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Get some sleep. You have nothing to worry about. You've so got this, friend. :-)

The Gentleman Crafter

VP, have I told you how much I love ya today?  Truly, thank you so much for your friendship!  I am so proud to know you and call your friend!  Blessings!  Will talk to you via cell tomorrow!



My hopes and wishes are with you...Good Luck!


I'm enjoying your videos. You're doing great!! No worries about tomorrow. You'll make it, no problem!!


Praying for you to have sweet rest tonight Jim, I love you and will always be in your corner cheering you on, I'm so proud of you!


Jim, your video tutorials are awesome. Now I can finally make a box that isn't all wonky and wobbly!! And you can say OK as much as you want. Your personality came through in your posts, but it is so much more fun to see you live and in (video) person!
Hope the G45 news is a "yes!"

Nan Robkin

Crossing everything of which I have two! Can't wait for the news tomorrow--it better be good! Like that pie--my favorite, too!


I can't wait to Congratulate you tomorrrow Jim! Cos you have to be a shoe in like I've been saying or I'll have to do what I promised and shave my head and run down my street nakes whilst singing "I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts" and I certainly don't intend on doing that!!! lol

I just wish I knew what time it would be announced in Australian time lol. xo


Today is the day!


Yay! You made it! I knew you would!!! Congrats Jim!!!

Pamela Davis

CONGRATULATIONS JIM. I just knew that you and your designs would make it. You are in good company too. I am very very happy for you. Hope to "see" you tonight at class with Laura.


Congrats, never any doubt! So, excited for you.
Hugz, Z


yahoooooooooooo....congratulations !!!!!

Sheryl Bisogno

Congratulatioins, well deserved. Enjoy the moment. Cannot wait to see what the year will bring. The box contruction videos have been so helpful. I have been using chipboard that is way too thick. So I will try my projects again.


Looks like everything turned out OK!!! You made it...huge congrats!!

Lynn Wild

Thank you very much for the structure strips tutorial - you did OK !!!!! I could tell you were full of nervous energy - or was that the sugar rush from a whole lemon merangue pie? I'm so excited for you too! Many congratulations for a very well deserved place on the Graphic 45 design team - I expect there will be some partying in Austin Texas tonight!

Lynn W

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