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Fabulous Jim. Your boxes are so creative and the monster flowers really beautiful. Love it...

Gail E

Another wonderful project, Jim!!! I love the accordion of pockets--very creative! I am simply amazed at how you constructed the heart box! Thanks for sharing.


Stunned, speechless!!! So cool!
The chain assembly is marvellous, and the idea of "TEN things i love" is great.
Really looking forward to your next project.


Absolutely stunning! All that detail & craftmanship. Your recipient is going to be overjoyed with such a thoughtful, one-of-a-kind gift. Oh to have an ounce of your patience & talent. Px

Kerri-Jo Sharp

Great Job!!! I'm looking forward to your post on gifts for men for Valentine's day as well!!!

Pink Elf

Double wow. Take my hat off to you mr Gentleman

tony robson

absolutely stunning! a work of art and love! x

Pam P.

Gorgeous! I am in awe of your talent!


This is just awesome, as are all your projects. I admire your talent! Keep it up! I love to look at all your artwork.

Margaret Ann Moffat

wow I am blown away it is awesome Sir Jim


This is so so AWESOME...Just LOVE it...Di

Nancy Knight

I am in awe. Your talent is true genius! To be able to have an idea like this and have the skills to execute it at this level of quality - you are amazing!!



Barbara Albrecht

I'm totally in awe!!! This is gorgeous and so creative. You never cease to amaze me!! I know your loved one will love it!!!

I'm glad to see it finally posted...been checking and checking...must have gone to bed last night just before you posted.

The Gentleman Crafter

Thanks Lady Margaret!  Youre the best!!

The Gentleman Crafter

As Alaways, THANK YOU DeeMac!  Love ya!


The Gentleman Crafter


You and I have crafted so many things together!  Spent hours and hours on the phone talking about our projects!  You have endured my house at Christmas, which is an incredible challenge!  I have been privileged to be in your studio many times-inspiring to say the least!  I am honored to call you friend Nancy!  Thank you for kind words, friendship and support all these years!

Your Valentine,

The Gentleman Crafter

WOW!!  Thanks so much Sarah! 



You are one talented guy! I have been checking out your blog for months and continue to be blown away. I believe you could give Tim a run for his money!


Where do I start? First off, welcome back, as you can tell we missed you! Next you need to change your blog title to the Box Creator. I love the interactive workings of this one. I can only imagine how many pages the pdf is going to be, if you ever decide to do one, I wouldn't :). Finally, hmmmmm are we seeing the secret wild side of Sir Jim? Thanks for sharing.

The Gentleman Crafter


What a compliment Thanks!!  However, Tims the man!  What an incredible and brilliant mind he has!  Not to mention the talent and magic he brings to everything he touches!  I can only aspire to be even half as good!

Thanks Again!

The Gentleman Crafter

Thanks Lori! 

It was a fun project!  I dont think I have stared at an empty heart box for so long wondering what in tarnation I could do to it!  Between my gazing and satellite Internet problems(that wont be fixed until the 11th!...Dont move to a rural area unless you really love it!) there was a hitch in the posting!  HAHAHA!

Yes, if there was a pdf for this it would be voluminous to say the least!  I did take all the pictures and made all the notes though!  So maybe by next Valentines Day! :)  Todays project is less intense so hope to have it up later.  Ive been playing the timer game today!  Set the timer, work on cleaning the house, set the timer, work on the project, set the timer, fold the clothes, set the timer, work on the project!  See how that works?  LOL!  Obviously, the timer went off ten minutes ago and Im still here on the computer!  Better get running!

Thanks Again Lori!

Denice Metz

this is wonderful


OMG, this is such a unique box. "Lucky" is the person who scores this for Valentines. Thanks for inspiring us with your creativity.

The Gentleman Crafter

Thanks Denice! Appreciate your comment! :)


The Gentleman Crafter


Thanks your kind words! 



This is so unique and inovative!! I absolutely love it. Thank you for the inspiration.

Geri Luna Wilson

You just blow me away, Mr. Hankins...indeed, you do!!! Perfecto!!!


Absolutely gorgeous. Please consider an email notice of postings. I don't want to miss a thing.


WOW!!! Awesome heart box! Can't wait for the tutorial!

Nan G

OMG! How do you come up with these ideas?! This is the most fabulous box ever! Hey, have you met a gentleman by the name of Tim Holtz....your creative genius is next to his hands down! Bravo Mr Crafter bravo!!

The Gentleman Crafter

Thanks so much Nan!



Wow Jim, very nice! You have such a good eye for color combos that are very pleasing to look at. Your projects are so yummy looking. TFS.

Wendy H

Wow!! Love the box, was not expecting it to open up like that. Stunning. When are you going to start your own ustream show ( oh yes, boonies, internet, ect.. never mind. ) Keep up the great work and Thanks for sharing.


no surprise how great this valentine box is .it was created by the ever so gifted Jim. It is fantastic!!!!!Thanks for sharing. Bobbie

Debbie T

OMG...You are amazing :) Thanks for showing us your creations.

linda williamson

So beautiful Jim, you are so creative. Watch out Tim Holtz!

The Gentleman Crafter

Bobbie!  How are you?  I miss seeing your happy sweet face at Michaels!  Thanks for your ever so kind words!  Bless you my friend!


tim holtz

awesome work jim! i tip my hat to you and thank you for sharing your creativity with the world. love your style man... -tim

The Gentleman Crafter

Thanks Tim! You rock!


Sent from my iPad

Shelly  Hickox

You are so incredibly talented! Honestly, I am speechless. You are going on my blogroll - stat!!

Oh, I just noticed Tim posted above me! Guess I'm not alone in my admiration. ;-)


WOW! I can't begin to express my awe at this project. I just don't know how you do it. Gorgeous! Keep up the great work. I love visiting your blog.

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