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Kim S.

More like headlights on a dear! LOL


LOL.... Love it but can see (sic) what a boon those things might be


"You light up my life!" and make me smile. Thanks, Gentle Jim!

The Gentleman Crafter

AHAHAHAHA!!!  Good Kim! See the stress is floating away!


The Gentleman Crafter

Judith, if you can get them in OZ, let me know I will send you a pair!  They are awesome!

Did you finish your Traveling case yet?  We all want to see. Post your blog addy when you do.


The Gentleman Crafter

Well, that made my day TR!!  God Bless ya!



Too funny Jim! You know, if you can't laugh, what's left?!


Those would be great for reading in bed...LOL

The Gentleman Crafter

Amen Heather!  :)


The Gentleman Crafter

Actually Cait, Thats probably what they are for!  But Noooo...I cant ever use something the was it was intended!  :)


Barbara Albrecht made me giggle...THANKS...I NEEDED that! DD actually got a pair of those glasses as a gag gift for her birthday...they looked just as good on her...LOL!!!

They'll be handy if the electricity goes off so you can still work in your studio!!!


OK spealunker...those are perfect for the cool caves and caverns near Austin! Seriously a fun diversion! Can't wait to see those G45 projects!
Making my watch box this weekend!
Steampunk or Old Curiosity...can't decide.


Just about finished Jim. Hardware problems - or rather lack of them. Hope to get it up tonight. What are your fab. lights called, I'll do a search. Im pretty isolated here so usually buy from the US unless I get up to the city. Cheers for now and back to work....


Brilliant :) x


Maybe like a puppy chasing it's tail! Great project btw.


As funny as they are, I bet they are coming in real handy or should I say hands free! Ha ha ha!

Sheron N

You used to be able to get them here in the UK and I always wondered if they actually helped now I know they do and I can't get them anymore lol. Life sure is funny sometimes well it has a sense of humor that's for sure lol.


I would really love a pair of those, but not sure how the people around me would like it!


Brilliant! You look like you just stepped of the set of Gray's Anatomy. Mc Dreamy?

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