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Wowowowowo. mae my eyes pop again. Love it when you don't sleep!!

Seriousely, try and get some.Good luck with Graphic 45 you deserve it.

AKA Pink


Still sure you are a shoo in for the Graphic45 thing - dont stress over it . We all love your stuff and so will they - remember a lot of us came to your blog from Tim's so thats recommendation in itself. Love the new album....


I just love reading your blog posts Jim!! I swear you are the male version of me the way you explain things lol! I also am not a great sleeper by any means and find myself having the same problems when I get into bed. I start thinking of all these wonderful idea's and have so many projects going in my head it is near impossible to get any sleep!!

I absolutely love your album! What are those brass ring looking things at the end of the envelopes that hold the pages onto the binder ring?? I think I have seen Laura from the Paper trail use them too. Loveeeeee that idea!

And like I said last time.....Graphic 45 would be crazy if they didn't take your brilliance on board there DT! xo

Gail E

I can so relate to your sleep pattern! ...and I'm so intrigued with your new album and am looking forward to making one! As always, thanks for sharing your talent!


Love the tag album!!! Do you have a pin interest acct? I would love to see it if you do! And if you do not, you should!!!! More ways to see your beautiful projects!

linda williamson

Love it Jim can't wait for the tutorial.I don't doubt for a minute, that Graphic 45 will pick you as a member of their design.I'm not going to wish you luck cause you won't need it, just break a leg lol.


Love ALL your stuff that you do. The tag album is really nice...But every thing you do is wonderfull. Good Luck on Graphic 45. Di

Barbara Albrecht

Lookin' good, Jimbo!!!! I'm interested in the binding clips, too. They look really cool.

I can't wait to see it all rocks now...what more magic are you going to add?!?!?!

Looking forward to the tutorial, too!!

I love what you do when you don't sleep but you really, really need to get some Z's.

tammy b

oh my goodness jim, while i love to look at your creations, i almost think i love reading your blog more! you just crack me up! even though i truly don't think you need it, good luck!

Gerriann Armstrong

Amazing! Cant wait to see it!

Trudie (Crazy Lady Crafts)

It's so much fun to watch genius blooming! You inspire me as well as make me smile--as I'm sure you do for so many. You are so generous to share your designs with us. All the best to you.


I want what he is having before bed! Love the blue paper. Love the Tim Holtz pins holding the pages into the binder! I am getting old and my body is demanding I sleep starting around 9PM! However last night I was working on 3 different projects at once and didn't want to give in to the droopy eye. I had to though before I glued my fingers to something! So I have 2 finished projects (or at least they look finished, but probably not) and 1 unfinished. Hate when that happens! BTW - when I start thinking of more than one project at once I call it my "Look, something shiney" moments!


Jim, have been out of town and just catching up on Laura's ustream! How exciting!!! Love your work so! Can't wait to see what the future brings for you. So glad you are part of our little "following the paper trail" world! This album is fantastic-really like sculpture in a way...and portfolio like you sent Laura-my weekend project!
do lot's of posts! we love them!

Lynn Wild

I hope you get some sleep tonight Jim, but I can totally relate to you. When I was on a design team I spent many many nights planning what I wanted to make and there were never enough hours in the day to make everything! Your projects are always stunning - I'm sure you could make them in your sleep now if you tried! LOL
Looking forward to your announcement that you've made the final 30 (and you will or there's no justice in the world).


Julie Tucker-Wolek

You are amazing!! LOVING that album so far!! GORGEOUS! I am sure once you add embellies, it will even be more amazing!! And I know what you mean, I am hoping that I will be a top 30 finalist also, and keep running in my head what I want to make to send in! lol! *wink*


WOW!! Your work is amazing. I love the Gent's Watch Box and all of the other projects but the Tiny Treasures Box is beyond amazing. Good luck on the G45 design team.


Your stuff is so amazing, Jim...I'll be right there with you counting the days until the announce! xox

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