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A Ha. Just when I have made my box and started to cover it you post another version... Ah well I will just have to make another one later. Thanks for posting this Jim Love your stuff, just beautiful and so inspiring


Ahh I just love to see a perfectionist at work and the thoughts behind him. I'm in awe. I wish I had that gift that you do. My "it'll do" attitude is the reason I'm not allowed to touch the DIY jobs in the house. I'll be the one who hits a nail in, with the back of a screwdriver rather than find a hammer lol. That's why this project and ALL your creations, look stunning. Pxx


Ow Jim, you poor thing! You sound a bit stressed out about this watch box and you are doing it all out of the goodness of your heart!
I say if people really want it, they will wait no matter how long it takes. I mean we do all have jobs as well and can't be crafting 24/7 (although we wish we could lol). Your stuff is sooooooooo worth the wait!
Take your time and remember to do things for you xo


Jim, it is very generous of you to buy all those watches for your nephew. And to try them out to make sure they work well before your nephew gets them is soooooo sweet of you! LOL Been there, done that, just not with watches! Stampartfloozy


Wow, that is a beefy box! I can't wait to see the finished version. Thanks for the measurements. Now I just need the paper!


This I awesome! Love what you did! What a watch collection! Good luck on the audition! I think you will make it all the way. Your art is amazing.


Can't wait to see the end result! I always love how you dress things up. Isn't it horrible to be obsessed with something. It keeps your brain in shape!

June-Marie (mermaid49)

Hey Jim...thanks...going to make this one for my niece to hold some of her precious little you even have a life outside of work and scrappin!


You could never let us down. Just look at what you gave us today! Looking forward to tackling this box. Enjoy the rest of your day. We'll still be here. :-)


I love watches, too! Can I just buy a box from you - it's beautiful!

Barbara Albrecht

I really have to laugh at the watch box...which I would use for something else other than watches. "Why?", you ask...I own 1...yes ONE I don't need a box for it...LOL!!! (and you know how much I need a laugh right now) can send me the "bad" version....I know I can find "stuff" to put in it. ;-P

Can't wait to see the finished updated version.

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