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This is great Jim, I know what you mean about buying bulk and it disappearing, wish I had more will power..... Will just have to be more firm with myself and not buy in the first place :-). Thanks for another great project....

Sheron N

I just love this project, yeh know I don't think you know just how incredibly talented you are, your projects always blow me away.


Jim how do you come up with this stuff and the time?? You really should be charging for these tutorials, they are absolutely fabulous!! *hugz*

tony robson

a thing of beauty!!
maybe ... just maybe ... i might be able to achieve something like this one day!! lol!
all the best, t

Nancy Wethington


Theresa Grdina

This is grand!!! But tell me...HOW in the world do you come up with all of these ideas???? and the frequency with which you do it - AMAZING! Great project. Thank you for sharing it.


This is wonderful! I love the tower idea and so many possibilities are swirling! Thank you so much for the tutorial!
ps are you blogging from the coffee shop?

Eric cannon

I love your work!


AWESOME...what more can be said? Thank you so much for sharing

linda williamson

Love,love,love, you have outdone yourself. I would love to see you do a show on USTREAM. thanks for sharing all your designs with us,you're the BEST!


Glad to see you back. This is incredible! I have one question for this the easy, quick project you had for us? I would have to start on mine now, for next Christmas! I love this and it just might get me to give box making a try (or go to Michaels and find some pre-made and cheat!) I am having issues with Conversation Heart candies disappearing at my house. I forgot about the "pepto" candies, thanks for the memories.


Wow! Another fabulous project!


Hokey Smokes Batman!

That is KEWL! I will be giving that a try in the near future.

Where oh where did you get the latch for the top and latches to hold the layers together?

Barbara Albrecht

Genius!!! That's what you are!!! Another amazing project!!!

Also love the story about Jumbo...laughed out loud at that one...thanks!


Another spectacular project! Jim, you should do Ustream.


This project is awesome!! Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us. I very much enjoy your work.


Geez .... yet another FABULOUS project Jim. I love that your projects have a masculine flavor to them, even the heart project - very masculine. I like that because I could make them for husband without him rolling his eyes LOL. This tower of boxes? GREAT! He will love it! You are so generous to share it with us. I really hope someday u start doing ustream. You would be a big hit! Thanks sooo much for sharing!!


This is really awesome - I love how as you "peel" each layer off there is a new surprise! All the details and hardware are fabulous - who knows, maybe Tim will ask you to design something for him at his next CHA?


Love the idea,simply brilliant with a three-stage surprise!!! looks real cool too :)
But seriously, LOVE IT!!!!


Oops...posted to the card comment (which is ALSO so special! So here we go again: As Penny on "Happy Endings" loves to say, "Ahmahzing!" Definitely a winner, Jim. And of course I remember those pink candies - they were my Grandmother Boone's favorites, too! xox

Nan G

I've ordered latches and stuff from hobby lobby to make two of these for girlfriends!! One grunge the other pink n lacy lol...thanks for the tut! !will post a link when they're done.

The Gentleman Crafter

Thats Great Nan!  If they are half as good as your Napkin Fold Cards...WOW Cant wait to see!

Thanks Nan!


Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor

That is an awesome project Jim! I think I should make those for my Dad and FIL for Father's day. Perfect kind of project for men. Thanks for sharing!

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