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Excellent work .. Lové tisonne to bits


Silly French corrector. Love this one to bits.

Paul B

Hey Jim. O course we won't forget you :) You just concentrate on the G45 projects. Loving this tutorial. The handle is especially cool and clever. Pxx


Awesome tutorial!! Ooo how I wanna make one! Need chipboard need chipboard! Can't wait to do this one! TFS!

Sheron N

I think you need to take a break sit down and breath... you've posted this twice, but now that its posted you can concentrate on your G45 entries and we can then be amazed at what you have created!
Thank you for posting this we really do appreciate it.


Don't stress yourself out for us! You just concentrate on G45. I think if you just post current experiences (because they are so fun to read)and no projects, I bet you won't lose a follower. I love reading your stories just as much as seeing your work. Home Depot better stock up on yardsticks, I can see the herds coming!


I agree with everyone else. Concentrate on G45 and will follow along for the ride. Living vicariously has its place. You do things in such an original way. You are going to make me a constructionist yet!

Barbara Albrecht

I'm here to add my encouragement...don't worry about us...concentrate on the G45 projects.

Take a deep breath, a glass of wine and forge on. YOU CAN DO IT!!!!


Concentrate on your projects! Can't wait to see them!
Hugz, Z

Annette Alexander

we are all very excited and can barely sit still in at least my chair waiting to see your projects you have created for the final selection for Graphic 45. Your work is just amazing and like everyone stated, we will not forget and understand your need and dedication needed at this time. We will all be here checking in to see what you do in the end. You are truly an inspiration to me and know so many others. Best of LUCK


I look forward to your projects and posts every day! Forget you?.....silly guy...of course not. I am sure you will do a great job on your G45 projects, you are such a talented guy, can't wait to see the finished projects. I am sure I can safely speak for all of your followers, you rock!!


Thanks for the great tutorial. Am so excited about all the fab stuff you will be doing with and for G45. Just like a school girl, could just squeal with delight. LOL.

Renee Zarate

Thank you for the tutorial! Don't worry about us, we're not going any where. Just focus on you and the G45 competition. All of us want you to win!


See....I told you. :) Never knew you had so many friends, did ya?


Hello It is always awesome to find another Male Crafter.. I just stopped by to show some support.. Gr8 work... TFS


becky jeffress

I just love the items you create, really! It's been a few days since I checked out your site and I'm amazed at the 'watch box' and your tutorial is perfect. When-if-I get my act together again I want to try some of your projects, you make it look not only beautiful but 'do-able'. Thanks for sharing your art!

Jennifer Ferrell

Brilliant! Your project is so fabulous!!!
Kindest regards,

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