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Love, love this idea. I can figure out all the parts and pieces except what did you use for the large black dividers? Is that just cardstock? or something stiffer? I am so going to do something like this for my living room. Thanks for the idea. I am really enjoying your blog by the way. Happy New Year.


WOW!!! Fantastic!!! All you scrapbooky people(you, Laura, Kathryn) might get me to actually make a mini album yet!!! Love the colors. Great Job!

Barbara Albrecht

This project is super cool. I'm going to have to check Laura's blog to see if I can find it. I've only just discovered her through you. Thanks for sharing!

Cathy Gomes

Jim you box is beautiful. These look very similar to the boxes that were in the Somersets Holiday Magazine? My friends and I saw them and decided to make them as our 25days of December journals. We usually make a mini album for this project every year and thought this would be fun to make a card for everyday and a journal card/picture. You can come see them at or my friends blog at We spent many late night up crafting and laughing making these boxes! Thanks for sharing your beautiful and inspirational ideas? Happy New Years!

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