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Cassandra Bright

WOW! Your home looks beautiful and your decorations take my breath away!!!! They are all stunning, you have superb taste!! Merry Xmas :o)

Paula Lynne aka ScrapFX

Beautiful!! I want to spend Christmas at your house, mine looks way more boring!!! Thank you so much for sharing your house with us Jim.

Pam P.

Absolutely gorgeous! Southern Living should do a spread on your "little house in the country!"


So beautiful! If I decorated like that I would not take this down on the 26th- lol!. And I would invite the world over to see it- oh the entertaining.....

Patti n SLC

Fantastic Gentlemen Jim Looks like the perfect enviroment for a wonderful holiday season


It is beautiful. You are one talented guy. Do us a favor, next year post these pics(2011) in November so we can be inspired. Makes me sad that I don't have up my "glass ornament" tree this year, but I will be happy when I have to take down everything, just throw them in the box, done! Ha Ha! Merry Christmas Jim, now go enjoy it!

Carla Bowlin

Wow, wow, wow....everything is just gorgeous. Those stockings for the"kids" are so sweet.
My house always looks so dreary when the decorations get put away.

Barbara Albrecht

in a word...GORGEOUS!!! let me like Santa!!! thanks for sharing!!!

Tony Stubblefield

Holly shiitake mushrooms! Do the lights dim in your neighborhood when you turn everything on in your house? LOL I would be too tired to take it down on the 26th. I have my holiday party a couple weeks after the holidays so it is a good excuse to leave my decorations up longer.


Jim...your house is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. I wish you lived by and I could be scrap buddies! I just shared your blog address with my scrap friends. They are going to love your blog as much as I do. You are a great inspiration and you are so talented. Thank you for sharing and I hope you and your family have a wonderful Holiday season.

Beverly Hubbard

Every thing is absolutely beautiful. Wish I had some of your talent. When I have more time I will go back and study each picture. How long has it taken you to collect so many ornaments?

Beverly Hubbard

Nancy Powell

Your house is absolutely breathe taking. You must have put in hours and hours of work on this. Beautiful!


So lovely ..... your house belongs on HGTV!

Sally Edmonds aka Pixie Camembert

S.P.E.C.T.A.C.U.L.A.R! Absolutely fabulous! They used to have a decorated homes tour in Sacramento and yours reminds me of some of them. Hey, I have an Ellie, too! Happy Holidays to you. Thanks so much for sharing.

Lynne's all I can say!

Tomi Jo

Jim, your home is BEAUTIFUL. So, you take it down on the 26th----when do you finish?---about the 4th of July. LOL
You are very talented and I really enjoy your site.
Have a blessed CHRISTmas and give your little Mama lots of love. Tomi Jo


Awesome! Thank you for sharing photos of your fantastic Christmas home. Obviously a labor of love. Bet you did the needlepoint stockings too.


What a beautiful home you have Jim. You have done such a good job. I wish I could see it in person. xxx

Margaret Ann Moffat

thank you for sharing your home with us it is lovely and definitely shouts Christmas in an elegant way. Have a love Christmas and a joyous New Year.

Charlotte- Marie

I want to visit!

Margaret Ann Moffat

Hi Jim, just thought I would share this, in the free newspaper in Glasgow there is an advert for men's cologne and right across the top in large letters it said

The Gentleman Crafter

Come On!  Your Welcome anytime!


Jim... TheGentlemanCrafter/MenDoScrapToo


That's Hysterical! Well, there goes my last bit of hope to change this world from pink to olive drab!!! They were obviously drinking the cologne instead of applying it to their persons.


Could you point out which bulb was the last one hung? Don't you ever wish that there was some way of storing everything just the way it is now? The worst part of any holiday is undecorating...but I have certainly enjoyed looking at your decorations and I thought my sister was over the top...cannot wait to show her yours! Merry Christmas, Konnie


Yes Michelle,......there really is a Santa Claus and his name is Jim!
I am late to checking my blogs and ran across yours. What a beautiful home..thanks for sharing....Cheers!


HOLY COW!!! I knew I needed you to help with my tree. I love your home and all your decorations. My whole house is transformed, from the bathrooms to the kitchen dishes. I have a huge village I put up and I hate taking it all down. I keep telling my hubby, it's bad luck to take it down before New Years. LOL

I need to know your secret on how to get all those ornaments on the tree. Mine don't hang right. I'm still moving them around.

linda williamson

hi Jim, just saw the pics of your Christmas decorations, and they are just beautiful I want you to decorate my house next year lol

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