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Just fabulous Jim, I am so excited for you you really deserve to go this way - Love the projects

Deb W

Good Luck Jim - I don't post comments very often but your work is awesome! You would be a huge assest to Graphic 45 - mad if they don't pick you!

Cathy Gomes

OMGosh! Can I say WOW! I am in love with the Olde Cuiosity Shoppe Panorama and the Gents watch box. Outstanding work Jim! It'all great work but those two are my favorites! Bravo!!!


GO JIM!!!!! G45 would be mad if they didn't snap you up in a shot. As these projects show, you are a very skilled and precise crafter. And this post is superb. It's wonderful to see all your recent projects together. It highlights how exquisite your style is. You are a shoe in my friend. :) Px


I dare to congratulate in advance!
They are totally crazy if they do not realize what an amazing talent you have.
Love all your creations and these are no exception, wonderful, amazing and breathtaking.
Love those flying pigs ....

Wish you good luck! (do not think you need it, your talent speaks for itself)

Nancy Wethington

WOW! These projects blew me away. Good luck to you. Your work is genius!


If Graphic 45 don't take you on board Jim, they are missing out on some extreme talent!!!! I'd go as far as to say your a shoe in my friend! Your work is brilliant.
Although I do wonder how you afford all those gorgeous metal Tim Holtz and G45 embellishment lol!!


The only reason you are SO gifted is because I wouldn't share my toys with you, so you had to make your may kiss me next time you see me :D!!! OVER THE TOP BUD!!! Love each one, and I predict Graphic 45 will too, watch out paper crafting world, a storm's coming!!


You go Jim!!!!! Wishing you the best of luck. Graphic 45 would be crazy not to choose you. Your creations are definitely Graphic 45. You inspire me to buy their paper.


You would be a definite asset to any designing team. Good luck!

Sheron N

Like the others have said G45 would be insane to not have you on their team but I will wish you good luck just in case they are insane.

Gerriann Armstrong

Wow this is amazing work. I love everything and really want to learn to make the traveling wine case. Super talented. I cant wait to hear if you made it! Great Job Jim!


Amazing projects! G45 shouldn't hesitate to pick you!

Kim S.

When you are rich and famous and running your own paper/embellishment company, please don't forget us little people who love your craft and inspiration.


I've been following your blog since Tim mentioned it, and I've loved everything. G45 would be crazy not to select you.


Wow Wow Wow-your projects are amazing! Good luck! (of course they would be crazy not to pick you!!!!)


it would be a crime if they didn't pick you.


I found your blog in Pinterest and IT'S ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC AND VERY INSPIRING!.....

Good luck with your audition!..... I'm shocked with your work....really!

Greetings from Spain



I just knew that this was what you would announce. It was easy to figure since you have been posting such fabulous projects made with G45 products.
Best of luck even though luck will have nothing to do with it...your impeccable work says it all.

Pamela Davis

What can be said that hasn't already? I had a feeling that this is what you have been doing and I can say with absolute confidence that your time has been well spent. I'd wish you all the luck with your audition but with your crazy talent it wouldn't be luck that gets you a spot on that design team. Will now sit and wait for the announcement.

Pam Davis


Outstanding work! I wish you the best of luck with G45. They would be so lucky to have you! New follower.

Ann P

You are so incredibly talented, Jim, that I can't imagine Graphic 45 turning you down! You have so many fans! Good luck! I'm going to cross my fingers for you (and my toes). :)

Margaret Ann Moffat

amazing work G45 would be nuts not to have you on their team Sir Jim

Barbara Albrecht

Hummmm...I commented about 30 min ago and just came back to see more my comment is gone...strange... here's close to what I said before...There aren't enough describe your projects..amazing, gorgeous, fantastic, awesome, beautiful, inspired, fabulous, over the top...shall I go on?

Even though I knew what you were doing there is no way I imagined work this wonderful. G45 is crazy if they don't put you on the DT!!! I can so see any one of these projects at CHA this summer...or all of them...LOL!!!


You ROCK - go the men..... lol Good luck i have fingers crossed for you!!


It's a lock, Jim...they HAVE to choose you! Luck x a gazillion!



WOW! Good luck for you!!!


I sure hope G45 looks at the comments on your blog. The best advertisement for yourself are your followers. That said, you are consistently creative, detailed and imaginative. I am amazed each time you post a new project. But most of all Jim you are funny, entertaining and humble. When you get the G45 assignment,and you will :) stay that way and you will succeed beyond your wildest imagination(which is pretty wild!)


You have hit it out of the park!

Go Jim!

I love the Flying Pigs! :)


HOLY MOLY Jim...these projects are beyond amazing! If you don't make the cut I'm writing G45..the pigs flying should absolutely seal the deal for ya! Genius!!! I want to make them all..would buy your tutorials, seriously! Best of luck...lets hear for the MAN!

Gail E

I thought this was what you were hinting at! You are so talented and your projects are always amazing! Wishing you the best of luck, Jim

Julie Tucker-Wolek

Wow wow wow wow wow!!!! You are amazing!! I am BLOWN away!! You are WOW!!! Good luck with the call!!


Just amazing work. Absolutely fabulous! No doubt you will make the design team. Have you thought of doing some ustream classes?


You are going up against some stiff competition but your project are fabulous and worthy! I wish you the best! Go get 'em!

Annette Alexander

Jim you should be a shoe in for graphic 45, your style of desing is fantastic, if they don't select you they are crzy,. Your detail to each or your designs is amazing. I know we will see your name on the list of those who will be on the design team. You will be a perfect fit. Wow!!!!!!!!!is all I can say. Keep sharing your wonderful talent with the scrapbook world, YOUR AMAZING !!!!!!!


Wow you are very talentend Jim . I wish you luck with Graphic45. France


I'm going to say the same thing - they'd be crazy not to choose you! Your stuff is awesome!

Nan G

Oh my word, Jim!! If G45 doesn't select you we will rebel!!! Love love the flying pigs panorama! And the Steampunk debutante is to dye for! All of your projects are so inspiring and your tuts are fabulously done! Crossed toes (fingers aren't working today) for you! LoL


These are incredible projects. So creative and inspiring! You DESERVE a spot on the design team - your projects always make me stop and look...Amazing! Best of luck with your "audition"!




Wish G45 would let us vote - your projects are always amazing!



Amazing work. G45 would be nuts not to pick you up!


Uncle Buba these are gorgeous! I knew the Hull kids got inspiration from our momma, but I would be lying if I said a large part didn't come from you too! I think you stand a good chance to win this one! So good. Good luck!

Nancy Powell

Go Jim Go! If you don't make it something is wrong. Your work is fabulous.

Wendy H

Your projects are amazing Jim. I really like the mens watch box. That is great. G45 sould be honored that you would like to design for them. You have my vote.

Shelly Hickox

You are amazing. Seriously. I'm speechless every time I look at the things you create. Good luck with the DT. They would be crazy not to have you!

Lacey aka Craft Donkey

Wooo Hooo Love all of these. They'd be insane to hot accept you. Your work is amazing and your a guy to boot, which I adore!!


Your creativity is amazing ... as always! You will make a great addition to their design team!

linda williamson

OMG your designs are fabulous,Jim,I just know you will get picked for the design team.Come on, now when are you going to do a Ustream class? I love Laura and Kathryn to death, but we need a mans point of view too. lol good luck


Wow! Awesome job Jim! Love how you did the flying pigs! I will be rooting for you! Best wishes in your endeavor!!!

Estelle in Hernando, MS

Jim, your projects are awesome! I surely hope you are chosen as one of their designers. You are in the same class with Laura, Kathy and Kathryn in my opinion.
Good Luck!

aka mamahowe


Good Luck Jim! I have been following you for awhile now,(since the first post) and I am always blown away by what you create. My husband is even impressed and asks about your latest projects. Graphic 45 will be lucky to have you.


You NEED to win seeing as all of your projects are so totally awesome. I think Graphic 45 will snap you up in a heartbeat!! Best of luck!


omg u ROCK! Can I ask...tutorials or kits??? Love your work! Btw came over after hearing your blog address on Laura Denison's ustream.

Donna (midnightscrapper)

mouth dropping to the floor, G45 will be silly not to have you on board! wtg! totally stunning.

Lynn Wild

Good Luck Jim - not that you need it as Graphic 45 are bound to recognise sheer talent when they see it! I have been following your blog since Tim Holtz recommended it and I never cease to be amazed at the wonderful things which you seem to create so effortlessly. You are so modest and share your creativity so freely that it is an absolute pleasure to read your blog. All your projects are amazing but I particularly like the wonderful heart box (is there a tutorial for this please?) and the stacked book drawers.
Looking forward to reading that you have been snapped up for the design team soon.

Lynn Wild

Laura Carson

Well you rock. Love your art. So happy I stumbled upon your blog.


Best of luck Jim. I can't wait to see you announced as part of the G45 team. You deserve it and thanks so much for continuing to inspire me! xo

Jim - You have an amazing talent! Your attention to detail is impressive and I always look forward to what you produce next. I think the G45 team needs YOU! Good luck!


Oh Jim, i am so excited for you. You talent is amazing. i hope you and my friend Monique from butter bee scraps make the team. You are so diverse and expressive, A true inspiration to me. When will we know???


Wow! Heard about you from Laura's Ustream class and just wanted to say how BRILLIANT your designs are. Wishing you the very best of luck - I can't see how Graphic 45 could NOT have you on their 2012 team.


totally awesome!!! that is all :)

Good Luck

Mayra Berrocal

you are really good!, you are going to be in the team.. not doubt about it.. (G. 45 is not crazy)

WOW!!! that’s all I can say… this is truly amazing… seriously, if G45 doesn’t snatch you up now… someone else will… and it would be G45 loss

Andrew H

I really like your use of materials here, and the concepts are great. Best of luck!

Kathleen Scott

Jim, Amazing designs. I am jeolous of your talent and your creations. I am proud of you for reaching for the stars and pursuing the G 45 design team opportunity. Keep creating and my G45 choose you!!!

S Howard

Jim - these are truly fabulous pieces, your design sense and attention to detail are amazing. Best of luck in this competition, and may the best "man" win!! You are the best!

Kevin Graves

JIM! I am so excited at this news. Your work is so innovative. It's STEAMPUNK meets Victorian meets little boy secret compartment love that I have never lost. I want ALL those things pictured above. I have seen many crafters and I am all over Etsy, Pinterest, and you name it, but I have never seen crafting with your edge before. It is all so fresh yet so reminiscent of the past. I just know that you are on your way to the next level! You constantly top what you have done before. That Tiny Treasures box is OFF the CHAIN. I hope to meet you someday soon. I am so in awe of your talent!

Virginia Kappler

Jim, I am so proud of you and your work is absolutely brilliant! I am well aware of your creative genius, having worked with you for several years, but these projects are beyond genius!! I can't wait to hear the outcome of this competition. You so deserve to win this. No one can match your talent!


You're work is AWESOME! Thank you for sharing! The Graphic 45 team would be crazy not to pick you, and so lucky to have you!! Good luck.

patti snyder

WOW! so many amazing creations! Wishing you all the luck but Your work is phenomenal! What a great addition to their team you would make!


Oh my goodness! I might as well give up this battle for the DT sport ringt now... Your projects rock!! I especially love the book drawers. Good luck!


You seriously did an amazing job! I own a craft supply shop and I just placed and order to carry Graphic 45 papers last week! So they're on the way. I picked to first carry the "Olde Curiousity Shoppe" and the "Graphic 45's Staples" along with a few stamp set from other lines too. I am just so in love with their papers. You really made the paper come to life. I'm sure you are really busy crafting all the time, but if you ever get bored, please feel free to check out my blog at :) . I'm not nearly as good as you since I just started my crafting a few months ago.

Twyla Roddy

you go, Jim, great items.

Trudie (Crazy Lady Crafts)

Gentleman Jim: I'm completely enchanted!! I love your blog, and your creations are jaw-dropping! Thank you so much for sharing. And thanks to Laura's show for pointing us to your blog. Keep up the fantastic work. (Will you be my Personal Paper Shopper?)


Good Luck!!! and I LOVE the wine box, so cool!

Theresa Grdina

LOVE your projects!! And Graphic 45 should love them, too!! Good luck. You would be an asset to the team!


Amazing stuff! I especially love the traveling wine box!


What a talent you have! Your designs reflect that which can only be described as a GIFT! Incredible! I adore the wine box.


Is your head swollen yet? Look at all these amazing comments. When will you find out about G45?

Tony Stubblefield

Argh! I almost missed these. I hate my blog list here on my work computer as it isn't showing me everybody (ssssshhhhh, don't tell I am looking at work). So beautiful and creative, I don't think you could have put together a better portfolio. Good luck, I am sure you will do great.

On a personal note, you will be happy to know I am one step closer to making my very own box project. In honor of you I bought some scor-tape over the weekend when I visited my hometown scrapbook store. Now I just have to figure out how to use it!


WOW! Great work. The creativity and detail is amazing. G45 should definitely have you on their team.

Marsha Attal

I just found this website, and all I can say is "WOW!" I am blown away by the amazing things you can do! You are SO creative. I really hope Graphic 45 selects would be such an asset!

drew emborsky

Your work is amazing! I wish you luck!!


I think you are in! How can they not love what you've done. I've seen all the projects you have posted on your blog and I think you are an amazing designer. Best of luck!


Wow, so awesome! How did you get the paper so
Hoping to get mine up by the end of the week. Good luck!
Hugz, Z

Steven Macari

Oh My lord! Sir Jim all of this is so so so fantastic..........give u p the day job!!!!

Winner for me


Hi Jim...I've been out of town so missed this. I do wish you luck. You would be great on the G45 team. I do love the Traveling Wine Box, the Stacked Book Drawers and the Gent's Watch Box. If all those are yours, OMG!!! you have more watches than I have bras. LOL Good Luck and a Big HUG from Atlanta.

tammy b

i seriously can't imagine you NOT getting this! so happy for you throwing your metaphorical hat in the ring!

Christi Ucherek

Beautiful work Jim! Keep up the great work!

Robin Shakoor

I cannot begin to tell you how happy I am to see this post! Jim, you are wonderful and your designs are just amazing. I would love to see you as a member of this fantastic team.

Cindy Fahrbach

Wow-wow-WOW! I love your projects. They are imaginative, beautifully executed and totally in tune with the flavor of G45. They are all incredible, but my absolute favorites are the panorama (yeah... when pigs FLY!) and the traveling wine box. FABULOUS!!! Wishing you the best on the call.


Wow!! GREAT work!! Best of luck!!


you make the most beautiful things!
found you on paper phenomenon and i have to say i'm a fan!

Patti n SLC

Jim, You are an extremely talented designer with a very special vision. Love all your "stuff" Sending good luck wishes your way

Tara Orr

Jim - SO very glad to see this post! I am totally in love with your fantastic altered items and personally think that G45 papers were made for you and your creative mind! Best of luck on your application (not that you'll need it) into the first round!!

Annette Green

I think I just fainted. You are amazing Jim. So inspiring. Sort of wish I hadn't entered the same audition until I saw your unbelievable artwork first. I would have worked A LOT harder. Congrats in advance because my dear sir are IN!

becky jeffress

You are killing me, I see more and more fabulous things, each one I want to come over and get my hands on. Thank you for sharing your talent, amazing.


Oh mylanta! All hail to you... talent abounds!


What can I say that hasn't been said! Your projects are outstanding and if you could all have a vote, you would be the winner! Beautiful work and thank you for sharing some of your projects with us!

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