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Sally Edmonds aka Pixie Camembert

Hi, Jim. I LOVE IKEA, too. I live between TWO of them (Sacramento and Emeryville) so can choose whichever one I want to visit. How lucky am I? I have used a LOT of their furniture for bookshelves and storage. My craft room and little cabin sewing room are filled with drawer cabinets - awesome! We'd love to see some of your organizational work. If you have the time and/or inclination!
Sally, A Fan in California


Jim, you gave me a good chuckle this morning. Would have loved to be a fly on the wall when you where trying to get the backing off your label tape! Been through the very same experience. Including labeling everything in sight. No IKEA anywhere near me, I live in the middle of nowhere northern Wisconsin. Sounds like a fun store to go to. Good luck with your organizing.


Ahh...thats just precious. Love it


I am so with you on the pain of "Ikea Finger" It takes a day or so to subside. My office/studio space is packed with those Ikea boxes!

I have an older P-touch labeler. The strips have no line or "helper" to help you peel them off. There are several "magic" words that seem to make the backing peel, but they aren't exactly suitable for web use. :)


Haven't checked in for a few days....been organizing too. Right there with you with the labels! (Maybe that's why I haven't labeled everything in sight.) Thanks for the tip!! Love your boxes, but most of all love your stories.

Tony Stubblefield

I LOVE those storage boxes. I have some of all three sizes (at least there were three last time I bought them). I have all my Stampin' Up! stamps in three of the big boxes. The others have all moved from craft storage to Christmas odds and ends. I have a number of the desk top wooden drawer systems from Ikea that I painted and distressed. I will have to take photos of those some time for posting. I also have a P-touch that I don't use all the time, but when I do it is a life saver. I have about half of my blending tools labeled that way and need to go back and relabel the others. I will have to check to see if my label material is scored down the center/ I agree they are a b*tch to get peeled off sometimes.

Cathy Gomes

Ya! I am interested in seeing a picture of these boxes from Ikea. Please do share. I just might have to visit that store soon! Thanks for sharing.

Linda  Pok

i dont live near an Ikea how about a Picture please

linda williamson

Jim your a hoot i wish i had a craft room in which to put some Ikea unfortunatly i only have the kitchen table to work on maybe one day

Barbara Albrecht

OK had me laughing out loud...with you...not at you...LOL!!

BTW...have my Treasure box and book finished...just need to embellish...will send you pics when it's completely complete...huh...did I really say that...LOL!!!

The Gentleman Crafter

YAYYY!!!  Were you ears burning today?  Karen Askew and I were talking about what a kind woman you were.

Oh that is wonderful!  Glad you finished them.  Would love to see pictures!



So funny Jim! I too love home organization... actually any organization, and even looking at organization "stuff" makes my heart beat faster! I also LOVE IKEA and limit myself on going there. Could be dangerous! I could definately be an organization stuff/scrapbook supply/paper hoarder.... watch for my episode coming soon! LOL

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