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AWESOME!!! Will you be able to sleep now? I can't...


Beautiful tutorial! Can't wait to get sarted on this project! TFS!

Sheron N

Love the album! So tell me when are you gonna start doing UStream classes'?
I hate how I get the email for a new post the day after the new post why does it do it like that oh well I get here in the end.


I have one complaint... I don't think you used enough pen nibs on the cover! lol, Just Kidding!! I love it!

Thanks so much for sharing your creative genius and going to the effort of sharing such wonderful tutorials! If you ever have a spare moment, I'd be extremely interested in a tutorial on how you photograph your projects. I can't seem to get right lighting and purchasing a photo tent only made my photos more grey. Grrr...
Thanks xo

Theresa Grdina

This is fantastic! I think it's my favorite!!! (Ha Ha! I said that last time!!) This book is beautiful and absolutely something I would make.
Thank you for sharing your hard work and your tutorial!


can't wait to work on this one! between you and Laura i am brimming with inspiration! Ditto to the others...would love to see you on Ustream! Thank you for so generously sharing your work!

Nancy Wethington

Jim, this is an amazing way to bind a book. So very clever. And to share these detailed directions is super generous!

linda williamson

thanks for the tutorial jim really nice clean mini your the best!

Rebecca Martin

You are so generous! Thank you for creating the beautiful tutorial. Amazing!!


Thanks for the tutorial. I think you need to start doing classes like Laura. You'd have quite a following.


The Communique paper is a classic and one of my favorites. You have showcased it beautifully in this gorgeous album. Your tutorials are top-notch and very generous of you. Thank you!

Barbara Albrecht

Jim,You've done it again!! Your generosity is overwhelming. Thank you for the tutorial. I know it takes a tremendous amount of work to produce a well written tut with pictures. Everyone who downloads your tutorials is blessed by your creativeness and generous sharing.

Thank you!!!


Amazing talent and beautiful work!


Thanks Jim ... you are to generous. Another great tutorial. I’m wishing you good thoughts for joining the Graphic 45 team.


Jim, you are such a wonderful person. You are funny, giving, and just have a wonderful personality. I hope you know what a blessing You, (Kathy Orta and Laura) are to us crafters. For a long time I looked for something that was just for me to do besides taking care of my family, when I came across Mini Albums... I was hooked. You guys inspire me to craft with paper and I just love it! Thank you for sharing your work with us and for the tutorials (lots of work I'm sure). Your projects are spectacular, sincerely.


Jim this album is just the greatest. You have the most unique ideas and the talent to carry it through. Thanks for sharing! I will be wishing and hoping with you for the G45 team on March the 2nd. Can't wait, I'm so excited for you!!!


Another great piece of work - wonderful album! Thanks so much for sharing your tutorial.


This is stunning. Such care to detail again. And I love the look and feel of it. Gorgeously dark and designer. Your collage of metal elements makes for a fantastic assemblage. In deep admiration of your talent sir. Pxx

becky jeffress

Outstanding! this is my new favorite art piece, thank you for sharing this and all your other creations...

Ella aka cmella04

JIm, you've done it again!!! Love this album. As much as I greatly appreciate you giving us the pattern, your work is so professional that I think you should charge for the pattern and DO USTREAM videos~ Thanks for sharing~

reta strong

Jim, i just wanted to say thank you so much for sharing your work with us. May you be blessed for doing the tut's for free, for those of us who are tight on money this is a blessing. Thank you for your very had work. i can't wait to get started on a book of my own. Thanks again and again

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