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Kelli Thomas

HaHaHa ... I was going to tell you your mama reminds me of Paula Deen! LOL, then I read what you wrote! Does she have a southern accent too? :)

Beautiful words you wrote about her. I am sure she was honored to have such a loving son! ask her to go make us all Mac and cheese! LOL :)


Beautiful sentiment Jim :) Hope you give her a great big hug when you next see her. Pxx


Moms are the best! They love you no matter what. Happy Belated Birthday.

Nancy Wethington

Love how you described your Mom and what she means to you. Sending birthday wishes her way.


Would she consider adoption?I think we would have a very good time. Unfortunately my Moma died over 40 yrs ago, but I never have stopped thinking about her. I get my desires to craft from her, she was always making something, it's in the blood! Reading your comments about your Moma gives me hope that my 13 yr son will always feel that way about me. Thanks for putting it out there!

Kim S.

Happiest of birthdays to your mama. I think it is just charming how much you love your mama and there is not a darn thing wrong with that!

tammy b

oh she is adorable! no mama here, so give your mama an extra squeeze when you see her ;)

Maria Cole

Aw Jim, what sweet things to say about your amazing mother - she sounds like one extraordinary lady! Hope you had fun celebrating her bday!

linda williamson

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jim's MOM!!!! You are so sweet to honor your Mom this way. You are a good son, nuthin wrong with being a Mama's boy.


Happy Birthday Sweet Nell!!!

You are a good son, Jim. Sorry to read about that page you put all that hard work into. I would probably be trying to glue it back together. LOL

My hubby has a riding mower. He loves to get out and mow and prune and dig too. I just love seeing all the flowers and clipping them to bring indoors. Of course, I spend a lot of time cooking for him when he is home.

Enjoy the Oscars...can't wait to see your project!!!

Nan G

Happy Bithday, Jim's Mom! My own mother has been gone 8 yrs now. She was always crocheting or knitting and Dad was always building so the creative gene is in the family. Thanks for sharing your Mother with us!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!! Jim hurry and post your Oscar thingie!!!

Barbara Albrecht


Jim...such a sweet way to honor the pictures...thank you. DD's birthday was the 18th, too...does that mean we're related...LOL!!!

Sheron N

My mom live with me as well as my daughter and yes we all get on fine, when we irritate each other we just shut up knowing it wont last and we will get over it. It took us a while to get here but we've been living in harmony for years now and its great, I just wish my son wasn't so far away but he's USAF and deployed but when her get to Texas I'm gonna go visit, I ain't been home to the States for over 20 years and yeas I do miss it.
Happy Birthday Jim's MAMA!


Jim, your mommy is so cute! My kids would think so too. They always point out older people to me that they think are cute and would make good grandparents, I don't know where they get that from ;). I have a 17 yr. old son gets teased by his siblings for being a mama's boy - he said: I am a mama's boy, what of it?! lol. Moms are proud of their mama's boys. Happy Birthday Jim's MOM!

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