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Ruth Ann Landry

Over the top incredible...saw you mentioned on Tim's blog...great art and glad to see that real men do craft!!!!

Very creative! I'll be showing my grandson next time he visits.


I'm in awe. Very cool!


Wow Jim! This is insanely cool!

Sherry goodloe

That is awesome!!

Tami Lincoln

This is so awesome! Love it!


Wow, followed this from Tims blog, it's fantastic I don't think anybody would have thought to make something like this from their Tim Holtz stash, you are very talented!!!


So cool!!!

Lisa H

That is great!! Very creative and a fab use of Tim stuff. ;-)

Kristy Hansen

followed you from Tim's blog.....omg....what a fantastic creation! your mom is one lucky lady to have all your creations! I bet you have seen a growth in your artwork.


You certainly did not scraplift this - very much out of the box and on the edge! very inspiring. Can't wait to see what's next.

Pam L

Amazing robot! You are very creative! Love the book inside the head!


He is just stunning, Jim! Wonderful work! So glad you got a shout out from Tim Holtz on his blog. Now just make sure you don't leave him outside in any electrical storms. You don't want him coming to life and turning on you! ;D



Just one word : Whaaaaaaoooooo !

Darcy E

Nice job Jim! Thank you so much for sharing your creativity with us. I'll be anxiously awaiting your next project.

Kate Mc

So much fun!

Dawn  Bourgette

That is CRAZY cool!! I love it!!!


Your robot is pretty spectacular!


Wow amazing, i hope you continue sharing

Anne Kristine

wow! This is amazing!!


How wonderfully amazing!


Well, you're top clever by half. Congrats on the new blog and I look forward to your creations. I recently lost my 95 year old mom and also found every item ever made by me in her stuff (ha except the handmade book she wanted to discard when moving into assisted was the book everyone signed at her 90th bd party and she was "done with it now". I salvaged it...Apple didn't fall too far from THST tree). So now I have all my stuff again. Which is weird.


"Too" not "top". Too clever by half.

Margreet Havinga

This is art that I will see.


Fabulous. So cool. Glad Tim linked your blog so we could all take a look/see. Thanks for sharing. Just awesome.


I can hardly believe those are configuration boxes, amazing what you created with it!! Good to know that men craft too and are not afraid to show it!


What a cool creation. Who would have thought to do that? Really cool and glad you shared.

Ruby C

Tim sent me! Congrats on your new Blog. Great Robot. I find it fascinating to look at all the details.

Molly McCarthy

The IS a work of art Jim! Welcome to the blog world. I look forward to seeing more of your amazine creations.


Absolutely fantastic!

johanna (from sweden)



Jim, you are the coolest, most creative guy I know! Your work is truly awesome! I want to see more!!!

Lynn Wild

I found Mr Roboto from Tim's blog too. Wow, Jim he's amazing! I love the book inside his head - what a great place to record your thoughts! You are so creative ... I shall have to follow your new blog now to see what else you come up with.

Lynn Wild, England, UK.

Mary Pendergrass

Oh, so cool. I love it. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your creativity.

Jeri Umble

This is simply amazing -- so glad you shared it with all of us! Jeri

Anita A


Karen Christopherson

Very cool, Jim! The light bulbs on top are a neat touch. I wonder if you could make a bulldozer out of those things. My husband would like that.

Jody Hammond

Very Cool, what an imagination! Will be interested to see some of your other creations!


This is so cool. TFS...

Kathy Kurth

Your robot is so cool I love it! And I always love to see a man craft for this very reason...they come up with such awesome things!

Robyn Josephs

keep up the good work! and play!
hope you will visit my weekly challenge- use the themes broadly!


Linda Cain

AMAZING! What great fun you've created!



So freakin' cool Jim! Thanks for sharing!!


so very cool...would love to know the height ...really a great one...welcome to blogland!

Amy lynne Smith

What an incredible robot!! Thanks for sharing it! Looking forward to seeing more of your creations!

Christina B*

Love it!


Let the games begin...too much talent to keep to yourself...please share more with us????


Judy Lucas

Amazing - and thank you for stepping out and sharing!

Kim H

wow! what a wonderful robot. t!m posted your link so I thought I would check your blog out, and Im not disappointed.

Melissa R

This is great! I hope to see more of your cool craftings!


Over the top is right! Absolutely amazing! Do you have more to show us?


Amazing! You have a great imagination, well done!

Jennifer Evans

LOOKS amazing! I love the clock one too... makes me want to think outside the box. lol... pun intended...


I just found you via Tim's blog. Your Robot is breathtaking..a true piece of art!
Such a sweet story about your mom cherishing your creative gifts.
Congrats on your new blog! I'll be back!


very cool project


Holy Cow and OMG!!! The Robot is FANTASTIC!!
What a great job you did. If only my son was still a little boy, I would make this for him. Just love it! Now I know who you are when I see you on Laura's Ustream. Thanks to Tim for linking you, for us. Maybe one day, YOU will be Ustreaming your talents to us too???? :)


I too arrived here after Tim mentioned your creation. I love Mr. Roboto - of course I love the name; I love Styx. He is gorgeous, handsome, and all that.

PLEASE share photos of more of your artwork!

Eulalia Gambini

I love your robot. I would like to have it as my guest in my house!!
Great job... better still, wonderful mastrepiece!
Eulalia from Italy


Awesome job, Jim!!! This creation is way over the top!! Congrats on the huge shout-out by Tim - cant imagine what it felt like to be given an accolade by the infamous Mr. Holtz. Lets hear it for the Pita Bull!!!!


HOLY all I have to say!!


Now that is thinking outside the box! love it.

Look forward to futures posts!


Very cool, saw your "stuff" on the Pita site. Very cool! -New follower-Raquel a.k.a. Latinacreativa @


Directed here from The Tim Holtz himself. What an awesome creation!

Patty Williams

Fantastical !

You did Tim proud ! Thanks for sharing and thanks to Tim for showcasing and sharing your creation with us !


All I can say is "WOW"!!! You are super talented and creative and so glad you started a blog!!! Can't wait to see more of your awesome creations!!!


Awesome, cool, fabulous, unique, amazing! Sent your link to my college age son to share with his engineering pals. Great work!

Cheryl S.

Pretty amazing!

Theresa Collopy, Oregon

Alls I can say is "WOW" "FABULOUS" how extremely creative I love it!


He's GREAT!! What a fantastic've really inspired my son. Guess my craft stash isn't safe anymore!

ReNae Allen

I enjoyed reading about your background...,maybe your mom will share some of your previous creations with us! Your robot is really cool. I can't wait to see what else you have up your paper sleeve!


Awesome job! My grandson would LOVE this! :)
Welcome to blog world!


really great!! can't wait to see what else you can do!! so creative!!

Shannon Sawyer

OMG, that's the cutest thing I've ever seen. Talk about "Steampunk". What an amazing job you've done on this robot of yours. I'm in awe of your talent.


Totally amazing, I'm blown away!


This is so crazy cool to say the least...amazing!


Wow - I'm totally in awe.


Kathy Miller

I can say is "Wow"!


WOW! Awesome Robot, Jim. You deserve to be linked to Tim's blog.
Oh, and congrats on your new blog.

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