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LOL.... I thought I lived in the back blocks but I dont have a dish to light the path to my door. As you say "patience" but at least that helps us lesser mortals to keep up with you and the monster cans. Im working on version 2 but it has diverged from the origional so dont know when it will finish now. Regards and thanks for the posts....


Any tutorials, or pictures of your amazine work are well worth the wait Jim!! You also must have more patience then me!! lol :o)


I can relate, sort of. I don't live in the "boonies", and I have all sorts of issues with our satellite - we live in a very windy part of the state and on windy days(which is from Sept - Apr) it cuts out. Luckily internet isn't as bad. We will be patient with you and mark our calendars. Just think of what you can craft since you aren't on the internet! It might be a blessing in diguise!


Your projects are worth waiting for Jim. You obviously put a lot of work into them to make them look so spectacular. We're the ones that need to be patient so that you can work your magic. As always THANKS FOR SHARING!

Pam P.

I'm in the boonies and can relate - we're so in the out-of-town that we have coyotes, goats, horses and cows in our yard - none of which belong to us. We finally have cable out here, so I'm constantly fighting with TWC about the internet. Seems it doesn't cope well with Macs, and the idiots in tech support only speak Windows. Hang in there, because we'll definitely wait for you.
In the meantime, what did you do about the snakes in the attic???

Barbara Albrecht

Oh NOOOOO!!!! I had a bunch of internet problems with my provider and it was AWFUL...days without a connection that I could count on. The reason we went with cable internet was to avoid dial-up and the dish. I've only heard bad things about the dish...especially in questionable weather...and we've had a LOT of wind lately.

Hope you get it all straightened out soon.

barbara moore

Jim why are u still up?????Big reveal can't wait! Camera Lights REVEAL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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