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You did a beautiful job on the wagon and the video! I hope that, in your second video, you were able to relax some. Bless your heart...LOL You did GREAT! I look forward to you sharing more of your amazing talent with us.

I'm glad that you're keeping yourself busy and not sitting around waiting for your results.



Dawn Ward

Love it! I love how u think.. Can't wait to see what's next. Keep it coming.


Love all of your projects. I am in awe of your talents. Did you cut your chipboard for the rabbits with a die cut machine? If so would you mind sharing the settings/blade/passes, etc.?
Thank you and I look forward to your next video!

Lynn Wild

Congratulations on your film premiere - it was great to see you "in action". Looking forward very much to part 2, but you do sound tired Jim so try to get some sleep sometime. Only 2 sleeps to go until you get the result you're waiting for!

Best wishes from your European "JIM TO WIN" campaign manager!


Alice Isenbart

Jim has arrived! Woohoo! Ya done good, that you have the "first vid" behind ya, it'll be smooth sailing from here on out. Enjoyed the project! Thanks for sharing the SVG/MTC files. Much appreciated.


YEA for you Jim!!!! I love you tube and glad to see you took the leap!! Great job and I can't wait to see more of the gentlemen crafter!!

Paul B

Not sure if my comment came through or not so apologies if repeating myself. Wow!!! Love your project and I'm thrilled to see your videos. Haven't seen part 2 yet but i've saved it for later. Crossing fingers for Friday. Have a fab day. Pxx

Denice Metz

What a great project for Easter
Your video was great

linda williamson

wonderful video and project,Jim. Now we just have to get you on USTREAM. I know,I know,baby steps right? Well I loved it thanks alot for sharing all your talent and creativity with all of us.


This is so stinkin' cute! I am actually going to make it. I love Easter. I loved your video. I had to chuckle at the part where you were fiddle-farting with the bow....that is so what I would be doing! Everything has to be just perfect. Thanks for taking the time to make the video for us.

Cathy Gomes

Great videos Jim! I love your Easter would look so cute on the dining table as a center piece. Thanks for sharing your great idea....guess I better get busy?
Happy Easter

Monica Carlton (aka Monkala)!! As Dora the explorer would say... You did it..You did it.. You really, really did it! Wow, you take to video taping like a duck to water. Great job! Clear instructions. You should be very proud of this accomplishment.
And your Easter cart is so cute. You're one of those special artists who designs projects in their head and recreates them with paper. Thanks for sharing with us.
Have a blessed day!!


Cute cart! But it is missing Cadbury caramel cream eggs and licorice jelly beans. And forget Ustream and YouTube... we need to send you straight to the DIY network with your own show! :)


A terrific project! I have been saving some vintage Easter paper for just that "right" project...the is little cart is it! Starting it tomorrow!
It was such a special treat to "see" you! Your instructions were so clear and easy to follow. Can't wait for more projects on video from you!
I love Lynn's comment......JIM to WIN.....couldn't agree more!

Renee Zarate

Hi Jim, Your projects are absolutely A.MAZ.ING! Love your videos, they are very well done. Keeping my fingers crossed for you.


WTG Jim! Now I'll need to subscribe to you on youtube.

Only two more days! Still crossing everything but I know that you'll make it. Talent wins out and remember (since you're a country boy) - cream always floats to the top!

Lynn S

Very cute, Jim! Your instructions were so complete and concise that I'm thinking I might actually be able to make one of these!

Can't wait for Friday!


Barbara Albrecht

Congratulations on your first "talkie". The Easter cart is really cute.

What did you say the "axel cover" was? I couldn't quite get it from the video.

Would you do those of us who don't have the electronic die cutting machines, a huge favor...please post the bunny template as a PDF.

The Gentleman Crafter

Hey Lamb,

The axle cover???...Oh...If I understand correctly, its the Graphic 45 Metal Tag.  In my mind I want to call it a key plate. I used the larger of the two sizes that come in the package. 

If you download the SVG file, it is exactly that, a line drawing that you can print out and use as a template.  Hope this helps!  Once again, thanks for the heads up on the Tim goodies today!


Barbara Albrecht

Sent you a PM but since you posted here, I will too...might help someone else.

I'm not talking about the axel "bracket" but the little knob thing that you glued on to the was on the mini gear..used to finish off the wheel...make sense?

SVG...didn't know I could open that type of file without a cutting program...worked like a charm...bunnies are printed. THANKS!!

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