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YAY!!! I think I'm first commenting here. I am loving this project. I have so many projects to work on, but this mini will be at the top of my list. It looks fast and easy. Home Depot...Here I come!!!


Donna, yes, it's fast and easy. A great last minute gift. Oh, on the washers, you can get a huge box of the #6 washers for pennies at Home Depot. Think about how many colors you could alcohol ink these too! Tim's brad washers are hard to find. I heard somewhere they were discontinued. I always loved those brad washers! Too bad. If someone know where you can find them, let me know!

Thanks Donna! I need to pull out your cobbler recipe and give it a go again! Delicious!


Margaret Ann

wow fab idea for spine never thought i would use those hangers sir jim, love the pmta well done you


Amaazing! Thank you for the tutorial- Your generosity is so appreciated- I can not even imagine the time it must take to do a tutorial. Thank you!!!!

Pamela Davis

I love, love, love this. Thank you so much for sharing. Next you will have to do some classes. (There are still a couple nights left that we aren't watching Laura or Kathryn, LOL)I am serious, there are lots we could learn from you doing a live class.



Vintaj has some nice brass washers. I love your little hangers on the spine. I have some of those and never knew what to do with them. I actually used one this week to hang a "diamond" from a chain this week. Love this book. One day... so many projects... so little time!


just wonderful! of course the hangers are brilliant! and thanks for the tip on the washers! Thank you again!


Great mini! Love that spine! I'll have to try that.
Hugz, Z

Gail E

Ooooo! I love what you did to the spine!--just perfect for a fashionista mini album! I'm definitely going to have to try that! Thanks so much for the tutorial on the Policy Meets Tag mini!


Love this - love the spine. How do you think of this stuff? Unbelievable!! Great job.

Barbara Albrecht

Jim, again I'm sitting here drooling all over my keyboard!!! Love what you've done...especially the hanger do you think up these things?!?!?!

Can't wait to see what you're doing this weekend!!!


your work is amazing. I know when I click the button, yes you are on my desk top, that i am going to see something very special. Thank you for sharing your artistry!


An amazing spine - I love it and will definitely add the hangers to my wish list. I could never imagine how to incorporate them into a project. Thank you for sharing your ideas and the tutorials are such a great bonus.

Lori C

Fantastic binding! I just love it. Thanks for sharing all you do with us. It's much appreciated.

Lynn Wild

I love what you've done with the hangers on the spine Jim. I've got some of these but haven't used them yet. I wish I could come up with original ideas like you do - you should write a book!



Oh my gosh ... the spine is just to darn cool. Loving this. Awesome, awesome, awesome.


can I just rock! Love reading your posts - they make me smile! It is so amazing to hear about the joys that this crafting world brings you (and then of course the rest of us)! Keep it coming....we're not going anywhere!


Jim, is this my birthday present??? LOVE IT!!! You can just send it to the shop to my attention.

And still counting the days till the announcement!!

Sheron N

I swear never in a million years would I have thought of such a cool way to do the spine and can you tell me 'cause its not 100% clear in the pic what are the tags attached to the rings with?


I get such a giggle just looking at how you put things together. Awesomely original. Have to get those hangers out and play some more with them. I can't believe your blog is just a few months old. Glad you decided to share.


Apologies for not commenting on this sooner. I thought i'd already left one. Yet another glorious, talented piece. Love how it's got a whole different feel to it with the softer elements this time around. And the hangers holding the ribbon is inspired. Would never have thought to incorporate them in such a way. Brilliant! Pxx

linda williamson

I love your spine design I might have to use that idea. Love everything you do ,have a great weekend jim


OMG! I love this album and the techniques...that spine is awesome~so you know need to do your own video's cause I sure as heck would watch!!!
Ella aka cmella04

Annette Alexander

love the hangers on the spine, when they came out with them, I thought there we so cute,and had to buy them, just was not sure how I was going to use them. So if okay would like to scraplift for the spine of one of mini albums. Your talent is incredible, keep up the creativity and love your tutorials as well.

Cindy Click

Love it. This paper line is one of my favorites. The hanger idea is amazing. Do you sleep at night? I bet you have a sketch book by the side of your bed so when an idea pops in your mind, you won't forget it. I love your double spine effect. What can I say. You had me at "Fashionista!"


I am but a mere novice at scrapbooking. Thank you for sharing your creativity, I can only aspire to make mine come out decent.

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