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Absolutely fantastic!!!!! I am blown away by your imagination and talent. I'm new to all this paper crafting stuff and it amazes me what people can do. Thanks so much for showing us!

Barbara Albrecht

OMG!!! Your chest of drawers and tray combo is soooooooo coooooooool!!! You really need to let Tim see this!!!

To bad Ikea isn't selling them anymore...there would be a frenzy to get one to "Tim-up".


Wow, amazing!

Sabine Schirm-Springob

It´s fantastic!!!!


Totally awesome! Love the way it turned out!

Heather aka momofcody

Theresa Grdina

This is fantastic! I love the handles on the side....and the's just GREAT! LOVE IT!

linda williamson

Wow! you are awesome,Jim, I see another Project popping up on T!m's Blog. You rock!


Love, Love, Love it!! Fabulous job!


It was worth the wait! Jim, it is amazing. I love the tray idea, grab and go. So now I am ready to work on mine. You gave me lots of ideas, like always. Okay, so now what are going to make next! Tee hee


Back again, after I have been studying it. Still amazing. Love the winges glued to the feet, love the clips holding the tags, just love it all. What glue do you use to glue the metal pieces together? Please don't say E6000. Mine always gets lumpy and dries out, have never had good luck with it except gluing my fingers together!

The Gentleman Crafter


LOL!  No E6000!!  Hahaha I used Glossy Accents to glue all metal pieces together.  This may be totally wrong but Im going to share anyway! 

I glue the metal pieces together and set them with the heat gun for a second.  Then I put them under a fan to dry.  Really speeds up the process. I bought one of those small 4 inch desk fans from Amazon:

Hope this helps!



This turned out awesome Jim. Like the winged feet and all your metal embellishments. That's where I have problems is trying to think of good embellishments. I'll have to take some ideas from you ;)

tammy b

ah jim you crack me up! the suggestion of raiders really stayed and it was truly appropriate! your creativity is brilliant and this is amazing, way to go! curious: does mrs. gentelman craft?


Lots of work but well worth it. This is great! I love the tray on the top. I can just see you pulling out embellishments and throwing them onto the tray while trying to figure out what other goodness you have available to use. Keep up the blogging - I love your hints.


WOW! I live in the land of IKEA and I've seen many of those, but none as gorgeous as yours! Thanks for the inspiration! Maybe my drawers will be transformed someday too :-)


Can I just say ... so Flippin Awesome! I love the whole thing, but the clock with the wings and the crown .... Genuissss! I finished my calendar/clock last weekend. Moving on to the valise gift holder. My daughters 20th birthday is coming up and I'm hoping it will fit an iPod Nano. You ROCK Jim. Keep it coming cuz I'm stayin tuned.

becky jeffress

Absolutely fantastic!!!! I haven't been on to your site but a little while and I am so excited to have found it. Your art is wonderful and I love the pics to show us the steps. Got to go look at some more of your site, love it, thanks for sharing your talent.


Regal & Fantastic!

Cindy Lietz

Oh Geez Jim that turned out real cool! Great idea to add the 'sifting through the pieces' tray. That way you could leave stuff you were still working on, in the tray, but still look like you cleaned up!

Ann P

Jim, you are amazing! I wish you lived in Canada... Have you thought of teaching any classes?

Pam B

Your work is just totally amazing. I love all the detail you put into each and every project. Have you ever thought about doing ustream classes? I think you would have a large number of followers!!

Jim... TheGentlemanCrafter/MenDoScrapToo

WOW! I'm so glad you all liked it. Each one of your comments are so appreciated and mean so much! Thank you all for the inspiration to keep going!


Victoria Sturdevant

The whole project is fantastic!!


Awesome box!


Fantastic! I love it!

Lisa Mallette (euphoriastamper)

Thoroughly fantastic! You have quite an eye for detail. Now for the important part: How do I get on your Christmas list???


This is an incredible project. So many stunning ideas. You've inspired me for similar projects I might do. Make sure Tim Holtz gets to see this work of art. He'll be impressed, I'm sure.
Keep up your creativity and thanks so much for sharing.
Gisa from Germany

Barbara Ford

Beyond words! Incredible!


Wow, Amazing, Awesome, awe.........these are a few words that hit me when I first saw the finished box and when I was looking at the pictures of all the metal you were using. It is absolutely gorgeous. I can see the Raiders of the Lost Ark a bit, now awaiting what treasures I'd see if I had just unearthed it and opening the drawers!

Kathy Eddy

Wow, this is just an amazing piece and it's very functional as well. It will look great in your studio!

Dawn B

Wow! amazing! Question though, what is the bottom made of? Just an ordinary box with the little config boxes inside?


Your sister who did the world a favor and didn't do you to much bodily damage when you were little, wants one of these INCREDIBLE BOXES...Please :)

susan salyer

what a wonderful piece of art. congratulations. I feel inspired to try but doubt if i have you patience.It is wonderful.

Karen Christopherson

Oh wow! I want one!

Gail Bales

Absolutely stunning! What an amazing job! I love this! WOW! WOW! WOW!
Gail in Oklahoma

Sheron N

Wow I can only say wow!

Patti n SLC

Love the ornate plates used as handles. Great touch. Another inspiring projct. Thanks Jim

The Gentleman Crafter

To my sister who damaged me by accidently pushing me off the dining room table when I was six...Anything for you my dear sister!  LOL!  Your wish is my command!  J.

Donna Jean Eno

Fantastic!!! Your altered box is amazing. I love how you used so many different ideology pieces to put it together and the colors are so bright. I can see how inspiring this will be as it sits ready to be used. Thank you for sharing the process and finished process with us.


Ok Jim, just when I wonder if you can top your previous projects you go over the top with your latest invention! Your talent i amazing! Keep them coming, I love them all! Have you considered teaching online classes? I'd be the first to sign up.

Sherry goodloe

Inspiring for SURE! Love it!

Anita Houston

I was playing the Raiders of the Lost Ark theme in my head the whole time since the beginning of reading then boom...there the ark cool!!! I totally see that! So functional as well. You really have an architectural crafting mind!!!

Jean D

love using the corners as feet for the tray, some very clever uses of the different embellishments.thanks for all the great pics, it helps to understand what you're explaining.


Freakin' stunning Jim!

Marjie Kemper

What a work of art! It is total eye candy. I bet it makes you smile every time you look at it.

Denise Daniel

Love it, Jim! Absolutely gorgeous. What a gifted artist you are!

Blessings, denise :D

Monique Stam

impressive...if I ever get a studio, I would love to do a variation of your wonderful design. We are all enjoying it very much.

Liz Walters

Jim. You are the BOMB!! Thank you for sharing your awesome work with us and enableing us to follow you with ease. I'd love to come and play in your studio. Mine is so messy from previous projects that my muse is lost in there!!! I must find her soon.
Thanks again for sharing.
Love, Liz
Liz Walters
Prescott, AZ

Tange Sigal

This project is amazing!!!!!!! I love it!!!
Thank-you so much for an inspiring piece of home decor/artwork/organizing system.


You shouldn't have been on the table! I used to stick pimentos up my brothers nose, with help from my sis, guess that explains a lot. That's what sisters are for, to teach you lessons. :D


Wow! I'm impressed!

Cathy Yamashita

OMG OMG OMG!!! That is so fantastic. What I love best is they way you combined embellishments. Very Creative.

Lynn Stevens

Great box and wonderful stepped out photos Gentleman Jim!

:0) Lynn


Lovin' it!

inga klaus

When I pick my jaw up I will finish typing ... just give me minute to digest the pics again. I honestly do not even know where to begin .... That is amazing. I so love it! Thank you so much for sharing a wonderful talent :)


Oh my goodness Jum - you outdid yourself ! Amazing. Thank you for the inspiration and the time taken with all those photos. Really wonderful work here.

Kathy Files

Totally FAB!!!!!!!!!!!!I love it. I think you may have my address. I wont tell anyone you sent this to me (wink).



This is amazing. At first it was nice, good, interesting.... then your finishing post took it over the top! Great creative ideas! I think the wings are my favorite. I have always loved wings, but really ... what do you do with them?? Brilliant idea, and I am definitely going to have to copy you! So much to love on this project! I certainly hope you send a pix to Tim. One question ... you used distress ink to color your metal feet, wings etc. I would have used alcohol inks. How did you get the ink to stay on metal?

Dina aka deemac

OMG Jim please invite me over for a lesson and some scrapping sessions pretty please with sugar on top, i am totally willing to travel!! {{{hugs}}}

Diana Ramsey

This is incredible! I am inspired to do something like this myself just to get my stuff (at least partially) organized. I have a lot of "stuff".


This is AMAZING Jim!!! Just crazy amazing! I love it!

Seline Price

Fantastic box, Jim! I especially like the wings you added to the feet as they really added something.


luv it! Im sure Tim will too!


This is great! You've inspired me to attempt something similar but different!


Deb Neerman

Saw your post on ATT and decided to c'mon over and check it out.

Well, pick-me-up-and-dust-me-off!!! This is incredible ... you've created such an amazing work-of-art!! And I love how you pieced together your Ideology pieces to create something new and wonderful!

Great job; I love it!

Evelyn in Oregon

Wow is all I can say!!! It's ingenious, creative, and fabulous. I so admire people with this type of creation vision....and the skill to carry it out.

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