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Barbara Albrecht

Hey Jim...I can use a good yard mean...MAN...LOL!!!

Hope you got the lawn cut and the scor-tape under control.

Can't wait to see what you've got up your sleeve this time!!


Argghhh yes I can sympathise with your passionate outburst and choice words. There's been a few of them here in my craft room too. Those are the projects I don't blog haha. However I have a poster on my wall, a quote by the wonderful Grayson Perry...Creativity is Mistakes. That can help keep me grounded. Unfortunately I don't have a lawn big enough for a sit-on mower. But you'd be welcome to trim anything overgrown lol. I opt for a walk in the woods instead. Nature soothes my frustrations. Pxx


I use UNDU to remove tape. It's amazing. Can't comment positively about it enough. They should pay me.
When you pour the liquid on your paper--the paper looks wet. No fear. It will dry. It will leave the tape behind so you need to pry the tape off while it's still wet.
If you're nervous...try it on a scrap first. Oh...and use it in a well ventilated area. It's a bit stinky.

The Gentleman Crafter

Thanks Janet!   I had left the roll of Scor-Tape out with about 8 inches of it exposed.  I have no idea how it jumped over there onto my paper!  When i pulled it up gently, It pulled the paper with it.  I knew better!  I guess I will have to get some Undu.  I had heard several people comment on it.  Thanks!


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