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Wendy H

Wow!! I'm at a lose for words. These are amazing and I haven't even watched the video yet. You are an extremly talented person and I'm so glad to be able to see the amazing things you create. Thanks for sharing and my fingers are crossed for you. The best of luck Jim.

mary puskar

Hi Jim! If you don't get on that design team, nobody will! Those projects are outstanding. The ferris wheel leaves me speechless. I cannot imagine how much hard work went into these. You deserve a place on that team and I hope you make it. Then we can look forward to all sorts of fantastic things! Good luck and God bless.



This is not paper crafting, this is engineering...
And i looks fabulous!!!

Sheron N

Wow like ya know wow... I really am speechless your projects are unbelievable, good luck hope you don't have to wait to long to find out!

Sunshine Girl

Wow they are all fantastic - good luck!

Carla Bowlin

I'm just gobsmacked!!!! It's all so so mouth is hanging open catching flies.....
How could you not be on the team?


holy smokes, HOLY smokes, HOLY SMOKESSSSSSS!!!!!!!! holy smokes...HOLY SMOKES!!

holy smokes...


Oh Jim!!!!! You have went above and beyond with the ferris wheel!! If you don't make it, it will be a huge letdown for all of us!! No worries... it's in the bag!! GOOD LUCK!!

Sharon Y

Oh wow! These are a-ma-zing! Thank You for sharing. Best of luck to you and all the finalists.

Margaret Ann

wowee that ferris wheel is gonna knck their socks off, love all three they would be daft to bypass you fingers and eyes crossed lol


You always do an amazing job with your projects, but you have totally outdone yourself this time. I could never even think of projects like these, let alone bring them to life. If they don't pick you, they will be losing a most talented artist...keeping my fingers crossed for you!

Teresa Blue

I'm beyond "wowed"!!! How could you not make the team???


Gail E

This was so worth the wait!!!! Jim, you have just taken chipboard, paper, and embellishments to an entire new level! There are no words to describe these projects other than totally AMAZING! I'm blown away with the all the projects -- but the "working" Ferris Wheel -- oh my!!! My prayer is that you become one of the design team members, but regardless you are one extremely talented artist! Wishing you the very best!

Barbara Albrecht

HOLY MOLY! OMG! WOW! MAGNIFICANT! STUPENDOUS! AMAZING!...should I go on? I think you get the picture...all your projects are TERRIFIC! But...that Ferris Wheel...just blew me away!!!!

It's in the bag my friend!!!!


WOW Jim, you did an AMAZING job . You are AMAZING and TALENTED. Did i just said AMAZING ? lol Good job Jim well done . Thanks for sharing your amazing and wonderful projects. France aka medania.

Lynn Wild

J ust
I ncredibly
M agnificent

T alent
O ut of this world

W orking wheels - wow!
I nspiring creations
N ot long 'til Friday (bound to win).


WOW!!!!! You are definitely a paper wizard.

Nan Robkin

I have a computer supervisory group of stuffed toys that is begging me now to make them a Ferris Wheel! Aaagh! What can I tell them? I wouldn't know where to begin! Awesome! All the projects are awesome. Your ideas are great, but your execution of them is wonderful to behold. I hope you wrote down the measurements....

Laura Cummings

like everyone else i'm a little speechless right now. all i can keep saying is 'wow', 'wow'... all 3 are incredible but that ferris wheel is over the top - wicked!! i don't know how you think these things up. it's so perfect - and those gears!! thanks for sharing, laura in belgium


Absolutely amazing! Jim, along with everything crossed for you, I'm sending prayers up! With your talent, they're nuts if they don't select you.


Fabulous! You leave me totally speechless. They will be lucky to have you. Keeping everything crossed for you except my eyes need those to see
Hugz, Z

Nan G

We don't mind waiting when the results blow us away!! Can you say Texas Tornado! G45 is insane if they don't pick you!! You show case their product magnificently!! Best of luck!


Oh WOW!!! Jim! If they don't pick you, they're crazy. Your projects are soooo good and your combo of colors is so right on. Wow...

Gerriann Armstrong

Oh my these are amazing! Another project that would make an amazing gift! I love it all and the ferris wheel is a must make for a Christmas Gift. Please consider a pattern. Congratulations on an amazing offering for the design team of G45!

Kathleen Sigg

I NEED that clock! Seriously. I need it.

Kelli Thomas

omg, AMAZING! Crazy great projects! And if we didn't already know you were a man the Ferris Wheel shows it --- it works! No woman would have taken the time to make it work! LOL Only one problem .... all your little people fell out of the Ferris Wheel cuz you FORGOT SAFETY BARS!!! hahahaha.

Totally outstanding work. Oh, and nowadays, you don't have to worry about talking to yourself - people will think you are on a wireless phone - don't ask me how I know this ;)

I don't see how you couldn't have made it! We will all be watching with you :) BTW, did you make that clock from chipboard? I won't even ask how many conversations you had with yourself to make THAT one! All three are excellent! WTG!

Kelli Thomas

@ LynnWild HAHAHAA cute!!


OMG! WOW I am gobsmacked! My jaw dropped literally when I saw that ferris wheel, but then when I watched the video and saw the cogs moving too, I am dumbstruck lol! And I need to know how you got that fantastic aged look on the tags in your first project! WOW

If your not a shoe in for the Graphic 45 DT then I will shave my head and run down my street naked singing "I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts"!! lol THat is how confident I am for you!

Your work is true brilliance and I am so thankful you share it all with us and we can enjoy this journey with you! xoxo


Jim, you are truly an ARTIST!!! Your projects are phenomenal!!!
The best of luck to you. I sure look forward to seeing more of your work. You are such an inspiration!!! Thank you!


WOW! Absolutely incredible projects. You'll definitely make the design team. There's no way you won't. Great job, Jim!

becky jeffress

Unbelievable talent you are showing us, love each one. I can not begin to imagine how you did each item. Good luck during this final round, hope you make the team you deserve it!

Susan ~ Killam Creative

Really wonderful projects, Jim! Good luck to you, too. I can't believe there's a whole week of sitting on the edge of our seats. :) Gah!


Betty Sarachik

Absolutely Stunning work. I have shared it with my followers on Facebook. We are going to need a Jim Class one of these days at my store. You are extraordinary!

Betty's Stamping & Scrapbooking Room


All really amazing projects Jim, Just love the clock and the others are marvelous to. You will be waiting with baited breath now and I don't envy you that - 5 days to go and I cant think of a better person to be included in the team. XXXXXXXXXXXX everything's crossed

Dena (Matter of Scrap)

I cannot even begin to imagine you not making the DT. I think you have outdone any DT member for any company ever! I love G45 but will personally boycott them if you don't get on that team. You do amazing, amazing work! I am so excited that you started to do you tube videos as well. Good luck, even though you are sure not going to need it.


Speechless!! What fantastic creations! Your work is amazing!

Mardi May

OMG that's all I can say is OMG. everything is great but that Ferris wheel , I so would love to make that. Are you going to have tutorials for it.?!!!!!!!!!!


Ladies and gentlemen....we have a winner!!! These are awesome and you are incredibly talented!

Lori C

Holy Smokes....each one is fascinating! G45 would be a big loser of talent if they don't have you on their design team! Amazing work.

Lynn S

"Ah-mawz-ing!!!!" As so many of said, words fail me. If you aren't chosen on Friday, there's got to be something seriously wrong with their process! Best of luck, bud! Everyone you know in Austin is rooting for you.


Lynn S

Good Lord, I'm so at a loss for words that the ones I wrote weren't even correct! Repeat: As so many HAVE said...


I am truly at a loss for words! You are so talented and we, your followers, are the lucky ones, you share your talents with us all!
After reading all the comments before mine, I can only agree with the others, you are just amazing and I can't imagine that you will not be picked for the design team. With fingers crossed and prayers being sent your way best of luck to you Jim!


Stunning! Amazing! Awesome! WOWZA! i could go on and are so very extrordinarly talented. I love all three but that ferris whell blew me out of the water! I can hardly wait til March 30th. Best of luck to you my friend.


amazing......all of are going to be the #1 choice........I bet cha


WOWOWOW!! I too am at a loss for words even though I only need to move my fingers to speak.

I do believe you have knocked this out of the ball park!! A HOME RUN for sure.

Chill the wine! You have a celebration day coming. To top it off, it's on my Birthday!! You're a winner Jim. I'll be standing by.


Nancy Wethington

These are amazing! I can't imagine that you won't make the team. Looking forward to seeing your name on the list on the 30th!


Fantastic projects, Jim! You're definitely assured a place in the team! Well done - your work is fab! Best wishes Karen


Jim, you are definitely a paper engineer extraordinaire! I loved the ferris wheel but I think my favorite was the pyramid with the drawers. Feel free to send it along to me - LOL! I have no doubts you will make the design team but just in case my fingers and eyes are crossed.

Kim S.

This proves it. You are freaking INSANE! I would never even imagine anything as phenomenal as those projects! And to do them in the time allotted? It would take me years to finish one! No way you can't make the team. Fingers and paws still crossed.


Amazing! How will you ever top that awesome ferris wheel?! :-)

Theresa Grdina

WOW. Each one is more wonderful than the next! I LOVED the obelisk...then I scrolled down and saw the Christmas clock. Being a Christmas-a-holic I thought "THIS is for me! LOVE IT!" Then I scrolled down and saw the amazing ferris wheel. How in the world do you ever think of this stuff? FABULOUS! I am sending good thoughts, prayers, and vibes your way. Graphic 45 would be nutz not to have you on their team!!!

Patti n SLC

Jim, Since you created that beautiful wine carrier, I've thought you had a wonderful eye and design capablity. But I was WRONG!!! You have an incredible talent that never ceases to amaze me. No matter the outcome of Friday's decision you will always be one of my favorite design inspiration.


Your project submissions are over the top! They are out standing. Best of luck on becoming a design team member for Graphic 45. You would get my vote.


WOW! Simply amazing. You’re a shoo-in Jim. G45 will be lucky to have you. Best of luck. Can’t wait to hear the results.

Lory Z

Your projects are always! I just figured out why I have absolutely no artistic talent...God gave it all to you!!! You are truly amazing. Love you and Good Luck


Fingers crossed for you. You really are one of the most talented paper artiste EVER. These projects are some of your best. You just continue to keep setting the bar higher and higher. I do hope when the time is right that you are able to share tutorials for these. That would be awesome. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers, I just know when I check back in on the the 30th, G45 will have chosen you!!!!!!!

Natalie Laney

Jim absolutely mind blowing greatness. Best of luck.

Marsha A.

Jim, this is the most incredible work you have ever done! There are no words to describe how utterly wonderful they are! You have so much talent, and you're just getting better and better!

Good luck, I'm rooting for you (as always)!


Oh My WORD!!! I love them, everyone!!! My favorite is the Curious Obelisk. I don't think there is a problem of you getting on their design team. The Ferris Wheel remind me of my beach days as a kid. Going to the boardwalk to ride the ferris wheel was a highlight of our vacation. I am praying, thinking positive thoughts and sending good vibes for you. Oh yeah...everything is crossed too. And being the southern girl I am, even my ankles are crossed. Bwahahaha!!! Good Luck my friend!!!

Sheryl Bisogno

I must say they are amazing. Nothing but positive thoughts and energy coming your way. Cannot wait to see you next piece of art. Good Luck.

Lillian Child

Jim, if you aren't a finalist then something is rigged!! These projects are simply AMAZING!! Such creativity and imagination. You just rock my creative world with your projects. You would be an asset to ANY design team. They would be lucky to have you! HUGS!

Melissa Merritt

I am FLOORED! Absolutely amazing. I hope you teach the clock, because I want to make it. Wishing you lots of luck.


Are you the lead designer for Santa? You have the most incredible creative mind. You have really set the bar high high high this time. Good luck, even though I don't think you will need it. Maybe you will become a designer permanently for G45, like TH is to Ranger. Oh wouldn't that be cool!


TOTALLY AMAZING - Keeping my fingers, toes and eyes crossed for you - which is making it hard for me to type this message! You are truly inspiring --- best of luck.


OOOOOOO!!!! Teach the "Obelisk of Mystery with Flying Pigs" class!!!!!!

I loves me some flying pigs! :)

Dana B

So I was going through these thinking wow, these are neat, great burled maple look on the tag, cute clock, etc, when I got to the ferris wheel. Totally blew me away!! That is AMAZING!!! All of the projects are great (and these are all chipboard?!), but this last one is off the charts, mind-bogglingly wonderful :) I wish you the best of luck in the contest. Regardless of who wins, you certainly can be very, very proud of your creations.


OMG! How freaking awesome! You are a paper genius!

Alice Isenbart

OMG! OMG! OMG! Absolutely freakin' amazing!! Not only have you set the bar, but you set it beyond reach (in my humble opinion)! Fabulous job, great projects! Good luck...pulling for you, Jim!

Gloria Stengel

Dude! Seriously, man, how do you dream this stuff up?!? My jaw is on the floor. That first project...I want it!! Really! Best wishes. Can't wait to see your name up there on Friday! Mine, also, just sayin'! LOL

Annette Alexander

WOW!!! WOW!!!, Each project you do get more amazing, if they don't pick you, they are crazy. I love how you always find the time besides working and creating that you always email each person and thank them for thier comments. You are truly a gifted and kind hearted soul. When you your own line of products someday, please remember me, I would love to work for you. So badly do I want to work in this wonderful business of scrapbooking instead of a everyday job. Can't hardly wait for Friday to get here so we can see the list, they have to pick you. Best of luck Jim

linda williamson

OMG!!!!!! Jim, your projects are just out of this world gorgeous, I cannot even believe the ferris wheel! it is my absolute fave,The people at Graphic45 will be blown away. The very best of luck to you,but I already know you will be one of the new designers, luv ya


These are beyond fabulous Jim!! I love all of them! You have the touch, a rare talent!! Keep it up!!


OMGOSH deserve a spot on the G45 design team! I am in awwwww with these projects. Especially that Circus ferris Wheel! Absolutely amazing! And I am trying to figure out how you ever made that Curious Obelisk! Let alone even think it up! Wonderful projects!!! You should be oh so proud of yourself! Great work!


Wow! Wow! WOW! You met expectations and far exceeded them. I stand in awe and admiration of your creativity and craftiness. It is a joy to see your projects. Thank you. DoriG

Shelly Hickox

I don't know what I can add to what everyone else has said. I am literally sitting here with my mouth hanging open. You are one incredibly talented man!! Beyond amazing work!


Never in my life have I seen more amazing projects until now ... WOW o WOW, like everyone else I am speechless at your creativity. Good luck with the DT call.


WOW, AMAZING, INVENTIVE, CREATIVE!!! Super projects! They just MUST add you to their team.


OH WOW! those are so awesome! Love the Ferris wheel!

The Gentleman Crafter

Thanks so much Sheri!


Kay (Texfolkart)

Finally found your blog......your submissions were incredible! Hmmm not sure which I like the most....but the ferris wheel is just incredible! So glad you made the team...go rats


Well I am speechless! No way will you not be on the G-45 DT! Your projects are the best I have seen. Absolutely AMAZING! Best of luck, but I think you don't need it!


Jim, your work is just crazy, amazingly fantastic and gorgeous! Really stunning and beautiful - and amazing! Congratulations on being picked! I am so excited for you!


I can't even wrap my brain around how genius your projects are! No surprise here that you made the team. Your work is brilliant!


your ferris wheel is amazing my sister and i have a smart arse award we give very clever people that make us extremly jealous of how talented they are all in good fun please just amazing work.

Jess Roberts

Wow!!!! Awesome ferris wheel! I am amazed!!!

Diane W.

WOW!! I am loving that clock - are patterns and instructions, and supplies of how-to available? I'd like to attempt to re-create it, it's soooo gorgeous!! Of course I enjoy all that you create.


Flabbergasted. Shocked. Gobsmacked. JEALOUS!

Everything you create is Unbelievable! And gorgeous!

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