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Wow -- this is really, really cool! I love the decorative knobs on the side of its head.


wicked cool robot!




Totally amazing work!! Thanks for sharing~!

Diane Clark-Sutton

Wow. That is amazing.

Cindy J

Wow, congrats on the shout out from Tim H himself!!! I had been inspired to view your creations on the ning site after Laura talked so much about how amazing your 'robot' is and it is AMAZING!!! Kudos to you, inspire more men...!!!....

Larissa Heskett

AWESOME!! THANKS for sharing this with Tim so that he could forward us all here!! LOVE the design and the AWESOME details!! Keep up the CREATIVE WORKS!! =)

Michelle S.

Very cool and i love this we have robots all over our house you rocked him!

Sue Shig

Now that is OUT OF THE Configuration BOX
Absolutely unique, amazing and so fabulously creative.
Can't wait to see your next creation.

Wilma B

WOW, this is so cool and awesome!!!


Wow, how crafty is that! I got your link via Tim H - absolutely amazing. Keep it coming!


He's AWESOME! Thanks for sharing! :)


Thanks for sharing your fabby piece....
xoxo Sioux

adeline - lili

amazing work and great idea, i'm curious to see what you will come with next!!


This is amazing! What a creative mind you have - such talent!

mary t

pretty darn cool!!
mary t


WOW! How very creative. My grandson would absolutely love this robot.

Cathy Yamashita

That is just way too cool! Can't wait for my hubby to get home so I can show him. He's a mentor for a high school robotics team in the evenings, and I'm sure they would love it, too!


this is totally awesome!
Love your first blogpost also :)
You have another follower!
Hugs gea from the Netherlands

Marilyn Harris-Mills aka Maer

absolutely unbelievable! you are extremely imaginative and creative. I truly can't wait to see your next creation. Stay inspired!

Barb V #2975

Love it! Great how the head opens too!


Love it!!

Linda K.

Yeah!!! the creative world needs more male artists and I'm sure this is just a beginning for you. Welcome to the creative world and your robot is cool. I'm a bookmaker and having a spot for a small book tucked inside just makes it all the more wonderful.

Mary Werner

Amazing inspiration and fun getting to know a little about you. Love things for boys as they are sort of far and few between. I think you just spilled the beans on your next project - your Mom's cedar chest. It would make a great place for a mini AND some trinkets. Kinda like the Geocache items we find when we locate the Geocache boxes. Thanks for sharing, Mary Werner


This is absolutely incredible! How creative! I love it!!!

Stéphanie Pouliot

Looks really amazing! What a great shout out from Tim. Looking forward to see more of your creations!

Nan G

Wow super cool Robby the robot! And now his creator is famous - you made Tim H's blog! That is cool too.

Jan Castle

Absolutely Stunning!


Great job! Thanks for sharing.


Found you through a link on Tim's blog. This robot is so cool! I am amazed at how you used the boxes and all of the supplies. And that album in the head?!? I felt surprise, amazed, smiled and grinned. TFS Looking forward to future projects. :)

Barb F

Fab ideas!!! I just love it when someone does something so unexpected!! Great job!! What a preview!


My oh my... impressive, can I come for classes!!

Chrissy Bornfleth

This is fantastic!!! Extremely creative... keep it up!

F Bond

Simply amazing work...awesome job!


Amazing is the recurring word here for sure! Quite impressive to say the least. Excellent work!!!

Barbara Tobey

The robot is fantastic, but the CHA clock is really special, too. Amazing creations! Thanks for sharing! No wonder your mother kept everything you created for her. Priceless works of art!


Incredibly awesome! I just love the way you put this guy together! What a great steampunk robot!


Incredibly awesome! I love how you put this guy together! Wonderful steampunk robot!

Charis M



That Robot is just toooooo darned cute! Great work!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE it


Wow!!! What can I say but to join the others in saying that is too cool. That took a creative imagination to come up with something of that caliber. My hats off to you.


A robot man and a mini album too? Fabulous!! Would you post pictures of the mini too? I would love to see it. I am a fan of Laura's too and I remember seeing your name. I watch the Ustream class every Friday night. Keep up the good work!

Di (gilraen9)


Really cool! Glad to see the creativity.

Sunita did u come up with that? It's totally 'out of the box'! I'm feeling I'll be following your blog as well. Please show us more of your creative talent. It's inspiring.


WOW!! Now that's thinking OUTSIDE the box and would have gotten me an "A" in Humanities!!


What a wonderful robot and so clever! Hope you share more of your creations with us!


Wow, how super awesomely amazing is THAT?!? TFS

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