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mary puskar

Good job Judith and shame on you thinking it's not as good as yours. It's just different. So glad you're having some rain there. Losing trees is very sad. Poor things take so long to get a nice size and give us shade and fruit. Have a great weekend Jim.



I think they are just different...both fabulous!! It's probably just you looked at yours so much that a fresh version looks better to your eyes which have seen your own for a while KWIM? I'm enjoying your tut on the traveling watch box!! :D
If only I could find some Dang CB around here!!


Wow... I am overwhelmed to say the least. Thanks for sharing my project on your blog and no way could my stuff be as good as yours but I try and who knows one day.... Thanks for the comments


Fabulous Judith! Right up there with Jim's creations.

Barbara Albrecht

BEAUTIFUL!! I wish I had Judith's skill...just looking at something like the watch case and making it without directions...genius. Thanks, Jim, for sharing!


Hi Jim, I love this project, I think it would make a perfect gift for my hubby, Is it possible for you to post a supply list? I want to start making it but I'm worried I won't have enough stash. Thanks very much, looking forward to the next installment


Wow, that is a lot of trees~ :o(
She did a fabulous job!
Hugz, Z

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