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Tony Stubblefield

I need to take a class on box making. I understand conceptually what you are doing in your great instructions, but in practice I think it is beyond me to tackle this on my own. Keep us the good work!

The Gentleman Crafter


If I could make baskets like you do, I would feel like I could do anything!  You are amazingly gifted.  It looks harder than it really is.  I just may have to break out of my scared little shy shell and do a Youtube or Ustream on this.  I keep threatening myself with Ustream, but I dont want to be the only one who shows up!  LOL!



I just love your work and thanks so much for the inspiration. Have just finnished my portable file folder and will set ti up on my blog (again your inspiration) in a while. Just love all this stuff

Patti n SLC

Another wonderful tutorial. You Rock, Jim. LOL I would show up to your UStream Party any time

The Gentleman Crafter

Thanks Patti!  Thanks for following the project.  Ok, so now I have two for a Ustream class!  Yahooo!



Glanced at the original post last night...went to comment on it this was gone! What a beautiful project! I'm glad to see that it was not lost in cyberspace.

Monica Carlton (aka Monkala)

Well, Jim, I would certainly show up for a ustream class. I think it would be great for you to do one (or a hundred...hee...hee). Love your projects!

Mary Thomas

Okay am I the only dummy who can't get the pdf?

Anyway, I felt so bad for you with all your struggles trying to get things posted - all for our enjoyment and I just wanted to let you know there are so many of us silently out here who really appreciate it!!

Mary thomas

oh - I dled PDF with IE ... firefox didn't like it Thanks so much :)

The Gentleman Crafter


Thanks for what you wrote.  It means a lot.  It is my honor.  Thank you for coming back to check out what foolishness I can get into! LOL!  I cant deny last night was a struggle!!!  LOL!  Ohhh the internet service in the country is truly the culprit!  Satellite!! Dont get me started!  LOL!  But I will add, when I called them to come out last week  I was expecting maybe a couple of days....they said they could make it out on Feb. 11th!  So, what can I say but accept!  LOL!

Thanks Again!

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