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Sheron N

I fall up the stairs more than I'd like to say but to do both that take some talent lol. Love the look of the St Michael's Woman's Exchange I think I could spend hours there.

LoriC must share your story. :)
As for Fossil, you are absolutely right, it will be their loss, big time. Don't they watch the news? Most people only have pennies to spend, not dollars. Ohhh I could go on, but I will get off, no wait, fall off my soap box. Tee hee. You have good taste, loved what you shared today(and so does Marsha!)


Thanks for sharing all the great things you've seen at the show.

As for Fossil, I've looked at their things many times. I've always deemed them too costly for the quality delivered. If I'm going out to buy "high end" Fossil is not it.

I predict it won't be long before they show up at SAMS club or BJS. :)

Barbara Albrecht

OMG...did Tim design the jewelry?!?!?! It really does look like Idea-ology stuff. HUMMM....a new career path for you, Jim.

And falling up the the down escalator...really...gotta laugh!! I'm a klutz but I don't think I've ever done that...LOL!!!

linda williamson

wow such beautiful stuff. You are right about the jewelry. Looks just like T!m made them himself, and isn't Marsha a caution. /glad you are having fun. Who needs Fossil anyway

Seline Price

I've loved looking at all your pictures the past few days. You definitely have a good eye! Not exactly sure how you fall up the down escalator but will allow you some dignity and not ask. As for Fossil, I doubt any customers will ask what happened to them.

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