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Kim Thomas

Wow, I'm in awe!!! It's awesome. :)

Tammy Tutterow

Totally amazing!

Su Gould

I love Mr. Roboto! I would never have thought outside the box like this :)



Mamavamp Angie

I'm loving MR ROBOTO. Your intro blog sounds a lot like me. I would use my dad's old TV parts & TV tubes ('member those?) He was a TV repair man & I had a blast tinkering with the spare parts. Happy to be following your blog! I look forward to more fun stuff... ART!!! ~Angie

Kelly Heggem

The process of creativity never ceases to amaze or inspire me! Thanks for sharing :)


Jim... This is just too cool!!! Wow...


Such amazing work!!! Just love it!

Liz Thogersen



Way Cool...Welcome to the world of Blogs and sharing your work!

Rani Macias

Wow. And again, Wow. Thank you for sharing your wonderful art. Enjoyed reading your blog, too. I don't have much time to read blogs; intrigued by Tim Holtz's mention of your art in his blog, I'm glad I took the time to stop and peruse. Keep up the great work/play. :)

Lara Carson

this is just amazing! So creative!


So glad you found the blog world so you can share your creativity with the rest of us. Nice job on the robot, I love that his head opens to include an album! Fantastic, and share more, please.....

Jean D

Glad you decided to blog, and share your ideology man. I love the way you used all of the goodies, and esp. like the mini-album tucked into the head. It's an inspiration to those of us with a similar stash just waiting to evolve into a new creation.

I suppose when Tim Holtz says you need a blog, you need a blog! Congrats on getting such mad props!

Annette Green

Consider yourself bookmarked! This is an amazing project and I can tell that I will enjoy the reading material you will provide in the future. Welcome to the Blogosphere. I bow in your general direction.


Thanks for sharing Jim! Totally amazing!

Margaret in AZ

Jim, welcome to the crazy world of blogging. Loved your creation!!! He's quite man-ly!!! Beautiful work!!

Cash Wall Browning-Smith

FANTASTIC and keep up the GREAT WORK!


This is fantastic!! If only I could be so creative as you. Keep up the great work.

Hels Sheridan

Hey Jim, I just hopped here from Tim's blog... how cool is Roboto... what a fab idea!!! Love your introduction, sounds like you and your Mum have a really special relationship.. nice to "see" you in Blogland... and hope to see more of your creations soon!


Jim - Tim is right - this is fabulous and original - love the creative use of Tim stuff! And now you have a link from Tim's site - that kinda makes you famous!!!

Yelowflower Mo

that is just awesome! good job

Janny F

What an awesome and creative project! Thanks for sharing, got to love the Tim Holtz !


So nice to meet you. Like your mom, everything my son has ever given me I still have. One of these days I'll create something with the six (yes six) large boxes of rocks I have that he thought were special enough to give to me. I can't wait to see what you create next.


Great start! Just keep up posts and projects like this, and you'll have quite a following. Seriously, we all like to see what others are doing. The more creative, the better!


Wow! Your creation is awesome! Thanks for sharing!

Danee Kaplan

First off- congrats…blogging is amazing. That first post is always the hardest because you don't' really know if anybody is going to read it. Sending a letter to the blogosphere addressed to no one is daunting. Second- lucky you. I've been building my blog for over a year and probably have never had the hits you will get today. Love the project, a little Tim and a little steampunk all wrapped up by you. I can't wait to see more…. and keep creating. You can open an Etsy shop and save your mom the space.


wow, at least your mum keeps your creations, my mum keeps them till I visit then hands them back to me, bless a mother's love x

Barbara T

Just saying Hello. Came to your blog via Tim. I will be back!

Dianne Blencoe

Tim sent me!!! That is so amazing!!

Diana Ramsey

So why do men think that crafting is only for women??? Your robot is lovely- if one can think of a robot of being lovely! WOuld love to see more of your work.

Mary B

So cool!!

Marjie Kemper

So creative! Love Mr Roboto. Congrats on your exposure on Tim's blog, and happy crafting!


Ants on your toes say you are loved for what you are... literally!
You know now that you've received the attention of Tim Holtz and that he blogged about you that you have been launched!
Best of luck in your art endeavors

Kelly Sands-Clark

Totally Awesome! As much as I love it, I also love your introductory post. Looking forward to seeing your other creations. Congrats on a great start with your blog.

Maureen Mathis

Can't wait to see more!

Wendy Rau

Hi Jim,
Great job on Roboto and your new blog. Look forward to reading more.

Gail Bales

Wow! Soooo creative! This is amazing and too cool. Congrats and can't wait to see more of your creations. From someone who can bearly copy from others-lol.
Gail in Oklahoma


WOW!!! I am so excited for you. As I have said before...You did great on the robot. I am more excited that you made it to Tim's blog!!! I'm proud of you and so happy to be your friend!!! So glad I met you at Laura & Kathy's. Keep up the good work!!! Maybe you'll be the next Timmy. YAY!!!

Theresa Grdina

Wow! Tim Holtz sent me!! This is pretty amazing! I have subscribed to your blog in my Google Reader! Can't wait to see more of your creations!! no pressure. LOL!!!

Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor

Welcome to the crafty blogosphere Jim! I too have had my 'hand in the craft bucket' since a kid and can totally relate to lavishing your Mother with your handy goodness. Luckily for my Mom (I think) I now make mostly jewelry, so the gifts are not as difficult to store. Maybe you could turn to miniature robots for your Mom? Enjoy this new creative expression. You'll be surprised how addicting blogging will be!


What a great imagination you have I absolutely love this!


thanks for the taking the plunge and sharing with us :)

Peggy Beck

I love your creation and am adding you to my favorite places list. I too have made things forever and completely relate to your story of making things for "Mom". Thanks for sharing and am looking forward to more.......

Barbara SP

Welcome to the blogosphere So glad you shared your robot. Very cool!

Tamara Pendleton

What an amazing work of art! WoW What else can I say!

Pat Bowman

Nothing gets a blog going like a good ole nod from Mr. Tim Holtz, right? He's right though, Mr. Roboto is totally creative and amazing! I'll be watching you!

Alvena Martin

Wow! Thanks for sharing!

elsa clara

What a wonderful guy you must be to care about your mother so! And your project is great also! However your lovingness wins out for me!!! God bless you!


Wow this is fabulous!! I love your ingenuity and creativity. Thanks for sharing!!

Saucy Chick Sherry

Welcome to blogging and a community of like minded creative souls. Your steampunk robot is absolutely riveting. I adore him. Blissful inspiration...


you are an inspiration to us all, thank you for sharing your amazing Roboto.

jo west

brilliant!!! I love it!

Tammy Spencer

awe- that's sweet about your mum :) What a great start to a blog with a recommendation from the king himself- tim holtz! Congrats on your great tim gadget robot- you did an awesome job!

Cyndi - Dreams Unltd

Love the art piece, but love your sense of humor and style as evidenced in your opening post. Will look forward to seeing more of "you" as well as your art.


I can understand why your mom keeps it all. Nice work!


Incredible and totally awesome!

Gayle Montayo

AMAZING ARTWORK! Glad Tim Holz sent me over to check it out!


Wow! This is awesome. I'm looking forward to your future creations!

Antonia Ritchie

Oh my, I will be sharing your piece of artwork with my primary school class tomorrow. We also have been exploring art in robots. Famous in sunny Queensland, Australia.


Amazing robot! You're very talented and a GREAT writer too! You've touched on two of my favorite things to do... create and write. I too am a Tim Holtz super-fan and have had my hand in the creative world since childhood. Your Mom sounds like a very special person. If you need somebody to share those creative whims with, feel free to send them my way! wink-wink. Thank you so much for sharing.


You know you have something when Tim Holtz post's about you on his blog and he wasn't wrong! G;lad to see you have joined the blog world and CAN'T wait to see what you post to share!!



Great blog and I LOVE the robot. In fact, I forwarded it to my y yr old grandson who thinks HE will be the next Tim Holtz. I guess he has to stand in line or possibly you will also go onto his hero list.

Robin Swederske

I'm so glad I stumbled across your blog thanks to Tim Holtz! Keep up the great work!


Cool project, Jim...and you do have a way with words...smoothe reading. Glad you decided to open a blog...looking forward to your future posts and creations. Have fun :)


Fantastic robot! Bet that took at while but was a lot of fun to make. Nice to be able to put a face to your name when I run across you on UStream classes. Don't stop making for your mom, mine did and I miss it.

Ashley Brown

This is so cool! Thanks you very much for sharing your creation with us!

Alison Horne

It's life Jim but not as we know it, fab project.Beware blogging, fun but addictive.x

Karen W

Jim, I am awe struck! Your RobtMan is amazing! Thanks for sharing.

Sharon F., California

Remarkable Roboto!! congratulations on your challenge and I look forward to seeing more

Dana D.

This is amazing. I will be adding your blog to my morning ritual of blog hopping. And I enjoyed reading your first blog post.


Welcome to the world of blogging! It is such a fun way to share creative art...and very glad you decided to jump in!

Leona Nin Sander-Hunter

Amazing - Love the robot and great job with your blog. You have just been placed in my favorites so I hope to see more goodies that you creat.

Becky D

What a sweet first post Jim. Welcome to the world of blogging - I warn you it is addicting :)

Mindy Horowitz

Congratulations on an awesome project. I look forward to seeing more!


I am jealous....your first blogpost and this is comment 73..that's not fear.
But you project is great, love it....maybe you can go in the design world....Tim is selling verry well ... and no girl can equal him.
Suc6 Jolande

Michelle Reaves

Welcome to the world of Blogging, Jim! Mr. Roboto is just amazing and the story of your Mom and your homemade goodies really touched my heart. Looking forward to seeing more of your creations!!
Congratulations on being mentioned by Tim!


Fantastic robot! all the pieces you combined! I am a recycler and hope you consider using some of Tim's package elements. That hard plastic stuff is fun to dye cut, emboss and color with alchol ink. I can see secret windows into the inners of a guy like this!...just a thought!
Happy creating!...Jan

Charlene Dahlberg

FABULOUS love Mr Roboto and can now look forward to your blog entries and what ever else you inspire us with!!

Milly D

Your work is amazing, just love... it!

pat stockall

Wow thats thinking outside the box eh?
And tim's boxes too,Nice project.

Barbara Washington

This is more than awesome. You are so creative, even your writing says creativity. Love your robot. Love your blog. Hopefully you'll continue with it.


Wow! Utterly fantastic- well done - I love it. Can't wait to see your next creation....


Absolutely hat's off you you my friend

Wow jim he is amazing!
I hope you post some of the creations you have done in the past
And very much looking forward to your future posts and creations!


Ok i had to chuckle a few times reading your post that is just awesome!!!! And a mother never stops loving handmade gifts from her kids it is the best ever!!!! Now lets talk about that robot you did SHUT THE FRONT DOOR that is stinking AWESOME I totally heart your project you are amazing and just to correct what you wrote i was FORTUNATE to stumble across your blog and look forward to seeing more of your ART!!! Mucho hugs, Anna

Laura Donnelly

Incredible - thanks for sharing. Looking forward to seeing your next creation.


Very cool! Show us some more please!

Anne Redfern

All I can say is WOW - what a creative use of Tim's products (and how amazing is your mind!) Roboto is wonderful. Regards, Anne R

Cindy Lou

Welcome to the blogworld! It was nice to read your short bio background. So happy you have joined us with all your talent to inspire us. Hopefully we will inspire you as well. Enjoy!


Mr. Roboto truly IS a work of art. As for your blog, you're doing just fine. I look forward to seeing more of your creations and maybe a tutorial or two.

Karen Zueger

Totally outrageous!!!!!!!!!! I love it!!!!!

Tina Galeana

Awesome job Jim!!

Elvira ketterling

I LOVE your ROBOT!, I'm going to show it my two boys ( 11 and 8). I'm sure they'll ask.... How did he do that?
You're also a great blogger, I wanted to keep reading until the end. Thanks for sharing :)

Marie mcveigh

What a creative mind. And to have Tim Holtz bring you to the blog world. Congratulations!!!!!

Carmen Lucero

Well, Jim, welcome to the bogging world. I personally do not have a blog, but I enjoy visiting other people's blogs. One of these days - when I know I can devote myself to it... Your project is awesome!! I look forward to reading your posts, and yes, even an ant post would be great!


Carmen L
El Paso, TX

Ann Lee

Love it! Thanks for sharing.

Marliese Zimmerman

Amazing! Who would have thought you could create something like this using only ideology ephemera.


Wow, very inventive

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