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Gee do you ever sleep? Thanks for the post, will have to try this it is beautiful


Absolutely gorgeous...I'd love to try it, but I have this fear of slicing myself to death on the aluminum Great job on this!

The Gentleman Crafter


Thank You!  Sleep?  Whats Sleep?  LOL!


The Gentleman Crafter

Thanks Cait!  How about paper flowers?  LOL!  Also, I had commented last night about doing Tims technique on day 6 of the 12 Tags of Christmas and use the foil tape and glossy paper to cut the flowers.  Might look pretty cool! 



The box is AWESOME! Thank you so much for sharing! I have download the pdf part 1- thank you!!!!!!


Oh its so nice all done...Love it...Di


Wow !! And that box will be waiting for me when I get home from CHA? LOL


This box is so nice for any occasion. Thank you for your easy to follow instructions. PDF files are wonderful because you can work your way through the project page by page and save it for future reference, too. Never hesitate to post a PDF...hopefully Blogger can't mess that up!!

Barbara Albrecht

Simply lovely!!! Thanks for taking the TIME to make sure we got all your instructions.

Like Sarah said...PDF's are great for those of us who want to try our hand at making one of your projects.


OMG, pink!


someone is going to get a lovely surprise!

The Gentleman Crafter

Thanks Steven! 


AMAZING!! I love how this project came together and those flowers are GORGEOUS! Thank you for sharing the "how to"! Whoever is getting this box is going to LOOOOOVE it!

The Gentleman Crafter

Thanks Tons Christina!  I appreciate you looking!  It is my pleasure!



Fabulous!!! The flowers are gorgeous..thanks for sharing.
Hugz, Z

Gail E

Thanks so much for sharing another amazing project! --and many thanks for the PDF! I'm looking forward at making one (or several)!

Wendy H

This is beautiful. I saw a Monster van go by the other day and thought it would make a lot of flowers. Thanks for the great projects.

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