneath. Have a great vacation. Looking forward to more pics.


That is so nice of you to give that away...I ride a Harley And I would like to see you do something with a bike...Thanks Di

Theresa Grdina

Glad your trip is going so smoothly. Your photos are fun! As for a project? I read here a lady's vanity with the new line and THAT sounds cool...I would also love to see a typewriter. Wouldn't that be an awesome thing???

Mardi May

Been thinking about this something no one thinks about but should be diplayed in a prominent place in the house, (craft room ) how about a nice sized first aid kit, to hold everything that should be in one and yet so home decor, one would not mind diplaying it, instead of shoving it someplace out of site, and then forgetting where it's at. Lets face it no one wants to look at a big blue box sporting red lettered first aid and cross.

Mardi May

Oh just thought of two more things. Do you remeber those lamps that would twirl around as the lamp heated up wouldn't it look fab. with some grafic 45 steam punk theme. and then there is a metronome hope thats how it's spelled taht would be awsome


How about a nice bug catcher! Bwaaaahaaa!


My husband is a huge vintage pinball fan... we only have six machines but I would love to make a project that would replicate an old pinball machine that would have a mini of some sort in it.


That is really thoughtful of you Jim! Thank you. As for a suggestion of something to make...maybe something tropical, with the tropical travel logue line?
Hope your having a great weekend!


What a wonderful opportunity to get to know a bit more about you and what makes you such a gentleman!

Lynn Wild

i'm back ... with a few ideas now! I'm with Nan G though - I loved your "Ten ways to say I love you" Heart shaped box and would love to know how to make one, perhaps with a few more tags inside, so that I could use it on my wedding day for all the guests to sign as a keepsake. I also like Cathy's idea for a jewellery box (she beat me to it, LOL).
My idea however, would be for some custom built storage for my new Graphic 45 stash. Maybe something with a large drawer or two to hold the 12" x 12" paper pads and some smaller compartments to house the staples etc. It could be like the old style furniture (tallboy?) - drawers beneath a cupboard with shelves / smaller drawers inside and acetate in the doors so that you could see the contents inside. The Graphic 45 doorknobs would look great on it too! Ooooh, I do hope you chose this, otherwise I am going to have to work out how to make one all by myself! LOL.


Pamela Davis

Oh my goodness, your generosity floors me. I totally wish I had half your creative mind and then I could come up with an idea of what I would like you to come up with for a project. Alas, I don't, but I will love anything that you come up with. You have a lot of good ideas already. I am going to put my mind to use but trying to figure out where I could put the rototrim. LOL. Have a wonderful trip and come home safe and sound with a mind that is relaxed and ready to create. Keep these wonderful pictures coming. I have to wait until August to go to North Carolina. I am living vicariously through you right now.


Hi Jim. Love HH. We have an RV and go to Outdoor Resorts all the time. We just came back a few weeks ago. Make sure you check out Pazzo Italian Café 807 William Hilton Pky. Call them, its not easy to find, but soooo worth it. Best Italian I've ever had! Their salad with pears are to die for. Great giveaway ... can’t wait!


Your projects are so wonderfully creative and fresh that it is a pleasure to follow your blog even though typepad doesn't always allow me to comment.
I have so much in my home that I appreciate the more practical know, the kind that are worth their keep yet pleasant to look items would be great!


With everyone doing something "vintage", how about a victrola, or an ice box, or coffee grinder? Just some of the antique items I have but am not talented enough to pull it off. Love your creativity!

Trudie (aka crzyladycrafts)

Gentle Jim-- Wow, you are awesome. As I have always said. I'm so happy you are enjoying some time off. You continue to make me giggle. I have no huge or complex asks for projects. Whatever makes you smile shows in everything you do. Keep smiling and going where your heart leads!

Melissa Merritt

I can't believe you go on a trip and you end up doing an awesome give-a-way for your fans. I would be basking in the sun with a lemonade in hand. You are an amazing and inspiring person. So excited about your favorite things give-a-way.


Love all your stories Jim!!! Pensacola beach, how I miss the beach!!!
Thanks for all the beautiful pictures. The south does have a special charm about it. I have never been to SC. Sure looks pretty!

Debbie lignell

Ok Jim... here is my suggestion. I would have said a piano, but heard that is already happening this week so here is my suggestion #2. I have a BASKETBALL PLAYIN' lovin son and lots of pics to prove it. I would LOVE some sort of 3-D free standing hoop with net of course and mini. I could come up with something but it would be make-shift so I definately need your expertise and style to pull it off. Thanks Jim.... hope you pick my idea... mostly cause I would love to give this to my son, but also because I would love to WIN! :) Debbie


What about a tool caddy for our craft tables? You could use one of those turntable thingies you use in kitchen cupboards. You spin me right round, right round baby.....oh I have to get a more interesting life!


Oh this is so exiting!
I think it's wonderful that i can participate being a dutch woman!
I've been thinking hard about this one and last night (in bed...hihihi) i got it.
How about a rocking horse?
a small a display piece with a mini-album thingy insite?
hope you like my idea...
have a lovely trip and i'm looking forward to al the beautiful craft in the future!

greeting from the Netherlands

Sara Jansen

wow, after looking at some of the suggestions there is no way I can even begin to participate....that's why I like your blog; your work is at the opposite ends of the spectrum, but oh, so amazing. Whatever you do is good by me Jim.
I appreciate your willingness to share...

Lisa T.

I have been a lurker for some time and have derived such pleasure reading your posts and seeing all the wonderful things you have created. Thank you for your generosity in your giveaway and the fact that you share so much of your creativity I am always in awe.

I love the G45 paperline Renaissance and would love to see what you could design using that paper. Maybe a masters portrait display that conceals a mini album within the frame of the painting.

Looking forward to reading more of your exploits and seeing your wonderful projects.


What a great giveaway! I love your mini books because they have the "gentleman" flair which is good to use for my husband so I'd love to see more of them (especially since Father's Day is coming!). Thanks Jim!


I love all that you do. I would like to see something with man's best friend in mind. We all have loved and lost them at one time or another. I would love to be able to showcase them in a fab GC creation! Thanks for the chance to win such fab gifts!


Wow. All the great suggestions. They are making my head swim. Some are really out there and crazy big, but I know you could tackle each one of them. My suggestions is a little simpler.... a flying pig weather vane. I would also like to see a dog house... not a full size one, but one you could store treats, collars, maybe brush and combs in. Maybe it could come complete with a paper dog.

Have fun on vacation. Sorry you missed the wiener dog races!

Gloria L.

Hi Jim! You really are a lot of fun, I enjoy your sense of humor. I know you follow Kathy and Laura, so here's a little idea I'd love to see you develop for a mini album - a mixed media version with all pages being different sizes. The challenge would be the binding, but converting an old book presents a world of possibilities... Stay safe on your vacation!

Tony Stubblefield

Hmmm, what do I want to see you make? Well, since I have yet to find time to sit down to make any of your other wonderful projects I need to give this some thought...

Have you ever made a Christmas card box? You know, they kind you set out to hold all of the cards that come in the mail. I know that probably sounds simple, but I'm a newbie and get intimidated easily.

Natalie Laney

Jim just love you ideas so creative and new. I would love to see you make a tackle box that holds an album of all the fish tails big and small.

Patti n SLC

OK, I'm back with my suggestion. My husband's job takes him all over the world. I'd love to see you design a globe and stand that would open up (kind like those hidden mini-bars)that holds a mini and a storage box for "treasures" and maybe a map with little flags to mark places you've been. The name would "Where in the world is ..."

Anita Speir

Hi Jim I think a really fun project would be to do a stagecoach. I love the old wild west. The suitcases on the top, the leather reigns, the inside compartment (which could hold the mini album) and the wonderful colors of clay, blue sky, green grass, buffaloes, and dust would be hard but oh so enjoyable.


I would love to see you create a gorgeous storage box that we could keep on a counter or table. The box would have "cubbys" to store our recharger cords for different gadgets. I have a cable for the phone, one for the Blackberry, one for the MP3 player, one for the Nook, and on and on. It would be nice to keep them all in one place! Instead of monopolizing a drawer.


Well Jim, your gifts are way too generous and I thank you for the opportunity to win! Your trip sounds very fascinating and do drive safely. I think you should make a riding lawnmower as it is one of your favorites...hahaha. I do enjoy following your blog and photos -- it is very entertaining and I thank you for it.

Rachel Rachel

Jim I enjoy reading about your adventures and seeing your wonderful creations. Thank you for sharing. When I saw the sneak peak of the new Graphic 45 "A Lady's Diary" I thought about a writing desk. You could make a mini replica of an antique roll top writing desk. I think it would suit the paper line perfectly.
Thank you again for sharing your talents!


..Jim.. May I say its been a Blast following you along on your fabulous vacation.. thanks and keep those pictures coming.. what fun !!
Been giving your project idea a lot of thought and came up with a couple ideas.. here is one of them I envisioned you making a jute
box..and somehow, some way incorporating in a lil mini album stuck inside somewhere,,either being the records or turn table to choose a tune.. and of course,,** blinging ** it up a lil bit..the bling could be the fake lights.. lol Enjoy the rest of your vacation and looking forward to your creative return..

syd egan

I have tried to get on your blog, but it won't take, my email is [email protected] can you add me, please. I met you on Laura's Ustream shows and I too love anything G45. I would love to see anyone of you all make a mini doll house, and use each of the paper lines for the rooms. Please add me to your blog list.

Susan Price

I have really enjoyed "traveling" with you this week! You are a hoot! (That's a compliment.) You might have to start another blog and name it "My Favorite Things":) I love your creativity and your love of life personality. Enough talk...on with our trip.

Susan Price

I've been trying to think of a new project idea. I am into nostalgia. What about a gas station with the old gas tanks or an old drive in diner. Or a small interactive doll house to play with very small toys. I had a doll house made of heavy chipboard that folded up when I was young. I would love to make one for my 4 year old granddaughter that we could carefully play with and she could always keep.

sherry gardner

Hi, I am not sure what I would like to see...something with a mini in it would be great....I found you because Laura Denison recommended you...

Susy C

Hi Jim, your Ferris Wheel project blew me away. I would love to see you do something using upcycled/recycled materials with the Graphic 45 papers. Maybe using (used) CD's. (I have a ton of those and just hate to throw them away knowing they wont degrade), maybe cut up into shapes to build something with or even just an unusual mini-book? I know you could do something really creative with them. I also like the earlier suggestions of a mini-dolls house. Whatever you decide to do, I know it will be fabulous. TFS xx SusyC

Tara C

While I am a newbie to checking out your blog on a regular basis-- I have seen a lot of your work in the past!!! I would love to see you construct a vintage looking baby buggy with a mini album for mom to put all the Little Darlin paper in.

Jeanne Dunn

Oh Jim...what a wonderful cutter. Kathryn raves about it. So glad you asked about ideas. I would really love to see a 1930's pickup truck that would hold a mini album in the back. There are so many great papers that would work and I'd love to see your talent go to work on it. My fingers are crossed for the trimmer. Pick
me..Pick Me!

Dawn Edwards

Jim I think a fun project I'd like to see you create is a Family Tree. Not an album but an actual 3D centerpiece. Lots of great Ideas

becky jeffress

I think I could travel well with you!!! Porch sitting in rockers, snacking on great snacks, lolling about some days, eating at yummy places and shopping for 'good stuff'! I've enjoyed your trip with you, thanks for sharing it. As for what to make, something birdcage-ish/birdhouse-ish or even better a gypsy wagon-I think I must have been a gypsy one time and if you made it I could then use your tutorial to figure out how to do one for me-WIN WIN for both of us!!! Love your site and learning about you.

Jo Ann Balbi

Hi Jim, I hope this finds you well. The projects I would like to see you do are (for father's day) either- a tackle box with a fish mini decorated for all the "one that got away" stories men have, or similar to the heart box you did at Valentine's Day- a pocket watch that could chronicle a mans life. Thank you for all your inspiration! Jo Ann, giegie61

bridget joss

I glad your vacation was fun thank you for taking us along. I would love to see you make a triptych with a journal you could pull from the back. This could be so versatile with the graphic 45 papers. thank you again bridget


I live in Canada, love hockey lol. I think it would be oh so cooll if you could somehow do up a rink or an arena with a mini or two hidden somewhere. If you look at air hockey or table top hockey, I just know you could do this!!

Trudie (aka crzyladycrafts)

After reading your awesome intro on the Graphic 45 blog, I think you should should create something that is an homage to your Tweet Suites!


Congrats on the great G45 review...never get tired of looking at your projects, soooooooooo great!!!!!!! Well I have just read a lot of suggestions for project ideas...there is everything but the kitchen my suggestion is make a kitchen sink, you can use the new faucets and handles and on one side of the sink can be a dish drainer and you can make plate shaped tags to simulate dishes that are drying...this way you can try out a whole bunch of tecs. on different tags. Oh yeah, if there is a way to come up with running water you can figure it out, ha ha.


Hi Jim!
Thanks for the vacation – felt like I was with you! So here’s my idea – I recently purchased Tim Holtz Trinket Case. I love the design- it’s small enough that it doesn’t take up an entire cabinet to store embellishments (I admit, I’m a trinket-bobble-metal doodad whore). However, I find that I still have both tiny objects and large objects left out (not that the case is not stuffed with goodies!) The drawers are a bit too large for storing tiny items, such as Tim’s paper clips, tiny fasteners and brads and a bit too small for larger items, such as his knobs, legs and wheels. What I have in my head is a storage container that is not designed as a portable unit like Tim’s, but as a permanent fixture that sits on a cabinet or shelf in a craft room. It has fold-out drawers, but a set of drawers (maybe the top set) has dividers in each compartment so that the tiny items fit without taking up an entire drawer and wasting valuable space. The middle compartments would have space for medium items with a small divider for required attachments (like clock hand and fasteners). The lower compartments would be larger and deeper sized to hold larger items. And of course a beautiful covering and design that makes the piece a piece of art!
Thanks for listening! Let me know when it will be available!!!

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