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Ann Lee

I've got my husband, left brain, in looking at your studio. Great job. 2012, the year or re-organization. Thanks.

Lynn Wild

What a fabulous studio! Mine is only very small and I can't actually get inside it at the moment because of all the stash piled up in there! I need to take a leaf out of your book and have a good tidy up I think ... then I might be able to start making my Christmas cards!

Lynn Wild, UK.


What a fabulous studio... I'm super jealous but in a good way! ;) Love your work!!


man i am envious of your space!!
woww!! i would love a workroom like that!! i have a drop-leaf table in the corner of my bedroom!! lol!
keep up the awesome work - it gives such inspiration!
all the best from the uk

Tony Stubblefield

Holly crap! I have a room that I thought was really organized, but it is a pigsty in comparison. I need to go clean and organize.

Lori Welter

This space is fabulous! I am so jealous!


Love your studio ... the wings are awesome. So glad you've joined the blog world.

Pam P.

I think even my creative block would be lifted in that room!


awesome studio Jim....I'm taking notes for the new studio in the house I'm going to build. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the wings.... where did you find them?

jrow....aka...Jennifer Rowland


Yeah, I have "space envy" too. What a wonderful, creative place to work. Love it. Thanks for sharing.

Sue Irvine

OMG!!! Gorgeous place to play!!!


I am moving in with you. Do you have a 2nd bedroom??? LOL I have a large room, but there isn't a lot of wall space because of door and windows. I'm tempted to move to a smaller room with walls. LOL

But I love your space!!! Love the red curtains with the wood and black shelving. The angel wings are cool. How many Cricuts do you have???

Bev Leeson

WOW! Now that really is a Studio. An AWESOME Studio. It's just AMAZING. Do I sound a little bit Jealous Yet? I also have a whole Room but could never get it to look anything like yours. Don't know who thought rooms needed Wardrobes and Windows anyway LOL. I LOVE it Jim and I'm sure it's a place you adore being in, I would. Great Tidy Up, if you ever get the urge to come and visit Down Under, We still have a Guest Room Too. HaHaHa.........

The Gentleman Crafter


Your welcome here too! LOL!


The Gentleman Crafter

Gail E

What a wonderful studio --so much natural light. (Although I'm grateful to have a work space, it is a small area in the basement and the lighting is not so wonderful). Love the desk and organization! Have fun creating! So glad I finally had the time you check out your blog --am so enjoying it! Many thanks.

kay (texfolkart)

what a beautiful studio....but how long will it stay this tidy....mine would last about 30 minutes...(15 minutes to admire it before i started working in it!!!!)

The Gentleman Crafter

Oh, it didnt last 5 minutes after this picture was posted! LOL!


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