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Lynn S

Told ya!! Congratulations,'ve made Austin proud! Great job! And now what? What do you get to do for Graphics 45?

Sharon Y (sharona62)

Whoo hoo! So excited for you!


HA HA!! Told you Jim!!!! Told you!!! Woo Hoo!!! You are soooooo deserviing of this role! YOu will do nothing but absolute justice to their beautiful products! If anyone can promote G45 products it is you with your brilliant creations!!!!
I am so so so happy to say I TOLD YOU SO!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxo


What a great way for all of us to start the day! You started the celebration early with the pie last night and it will continue for a bit I am sure! I know you will rest a bit easier tonight, now that you know what all of your followers have known from the start of the design team finals.....we all believed you would make it! Enjoy this wonderful moment!

Elaine Kelly

Congratulations on making the G45 Design Team! Your work is very imaginative. I especially love your ferris wheel and heart box, and the way you use the G45 papers. Elaine in Boynton Beach


What an exciting day for you! Congratulations!!! G45 made an excellent choice choosing you for their team. Way to go fellow Texan!

Lynn Wild

Hooray! I knew you'd make it onto the team :) - you really deserve this! I have been lurking on your blog for a while, waiting for the news, but we are about six hours ahead of you in the UK at the moment and I got too impatient! So I checked out the Graphic 45 blog and saw that you'd made it and came straight over here to say "Well Done".
I need a new slogan now that "Jim to Win" has had the desired effect! Enjoy your celebrations.

Lynn W

Sabine Schirm-Springob

I don´t have anymore words.

You are the best. ;-)


yahoooooooooo... congratulations!!!!!

Wanda H.

WOW, your happiness is contagious and I'm so happy for you! I have seen your work and you are awesome with your designs. I bet that pie didn't taste as good as seeing your name up there with the rest of the design team on the G45 page. You will be walking on air for days and you deserve it. I will be looking forward to your designs. Hugs and God bless


I just saw this on the G45 blog. I am so happy for you. I didn't have a doubt in the world you wouldn't make it. I will still buy you that margarita, except I think you are going to be in orbit for awhile, and you deserve to be. Can't wait to see what is next.

Renee Zarate

Congrats!!!! I'm not surprised but I guess you are. :-) I am so happy for you and for us since we get to see more of your fabulous creations. Have a great day!




Congratulations - you totally deserve it. Your creations are amazing!


Congratulations!!! Your work is awesome and they are very lucky to have you on their design team!

mary puskar

It was the dang ferris wheel.......congratulations Jim!


June-Marie (mermaid49)

CONGRATULATIONS!!! - you TOTALLY deserve it!...your projects were amazing....cannot wait to see every project you come up with....well done James!


Partay! Virtual champagne all around. (Still no running with scissors though!) :)



Everyone knew you would win with all that wonderful talent you have...we're all so proud of you!!!! So when should we be over for the par-tay? Make it a bring your own Scor tape type of deal. LOL!


CONGRATULATIONS!! Can I just say...I knew it! LOL WTG!!


Congrats, the items that you made were wonderful..Looking forward to seeing more of your creations..I live in San Antonio


CONGRATULATIONS...I so glad you made it...I told my friends that you are the next Tim Holtz...Di


Congratulations! There was no doubt in my mind. Good for you!


CONGRATULATIONS!! So happy for you. Now give us a studio tour....please and thank you!


Barbara Albrecht

Doin' the happy dance with you!!!! CONGRATULATIONS, my friend!!!!!! There was never a doubt in my mind that you'd make the a single doubt!!!!

I agree...let's have a PAR-TAY!!!!! Love the bring your own scor-tape suggestion.


CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!! Those folks at G45 are just as smart as I thought they were...they chose you! What great news to wake up to this morning. I too am curious as to what this really means. What will you be doing for G45? When do you start, etc. We need details! LOL

Patti n SLC

YAHOO!!!! Can you here me screaming all the way from Salt Lake?


Of course you made it! CONGRATS! You totally deserve this. Great job!

Paul B

Congratulations Jim! I think you're about the only person who was surprised by the announcement. I never had a doubt my friend. Hope this gives you a boost to your confidence. You're definitely one of the most skilful and talented crafters around. G45 are lucky to have you on their DT, not vice versa :). They are very lucky that you chose to enter their competition. Have a great weekend. Paul xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Beth W

Congratulations!I missed your name the first time I read the list and I was so disappointed.Looking forward to seeing more of your incredible creations over the next year.


what fantastic news...we knew it was going to happen!!!
Can't wait to see you fly this year!
it is going to be another wonderful ride with you and Laura and G45!!!
Do something extra special fun to celebrate!

Nan G

Yahoo yippee the Texas Tornado has struck again! We all knew you'd make it to the final team!!! Such a deserved honor! CONGRATS! I hope you're outside hootin' n hollerin' n raisin' a ruckus!!


Yay..... Believe in yourself. Congratulations Jim and have a wonderful time on the team. We are all behind you....


Congratulations! You so deserve it! Your stuff is awesome!


Congrats Jim! There was never a doubt in my mind. Your work is amazing. It was nice of them to announce it early so you wouldn't be tortured all day. Now you can pinch yourself all day(self-induced torture is better)'s real!
Congrats again! I am so happy for you!!!!


Congrats..well deserved :)

Melissa Merritt

CONGRATULATIONS! You did an amazing job on your projects, of course they picked you. I can't wait to see what creative projects you come up with this year. I'm so excited for you.

Gail E

Congratulations, Jim!!! I'm doing a dance in Ohio for you! So excited to continue to drool over your creations, especially now that you are part of Graphic 45 design team. Absolutely thrilled for you!


Congratulations Jim!! I'm so very proud of you! I can still hear you yelling and jumping up and down, lol. Looking forward to seeing some cool projects this year and hopefully some Ustream videos! Have a fantastic weekend and stay on cloud 9 as long as you deserve being there.

Mardi May

Woooo Hoooo! So happy for you. You are an amazing artist, and so deserve to be on the team.Good wishes on the ideas to keep coming.


I told you so!!!
I'm not suprised att all, you deserve it!!!
So happy for you and looking forward to new amazing projects.

Cathy Gomes

Yea! I knew you would make it! I could hear you yelling all the way from here in central CA! Congrats Jim.....I am looking forward to seeing all of your creations.


I just looked at the Graphic 45 blog. Congratulations on becoming one of the new Graphic 45 Design Team members. I thought your submissions were over the top and you deserved to be on the design team. I will look forward to what this year has in store for you. Best of Luck this year.


Totally awesome! Totally deserved! Congrats from Illinois.


Happy news for you and us. Absolutely love your final projects. And your videos. All the moving parts in your ferris wheel, amazing! Glad you decided to start blogging last December.


ofcourse you are in the team!!!!
your work is AMAZING!!!!
i'm looking forward to see the beautiful thinks you are going to make.

greetings from the Netherlands

becky jeffress

I am so excited for you, CONGRATULATIONS! You deserve this so much, your talent is astounding and I can't wait to see more of your projects. I know you are over the moon and you should be. I'm sharing your site with some of my friends so they can keep up with you too. Enjoy this achievement, it's fantastic!!!


Well done, Jim - you deserve it! Looking forward to seeing your creations in the coming year!

Sheron N

Congratulations I never doubted for a minute that you'd make it, and they kindly waited to Friday to let everyone know so you can party all weekend!

Gloria Stengel

Congrats! Let the games begin!!!! HA!


Woo Hoo!!!!! G45 has just validated what we Jim Junkies have known all along.--You are a creative marvel!! Congrats from northern Michigan!! I'm happy you have jumped on YouTube as well. You are just as sweet live as you are on your blog. Cheers!!

Sunshine Girl

Congratulations! I knew you would :)


WOO HOO - CONGRATULATIONS from the state of Delaware - Looking forward to the creations to come.


Congrats Jim!!!!! you have such an eye for things. I was going back threw your posts and could not believe that you had so much talent!!!!! Your heart box is out of this world for me anyway. Did you ever get a tut done for it? but what ever I can't get over how wonderful your work is. You need to pat yourself on the back man!!!!!!!!!!!! Will be back to see all your goodies.

Kathy McGraw

Congratulations, Jim!! Can't wait to see your work this year!!!

L. Alberto Juárez

Congratulations mate!!!

Sara Jansen

YIPPEE SKIPPEE. Honestly you're the only name I went searching for. So excited for you...and for us. Your work is so unique and fun. You rock! Enjoy the experience.


CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I knew it from the beginning! Your work is awesome! Your projects are original and inventive!

And see I can "clean" up my enthusiasm! I didn't say freakin' even once! LOL!


Whooooo hoooooo! I was so darned busy today at work that I didn't have a chance to look after early this morning (evidently they don't get up and post at 6:00 a.m.). Never had any doubts that you'd make it!


CONGRATULATIONS! Yippee! Hooray! Wow! I'm so happy for you! Your creativity and craftsmanship are amazing, fantastic, FUN! I'm looking forward to seeing your work this year. Again, congrats and WELL DONE! DoriG


CONGRATULATIONS JIM! Yours was the first name I searched for on the G45 site! Can't wait to see whats comin'. Have a very blessed year (or more!) with them!

Nancy Powell

You deserve this honor. We are so proud for you. Can't wait to see all the wonderful creations you make for Graphic 45.

Monica Carlton (aka Monkala)

Woo..Hoo! I'm so excited for you! I'm smiling from ear to ear! Congratulations, Jim!! Your artistic endeavors are awesome. Can't wait to see what you design in the coming year with Graphic 45!

Wendy H

Congratulations!!!! I went looking for your name because I knew it would be there. You and Laura, G45 better look out they will have to rerun all their papers and up their productions on all their lines. Hope you have come down from the ceiling and are working on new projects for us to drool over. Good luck Jim. Thanks for sharing your talent with us.


Congrats, Jim! I had no doubts that you would make it because your creations are so wonderful! Looking forward to seeing what you will create for them this year.

linda williamson

Jim,I amm just tickled pink that you are on the design team.I never for one minute had a doubt.Looking forward to more wonderful projects and stories.You are a blast.


Congratulations!! So well deserved. Looking forward to getting to know you and your work.


Never a doubt in my mind! So well deserved. G45 is so lucky to have you. Can't wait to see what you come up with in the coming year. Congrats ... now celebrate!!!


Congratulations, your work is so good, knew you make it!

Linn Cole

Congrats Jim
You had some unique projects and you deserve the kudos!

Cindy Fahrbach

Huge congrats to you! I was rooting for you. Can't wait to see further G45 inspiration from you.

Nicky Normandale

Well done Jim, i'm so happy for you! xo

Marcie  Smith

I am so excited for you. I had hoped and was pretty sure you'd make the cut, and would have been really dissapointed if you hadn't. Love your work and the amazing projects that you submitted. Way to go!!!!! Looking forward to your awesome projects throughout the year.

Nancy Wethington

So happy you made the Team. You're going to be awesome. Can't wait to see what fab projects you come up with this year. Enjoy the ride!


Jim, if the G45 products don't inspire you to continue to shoot for excellence in all your work then reading all these well wishes from your loyal followers surely should!!! How blessed you are! Your work ethic and generosity of spirit speak WAY more than talent with paper, tape or places on any design team. I wish Dad and Kathy were here to share this day, but I speak for them as I say again WE ARE SO PROUD OF YOU!!! Now go get em!!!! I love you Bud!

Mayra Berrocal

congratulations, you deserve it!

Kathleen Sigg

I knew you would. That's all.

Joy Smith

Congratulations Jim!!!!!!I am excited for you x joy

Natalie Laney

Congrats Jim so well deserved. We beleived in you 100%

Keren Tamir

Congratulations Jim I'm so happy for you. You deserve this so much. I'm excited to see what you'll create!!

Jim... TheGentlemanCrafter/MenDoScrapToo


You always knew how to put your brother in tears. Whether by clobbering me or with your sweet words, you never cease to move my spirit. I'm so proud to have you as my sister!

You know, I went to see them yesterday. Somehow, in my mind, this seems like a direct link. I told them about what was happening in my life and asked selfishly that they look down from glory for just a second to see what i had created. I know within my heart that they would have been proud. I miss them so much, however Kim, you have done an incredible job of filling in for Dad and my beloved sister.

Ok, obviously I must be exhausted, as the emotions are flowing. So time to wipe the tears, get happy and start the par-tay! Yahooo!

I love you Kim and thank you for your kind words!



I knew it! I knew you would make it! You will make an amazing addition to the team. They will love your stuff. You do things with Graphic 45 paper I never knew were possible. I see Laura made it too! Yay!

~ Di (gilraen9)


Have to say I have uttered a number of "Woop, Woop's" on your behalf!! Congratulations Jim - so well deserved. Hugs from New Zealand xoxo


I had no doubt you would be selected. Congratulations!


Congratulations. I have been lurking your blog since it was posted on The Papertrail. Im not the type that usually comments, except for today. You are very talented and you will offer a unique male perspective to G45. Keep up the awesome work and maybe when you become big and famous I will be able to say, Hey I knew him when....... ;) Congratulations again.

Nan Robkin

Well, DUH--of course you made it! We all knew you would! Your sense of color and adventure, your skill at putting things together, and your great ideas make you a natural for Graphic 45 and their fabulous papers and things. So--
I look forward to enjoying many more fruits of your labors!
Warm Hugs!!!!

June A

What a fabulous accomplishment and very well deserved!!! Many congrats to you!


CONGRATS JIM!! doing the happy dance for you and laura!!

Kevin Graves

Your humility makes it all the more exciting news. Though the competition was stiff, We all knew you were a shoe-in! Congratulations, Jim! You deserve it! Kevin

Michelle Bermingham

You Deserve this oppertunity to showcase even further your FANTASTIC Work!!!
Well Done!!
Inky Hugs,
Michelle xx

Molly Bee

Congratulations to you. You are right at home in the line-up of G-45 designers. It will be so exciting to see what the team will dream up this coming year to inspire us all. I never doubted that you would be one of the persons chosen. How could they miss seeing your creativity and talent???

Theresa Grdina

Fantastic news! Congratulations!! No surprise to all of us out here in blogland!!! They would have been nutz not to include you!!! I look forward to seeing all of the new and creative things you are going to create!!!


Just a little side note: If you grew up in Texas, why don't you "sound" Texan on the videos? ROFL


Congratulations! So very excited for you! I'm glad G45 recognized how talented you are and what a nice guy you seem to be. Best wishes..


Wow, awesome job! I'll be waiting to see your new creations! How exciting! You deserve another pie! LOL!
Your PITA babe friend

Ruby C

Congratulations! Wonderful news!


Congrats!!! I've really enjoyed watching the projects you've done for it and can't wait to see what you'll do in the future. Well done, sir!

Jane Tregenza

Hi Jim
Congratulation-so glad you made the team, I can't wait to see what you come up with,you will love your year with Graphic 45 they are an amazing family to work for.


Hey Jim
Congratulations ! I was very very sure that you'll be in. if that didn't happen then you'll know it's all fixed >_< but wohoo you made it !


You're a rock star now~two great rock stars~Tim and YOU!
Congrats, again.
Hugz, Z

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